Extracts from the Records of the Borough of Nottingham.

Continued from Transactions, 1924, pp. 73-95.

By E. L. Guilford, M.A.

(1480-1500). XXIX. A Levy.

The date of this levy is not stated but from internal evidence it can be fixed between 1480 and 1500. The beginning of the document is missing.

De Thoma Grenehill Smyth viid.
De Thoma Lokebod xid.
De Cristoforo Anderton (sol in aula) viid.
De Alicia Hakford (sol in aula) vid. ob.
De Katerina Florence (sol in aula iid.) iiid.
De Johanne Wodde (sol) vid.
De Thoma Crownham viiid.
De Alicia Chadwyk viid.
De Elizabeth Horncastell viid.
De Willelmo Gannill (sol) id.
De Thoma Cost Drapur (sol in aula) xviiid.
De Cristoforo Pudsey Goldsmyth xxiid.
De Budoo Carlton (sol) id.
  sol viis. id.
Flesshewergate and Pichergate.  
De Hugone Boost vid
De Jacobo Bromefeld Corvyser viiid.
De Jacobo Sheffeld viiid.
De Roberto Couper Couper viid.
De Johanne Herey (sol in aula) iid.
De Thoma Beghton viid.
De Henrico Hegyn (sol) xiiiid.
De Thoma Whitehed vid.
De Willelmo Bott xd.
De Johanne Sande Wever viid.
De Ricardo Goldsmyth Plasterer viiid.
De Johanne Cleypam (sol in aula) id.
De Johanne Plummer vid.
De Willelmo Burges iid.
De Thoma Hegyn xiiiid.
De Johanne Tapetir vid.
De Johanne Jerott Bocher vid.
De Johanne Glys iiiid.
De Ricardo Shaw iid
De Willelmo Tyler iiid.
Barkergate and Belwardgate.  
De Hugone Cooke iid.
De Johanne Cestre iiiid.
De Johanne Repon iid.
De Willelmo Storere (sol) iid.
De Thoma Symmes iid.
Hennecrosse, Smythyrowe and Tymberhill.  
De Waltero Watnoo xxiid.
De Johanne Thomson Corvyser vid.
De Thoma Shawe Grocer iiid.
De Johanne Mershall Walker viiid.
De Johanne Lambert xiiid.
De Gilberto Syreford vid.
De Johanne Machon Coteler iid.
De Johanne Gurry iiid.
De Thomas Bitheway iiiid.
De Ricardo Wodde Mason iiid.
De Thoma Shawe Taillour ixd.
De Stephano Tyler vid.
De Willelmo Alyn Sadeler (dic qd sol coll) vid.
De Thoma Harper id.
De Roberto Harper iiiid.
De Margeria Stele id. ob.
De Johanne Bothum Baker id. ob.
De Johanne Couper Couper (sol coll) iid.
De Willelmo Wyeld iiid. ob
De Roberto Adamson viiid.
De Thoma Kell Fleccher (sol collect) vd.
De Roberto Northwode Girdeler vd
De Johanne Cost (sol collect) iid.
De Willelmo Bell iiid. ob.
De Johanne Hewett Sherman viiid.
De Roberto Fulford id.
De Johanne Pare iiiid.
De Roberto Briggeford id.
De Johanne Marpul id ob.
De Henrico Hobbes (sol coll id.) iiid.
De Alicia Wodde (sol coll) id
De Roberto Parkyn (sol in aula) vid.
De Thoma Bermongeham vd.
De Johanne Hoole id.
De Henrico Moren Sadeler id.
De Johanne Knolles Tynker iiiid. ob.
De Roberto Coteler iiiid. ob.
De Johanne Parkyn iiiid.
De Ricardo Sadeler (sol R. Ody iid.) iiiid. ob.
(sol in aula l iid.)
De Johanne Usedisshe (sol coll id.) iid. ob.
De Johanne Gilbert Walker id.
De Willelmo Graunger iid.
De Cecilia Busseworth (sol coll) id. ob.
De Johanne Chaumbers Tynkeler id. ob.
De Johanne Horsepole xviiid.
De Johanne Cokett id.
De Johanne Fulford (sol R. Ody id.) iiiid.
De Johanne Clerk ixd.
De Thoma Williamson vd ob.
De Jacobo Moreton ixd.
De Willelmo Brown Paynter iid. ob.
De Willelmo Hynchecliff vd. ob.
De Johanne Northe iiid. ob.
De Willelmo Marre id.
De Willelmo Hull paynter iiid. ob.
De Johanne Pekstones iid. ob.
De Elena Teverey iiid. ob.
De Johanne Annesley iid. ob.
De Thoma llkston viiid.
De Edwardo Hunt iiiid.
De Roberto Tower (sol coll) id.
De Willelmo Forster Wever (sol coll) id.
De Willelmo Sutton (sol coll) id.
De Thoma Hobson (sol coll) id.
De Henrico Cokke (sol coll) id. ob.
De Roberto Curtes iid. ob.
De Johanne Tumour (sol coll) id.
