Extracts from the Records of the Borough of Nottingham.

Continued, from Transactions, 1923, pp. 52-72.

By E. L. Guilford, M.A.

XXVI. 1473. Lists of all the owners of free tenements in Nottingham, 20th January, 1472/3, and the amounts at which they were assessed for the subsidy of the 10th.

Thomas Thurland lxxiiiis. viid. ob.
Cecilia Wyntworth xxixs. vid. ob.
John Dyve xxixs. iid. ob.
Richard Jackson & Margaret his    
wife xxiiis. ob.  
John Hunt & Alice his wife xxvis. viid. ob.
Robert Smyth Chapman xiis.  
John Mapurley xxviiis. ixd.
John Clerk xiis. vid.
Thomas Lovott xvs. id.
Christopher Purceglove iis. iiiid.
Feoffees of Richard Willughby xiiis. id.
Richard Parker iiis. iid.
John Wode   iid. ob.
John Hey iis.  
Henry Whyte iis. iiiid.
Robert Inglesshe   xxiid. ob.
Roger Herdson viis. iiid.
Thomas Samon vis.  
John Watnow of London iiiis.  
John Spenser Baker   viiid.
John Ody iiiis.  
William Guile & other co feoffees iiii8. iiid.
John Law servant of Richard    
Willughby   viiid. ob.
John Molde iiis. vid.
Edward Hydes   xiiiid. ob.
William Storke iis.  
Robert Cokker iiis. xid. ob. qr
Richard Turnor xs. iiijd.
William Iremonger   vid.
Robert Strelley miles   vd. ob. qr.
John Forst   xvid.
Thomas Stepley iiis. vid.
William Guile clerk et aliis Con-    
feoffatis   xvd. ob.
William Parkyn   xiiiid. qr.
William Featte   xvid.
John Thornton   iid. ob. qr.
William Chandler viis. ixd.
John Husse   xxid. ob.
John Doget iis.  
Johanna Goddert   xviiid. ob.
John Pole vis. iid. qr.
Hugh Hampton   viid. ob.
Walter Ledsam vs. viid. qr.
Nicholas Gyr   viid. qr.
Edward Goldore   id. qr.
Johanna Swetnam   xiiiid. ob.
Robert Halle of Brigetord   xiid.
John Alestre Roper   vid. ob.
Johanna Grene iis. ob.  
Richard Gotheam   xixd. qr.
Hugh Bynington   iiid.
Margaret Alestre lxvs. viid. ob.
William Babyngton Armiger xliis. xd. ob.
Richard Wenslawe & wife xs. iiiid.
Robert Rempston Armiger xis. iid.
Thomas Ylkston vs. vd.
John Dalby xviis. id. ob. qr.
Charles Schaw xvis. iid. ob. qr.
Alic Lyversege xvis. iid. ob. qr.
Margery Fitzwillam viis. vid. qr.
John Byngham xis. iid. qr.
Richard Stevenson   xviiid.
Richard Byngham ixs. xid. ob. qr.
Richard Byngham Armiger   xixd. ob.
William Forthe vs. viiid. qr.
Hugh Manchester iiis. ob.  
John Stonesby vs. viid. ob.qr.
Thomas Bowley xiiiis. ixd. qr.
John Bampton iis. viiid.
Hugh Cooke iis. viiid.
Matilda Stable vis. iid. ob.
Richard Stable iis. vd. qr.
Henry Bullor iis. id. qr.
Richard Mellour   iiid. ob. qr.
Baldwin Wyllughby   xvs.
Nicholas Segrave   xviid.
Hugh Roffsley Junr iis. id. ob.
Robert Torlaton iis. viid.
John Pek   xiid. ob. qr.
Walter Hylton iis. viiid. ob.
William Fysther Baker   ixd.
William Buntyng   xiid. ob. qr.
John Castlet Chaplain   ixd.
Thomas Lokton vs. iiiid.
John Thrumpton iiis. iid. ob. qr.
Alice Colvyle iis. viiid. ob. qr
Henry Bromby iis.  
John Leyke of Lanford   id. qr.
William Stafford   xxid.
John Hurte clerk   xiid.
Henry Cost iiis. xid.
Richard Glad Chaplain ixs. xd. ob.
John Lychfeld iis. xd. ob.
Hugh Hert   vid.
Roger Ulgerthorp   xid. qr.
Henry Perpownt Miles   iiiid. ob. qr.
William Scherman   xxiid. ob. qr.
Hugh Monke iiiis. viid. ob.
Richard Burton   iiid. ob. qr.
John Castell   xid.
Thomas Ivenet   viiid. qr.
Elena Gull   xiiid. qr.
Thomas Plumptre Chaplain iiis. xid.
Henry Wilson qr.  
William Forde et aliis Confeoffatis    
suis iiiis.  
Agnes Wroo   vid.
John Grannger   xvd ob.
Alice Halle iis. id. ob. qr.
William Elton iis. viiid.
Alice Taker   xd. ob. qr.
William Schevyngton   viiid. ob.
Richard Purdon   xiiid. ob. qr.
John Qwey   viiid.
Richard Ody   xvid.
William Jesson   iid. ob.
Alice Wollaton   id. qr.
Gervase Clyfton iiiis.  
Alice Molde   xixd. qr.
Robert Etherrd Clerk iiis. id. qr.
Henry Hygon iiis. viiid. ob.
Thomas Hunston   xvid. ob. qr.
John Poge   xxiiid. ob.
Roger Hudson et aliis confeoffatis suis   vid.
John Mastury   xiid.
John Cowper "Bocher "   xixd. qr.
Thomas Sherman   xvd. qr.
Symon Haryngton iiis. id. ob.
John Storryar   xiid.
John Squyer xs. iid. ob.
William Hygon xs. viid. ob.
John Payntor xixs.  
Robert Calverley iiiis. ixd.ob. qr.
Hugh Rysley Senr de Rysley iis. vd.
Roger Gilbert   ixd. ob.
Margery Hylton viis. vid. ob. qr.
William Heth vis. vid.
Henry Eland   iiid.
Marion Johnson iiiis. vid.
Katherine Sadler iiiis.  
Alice Durham iiiis.  
Alice Wode   iiid. ob.
Robert Shyrwode vis. iiiid. ob. qr.
William Bythwey   xxiid.
William Kneton viiis xid.
John Gotham iis. iiiid.
William Rodes   xxiiid.
John Seriaunt iiis. xd.
Edward Hunt iis. ixd. ob.
Alice Wysondeyn vs.  
Johanna Barker iis. vid.
Emma Chaloner vs. viid. ob.
John Whaton iiiis. iiiid. qr,
John Syedown iiiis.  
Margery Flecher   vid.