De Johanne Gardyner (sol coll) id. ob.
De Johanne Leyson Wever (sol in aula) id. ob.
Medilpament and Lowepament.  
De Johanne Dalby (sol coll) iiiid.
De Roberto Shirwode (sol coll) iid.
De Johanne Cliderowe vd.
De Johanne Milner vd.
De Roberto Idnett (coll sol in aula) iid.
De Willelmo Hill Wever xiid.
De Thoma Sergeaunt Pewterer (coll sol in aula) id.
De Willelmo Bitheway (coll sol in aula) id.
De Johanne Fissher Fisher (coll sol id. in aula) iid.
De Thoma Wilson iiiid. ob.
De Jacobo Caldwell xviiid.
De Johanne Mersshall Cotiller (coll sol id. in aula) id.
De Edwardo Johnson laborer xd.
De Johanne Boton Corvyser xid.
De Thoma Stokes (sol coll) ixd.
De Johanne Masonry (sol coll) id.
De Johanne Wase vid.
De Willelmo Costcliff (sol coll iid.) iiid.
De Willelmo Grey Tyler xiid.
De Johanne Cragge iiid.
De Johanne Okeden iiiid. ob.
De Johanne Large Junr. ixd.
De Nicholo Fissher Glover iid.
De Roberto Oldham (coll sol in aula) id.
Brodemarsshe and Listergate.  
De Johanne Onne id. ob.
De Ambrosio Wright iiid. ob.
De Ricardo Jonys iiid. ob.
De Johanne Wultwhaite (dicet qd. sol coll) iid.
De Johanne Colton vd.
De Roberto Basenby (sol in aula) iid.
De Johanna Norton id.
De Henrico Leere iid.
De Nicholo Thomlynson Mason vid.
De Johanne Sandeacre id. ob.
De Ricardo Birchore iiid. ob.
De Johanne Lederby vid.
De Willelmo Chase vid. ob.
De Margareta Crosse iiiid.ob.
De Johanne Papulwyk iiid.
De Johanne Roderham iid.
De Georgio Sherifdonn iiid.
De Thoma Spenser ixd.
De Johanne Spicer Junr. ixd.
De Willelmo Gyte ixd.
De Cristoforo Boys xid.
De Willelmo Hurst xxiid.
De Thoma Ball ob.
De Willelmo Gyre id.
De Thome Alweyn iiid ob.
De Margeria Wodde id.
De Willelmo Myles ixd.
De Johanna Barker iiid.
De Thoma Webster iid.
De Roberto Bulder (sol in aula) iid.
De Johanne Makfeire id.
De Johanne Roukesley id.
De Johanne Wright iid.
De Georgio Maisterman (Inde sol coll xid.) xxd.
De Ricardo Clerk ixd.
De Domina Johanna Thurland viiid.
De Ricardo Mellour id.
De Roberto Cokker ixd
De Thoma Cost id.
De Johanne Adamson vid.
De Willelmo Barbour id.
De Johanne Large Senr. id.
De Johanne Bacon id.
De Thoma Tamworth (die. qd sol coll) id.
De Henrico Bullour ixd.
De Alicia Helmseley and Johanna Holand iiiid. ob.
De Johanne Hill iid. ob.
De Willelmo Fotehut vd. ob.
De Thoma Blakwall Wever vd. ob.
De Alicia Blatherwyk vid.
De Johanne Bankes ob.
De Roberto Dykson id.
De Willelmo Fisher (sol in aula) id.
De Willelmo Plummer xid.
De Alicia Mason iiid.
De Johanne Misterton id.
De Henrico Makworth Armiger xiid.
De Johanne Adamson vd.
De Willelmo Parkyn (sol in aula) iiid.
De Thoma Hudson id. ob.
De Rogero Saxton iiid. ob.
De Nichola Caldwall (sol in aula id. et ult non deb) iid.
De Thoma Gaynett (sol coll iiiid.) viiid.
De Willelmo Wadyngham Wever (sol coll iid) vd.
De Agnete Williamson iid.
De Agnete Strynger (sol in aula id.) iid.
De Johanne Mason (sol coll) id. ob.
De Johanne Chaumpeyn vd. ob.
De Ricardo Brown (sol in aula) ob.
De Thurstano Birde iiiid. ob.
De Roberto Kell (sol coll) id. ob.
De Roberto Sandeacre ob.
De Johanne Thorp iiid.
De Roberto Sadeler vd.
De Willilmo Wilbram iid. ob.
De Roberto Kitson (sol coll) viid.
De Willelmo Strynger ixd.
De Alicia Fell vd. ob.
De Thoma Ramsey id. ob.
De Roberto Rawlyn id. ob.
De Thoma Fissher (sol coll) ob.
De Radulfo Aungers iiiid.
De Margareta Stubber xid.
De Ricardo Fissher viid.
De Willelmo Foster (sol coll) ob.
De Johanne Shore v.d ob.
De Ricardo Flynders (sol coll) ob.
De Georgio Holand xiiid.
De Roberto Thurstan Wright id. ob.
De Nicholo Riley id.
De Johanne Fox Corvyser (sol in aula) iiid.