XXV. 1477-8.

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Johannes Babyngton armiger filius et heres Willelmi Babyngton nuper de Chilwell armigeri dedi concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmari Thome Warner de Notyngham unum croftum cum suis pertinentiis in Notyngham iacens inter Beklane ex parte occidentali et terram nuper Thome Thurland ac terram nuper Ricardi Byngham militis ex parte orientali et buttans super communem viam ducentem a le swynebarre usque Gosegate versus borialem et super terre heredis Ricardi Samon versus austrem habendum et tenendum predictum croftum cum suis pertinentiis prefato Thome Warner heredibus et assignatis suis &c.

Hiis testibus Johanne Clerk tunc maiore ville not. Willelmo Alyn & Johanne Cowper tunc vicecom itatibus eiusdem ville

Johanne Hunt. Johanne Mapurley Datum apud Notyngham predictum 15 April 17 Edward IV.


Let all present & to come know that I John Babyngton esquire son & heir of William Babyngton late of Chilwell esquire have given, granted & by this charter have confirmed to Thomas Warner of Nottingham a croft with all belonging to it in Nottingham lying between Becklane on the west & the land late of Thomas Thurland & the land late of Richard Byngham Knight on the east & abutting on the common way leading from the Swinebar to Goose gate towards the north & on the land of the heir of Richard Samon towards the south to have & to hold the aforesaid croft with all its appurtenances to the aforesaid Thomas Warner his heirs & assigns &c.

Witnesses John Clerk, then mayor of Nottingham William Alyn & John Cowper then sheriffs of the same town John Hunt & John Mapurley.

Given at Nottingham aforesaid 15 April 17 Edward IV.

XXVI. 1485.

Memorandum yt the xixth day of August ye iide yere of Kyng Richard ye iiid hit is agreed at Newerk betwyx ye Cite of Lincoln & the Town of Notingham yt the seid Cite shall by sufficient auctorite conclude at yeir next commyng to Notingham if ye Kyng com thider and elles at Newerk for the discharge from Tolles betwyx ye seid cite & town accordyng to their corporacions of bothe parties to be [ ] by advise and therupon to make sufficient & ferther writyng under [ ] seales of the Cite & Town aforesaid for the contynuance & suertie therof to remayn with eyther parties for ever more and ferther all Tolles & pledges for the same afore taken for either partie unto ye day of this writyng to be respited to ye next metyng and neyther partie to take toll of other in any place to suche tyme as the forseid writyng in forms above written be ingrosed, the forseid metyng to be by michelmas next ensuing by goddes grace upon x dayes warnyng to be gyffen by ye said Cite if the metyng happen to be at Newerk.

John Hunt
Lawrence Lowe
William Esyngwold

XXVII. Presentments of the Mickleturn Juries.

In Vol. V of the "Records of the Borough of Nottingham" some extracts were made from these Presentments. The following extracts are additional to those already in print.

October 10th, 1625.      
Wee present Thomas Browne for a Jaxe1 over the Rowell (vs.)    
Wee present Elyzabeth Stanlay for takinge of a ffarrant2 man tennant (gone)  
Wee present John Rawcorn for winnoinge in the marsh contrarye unto the order   (xiid.)  
Wee present Frances Nix for sellinge Mr. Perye tow loade of ballay wood which was not his due to sell and to divers others (xs.)    
April 21th, 1625.      
7 Item we present the lyttell Cawsey beyond the new bridge to be in decay for want of steppinge stones and mendinge (done)  
10 Item we present Francis Nyxe for sufferinge bothe oakes and ashes to be cutt up in the ould Coppies (vis. viiid.)  
19 Item we present the Freare pole diche for want of scowringe (camerarii).  
34 Item we present Robert Turner for tetheringe a scabbett horse in the Feeld (xs).    
41 Item we present wyddow Bradshae tripe woman for annoyinge Hallifaxe lane withe a verie great muckehill very noysome to her neybores (iiis. iiiid.)  
October 12th, 1629.      
9 Wee present John Kearwood for Lettinge his bease to bee in the Coppies contrarye to order (lett to him)  
11 Wee present Charles morlay for diginge a clay pite in the feilde wch is a hindrance to the burgesses Common and danger overthroinge of mens cattell (ytt may be done)  
32 Wee present Mr. Robert Burton for not keepinge his bancke in the pingell to the hindrance of ye millnes.      
41 Wee doe finde that the ramell one the bache side the peacoke to be annoyance to the streate (amended)  
April 23rd, 1630.      
2 Item wee present the weapontacke of Bingham for not reparing parte of the lyne bridges (done)  
4 Item wee present Eastcroft lane for not beeing repared with gravell and with stoops (done)  
5. Item wee present Richard Wood for not repayring the warffidge at the trent bridges which is in great decay (xxs.)    
11 Item wee present Thomas Seele for anoying the common issue with meanure betwixt his howse and Towne rows   (xiid.)  
18 Item we present William Smith for keeping his masty doge unmusled (iiis. iiiid.)  
23 Item wee present Richard Bowar at the signe of the peacocke for anoying grydlesmith gate with a muckhill (amended)  
26 Item wee present Mr. Draper at the signe of the beare for keeping his masty dog unmusiled (iiis. iiiid)  
Six other presentments for the same offence, including two aldermen & the sheriff).      
Item wee desyre that the cheny poole may bee realed in beecause of the daunger yt latly fell (done)  
October 10th, 1630.      
4 Wee present Richard Wood for not keepinge the worfe and the ware yard in repare and wee desire hee may bee well fined for yt (xxs.)    
26 Wee request there may bee stoppe and reale set in the lane called Fearemeaden lane neare St. nicolas Church for the saufe gard of passengers (camerairii)  
28 Wee present Mr. Walter Edge for convertinge a barne into three teanaments (fyned)  
31 Wee present the Hie way in gouse gate end neare unto Hocklay to bee in decaye (amended)  
38 Wee present Mr. William Nix for his perpeter3 before his shoppe (rented)  
Wee present Mr. Richard Cowlishaw for beinge absent at our verdet4 givinge up (iiis. iiiid.).  