De Margareta Bult vd. ob.
De Johanne Odam id. ob.
De Johanne Ketilby ob.
De Radulfo Hamerton vid.
De Adam Hugard viiid.
De Thoma Hoggeson iiid. ob.
De Cristoforo Purceglove iiiid.
De Johanne Wright iiid. ob.
De Hugone Smyth iiiid.
De Thoma Dalderby xd.
De Thoma Lovett iiis. iiiid.
De Thoma Brigge vid.
De Agnete Garrett xiiid.
De Smertrode in toto iiiid.
Walsetgate and Seint Marygate.  
De Galfrido Whitehede vd.
De Thoma Bulthwaite ixd.
De Johanne Wadson (sol in aula) iiid
De Willelmo Malons iiiid.
De Thoma Funtannoe xid.
De Roberto Pekke vd. ob.
De Matheo Childerley id. ob.
De Ricardo Loswell iid. ob.
De Johanne Massy id.
De Willelmo Spede vd. ob.
De Johanne Servienti Johannis Maperley iiiid.
De Johanne Alweyn Wright iid. ob.
De Johanna Gonner iid.
De Henrico Chaumpeyn iiiid.
De Margareta Eyre iid.
De Agnete Pole iiiid.
De Thoma Lacy iiid.
De Phillippo Stathum xd.
De Johanne Hert Wayte vid.
De Roberto Calthorn ob.
De Johanne Kawrue iiiid.
De Agnete Spenser id.
De Willelmo Pereson viid.
De Willelmo Trowell iid. ob.
De Petro Kerver vid.
De Thoma Stevens iiiid.
De Edwardo Parmyter xd.
De Alicia Wollehouse iiid. ob.
De Ricardo Stevenson xid
Motehalgate and Spanyelstrete.  
De Alicia Shinglehurst iiiid.
De Johanne Pole iiiid.
De Johanne Hygett vid.
De Willelmo Paver vd. ob.
De Hugone Wynshill id. ob.
De Johanne Elsham vd. ob.
De Johanne Porter iid.
De Willelmo Shinglehurst iiiid. ob.
De Johanne Bate iiid. ob.
De Johanne Thomson vd. ob.
De Elizabetha Berdesley vd.
De Thoma Howet iiiid.
De Alicia Dedyk iid.
De Henrico Wilson (sol in aula iid.) iiid.
De Henrico Newton iiid.
De Thoma Haiteley iid.
De Willelmo Forest id.
De Johanne Lax iid.
De Roberto Eylone iiid.
De Henrico Alsybroke iiiid.
De Willelmo Spenser iiiid.
De Willelmo Tuysdale iiiid.
De Johanne Thomson iiiid.
De Thoma Lynne iid. ob.
De Alicia Sweyne iid.
De Johanne Huett iid.
De Jacobo Wright iiid. ob.
De Johanne Shalcrosse vid.
De Johanne Jamys (sol in aula) vid.
Whitefrererowe and Seint Jame lane.  
De Ricardo Sawer iiid.
De Willelmo Thornes xid.
De Willelmo Forde vid.
De Thoma Ayloy xxiid.
De Johanne Cliff (dic sol coll) iiiid.
De Edwardo Brooke id.
De Thoma Mores xd.
De Henrico Dunwell xid.
De Thoma del Lee iiid. ob.
De Johanne London iiid. ob.
De Johanne Bolton iiiid. ob.
De Johanne Knolles iiid. ob.
De Willelmo Dey Thakker iiid.
De Roberto Tidde iiiid.
De Roberto Fox viid.
De Ricardo Broun iiid. ob.
De Elizabetha Hewett iiiid. ob.
De Thoma Chaumbre vd. ob.
De Johanna Youg vd. ob.
De Johanne Boteler id. ob.
De Johanne Dogge iiiid. ob.
De Georgio Hoton id. ob.
De Roberto Etwell iid. ob.
De Thoma Tane id. ob.
De Johanne Bilham iid. ob.
De Willelmo Turnham iiid.
De Willelmo Hawke vd.
De Nicholo Cokke (die qd sol coll) vd.
De Agnete Fox vd. ob.
De Johanne Flynt (sol coll) id.
De Roberto Jameson id. ob.
De Willelmo Hugart iiid. ob.
De Rogero Multon iiid.
De Waltero Chaumbre iiid. ob.
De Roberto Asshe iiid.
De Johanna Haton (sol in aula) id. ob.
De Johanne Etwell iiid. ob.
De Nicholo Milner iid.ob.
De Thoma Welles iid. ob.
De Johanne Bolton xd.
De Roberto Smyth vd.
De Ricardo Alestre iiiid.
De Willelmo Davy vd.
De Johanne Couper vd.
De Roberto Carlton xiid.
De Johanne Streete iid.
De Thoma Coryser ob.
De Thoma Stele iid.
De Johanne Hermett iid.
De Ricardo Smyth . iiid.
De Willelmo Chadwyk viid.
De Johanne Storer id.
De Johanne Forster iiid.
De Alexandro Brown iid.
De Willelmo Jonson iid
De Ricardo Mosley iid.
De Alicia Adamson iid.
De Waltero Outhorpe Capellano viiid.


(Note :—sol. in aula=paid in the Hall). sol coll=payment collected).