April 28th, 1631.      
1 Wee presente Broxtoe Weapontake for beinge in decaye on the leene bridge for wante of paveinge.      
2 Wee presente the weapontake of Thurgarton & lee for the like on the leene bridge.      
7 Wee presente John Haywoode for sufferinge the becke to bee in decaye in dormon meadowe platts ffor wante of skoweringe   (xiid.)  
10 Wee presente Charles Morelande for cattinge the sworde of the gras by one large hedge whearby the townes commons are Impaired   (xiid.)  
17 Wee presente Mr. Walter Edge for erectinge three tenements on the back syde of his dwellinge house (fyned)  
24 We presente John Rippon for incrochinge uppon the townes Commons on both sydes of his Close in broade lane neare the townes pownde   (xiid.)  
27 Wee presente John Wattin for not burneing of his tyles and brick sufficyentelye for sale and use (vis. viiid.)  
38 We presente John Heawoode for cuttinge and destroyein the armes and boughes of Oaks in the townes Coppies (xxs.)    
October, 1632.      
1 Wee present the Leene betwene the Leene bridge and Snenton-forde to want skowringe (to be done)  
4 Wee present Mr. John James Alderman for Anoyinge the Leene with a boate   (xiid).  
7 Wee present the over and neather trente Closinge to bee in decaye for want of water worke (to be vewed and amended)  
11 Wee present Francis Armstronge for makinge a sawpitte in bellargate to the greate danger of passingers (fyned)  
13 Wee present Wm. Smith5 and Henrye Smith for Anoyinge the passidge by the Freer Wall with there Litt6 strife (iiis. iiiid. iiis. iiiid.)
20 Wee present the whitte rent to bee in decaye for want of repare whereby the poore people cannot sitte drye headed (to be repayred)  
May 11th, 1633.      
6 Item wee present Anthonie Kenion for a comon trespasser keeping his horse loosse in the field a weeke togather in the night tyme (iiis. iiiid.)  
8 Item wee present Bostone Bridge being in great decay (amended)  
14 Item wee present John Howett for annoying the leene with Osyars which growe in the wate yt it cannot well passe (iiis. iiiid.)  
22 Item wee present Richard Holliman for cutting up wood in the Coppyes as armes of Oakes Ashe Maples and thornes (iiis. iiiid.)  
31 Item wee present Mr. Beardsley for erecting a new tenement in Fisher Gate (iiil vis. viiid.)  
35 Item wee present Martin Hall for not turning and ordring his clay according to the Statute and making tyles of the same (vs.)    
October 13th, 1636.      
11 Item wee present Charles Moreland for rooting the pinders Fee at the long hedge to the great hinderance of the towne and burgesses and we do desire redresse (xs.)    
20 Item we present John Sherwine for takeing in the Common Holmes to his Freehold and setting a Fat7 in the same place which is the Holmes (rented xiid.)  
24 Item we present John Rippon for keeping a muckhill against his dore upon the Fryer rowe   (xiid.)  
26 Item wee present Saint Jones for being out of repaire (Bridged)  
33 Item we present Will Mares for fishing the leene with a showe net (iiis. iiiid.)  
40 Item wee present Robert Pettye for letinge his part in Honger Hill to a farenor (iiis. iiiid.)  
April 27th, 1637.      
10 Wee present the fenes8 in Glassops Close betwixt the mid middow & the Close to bee in great decke9 for want of Repare (amended)  
October 20th, 1637.      
Wee present the leene betweene the new bridge and the freire well to be in decay for want of skowringe (Mr. Seagrave)  
Wee present Mr. William Gregorie alderman for diginge and plowinge away a common bancke in Swallow dale presented formerly and noe reformation (xs.)    
Wee present Mr. Robert Briges for plowinge away some part of the common at lamlay diche (xs.)    
Wee present Mr. Robert Bridge for his purpeter before his doore (rented)    
Wee present John Wyer for makeinge a mydinge in the beast market before his dore   (xiid.)  
Wee present Mr. William Watson for throwinge sand over the markett wall into the hollow before his dore (iis. vid.)  
Wee request that hie way at the toll house may bee reparre.      
April 12th, 1638.      
6 We present Mr. Alderman James for the Wharfridg or neither stenor beinge in decay for want of water worke (fyned)    
8 We present the Chamberlins for the sluse in the Causey of the Meddows for beinge unrepaird and likewise the steppinge stones of the Causey beinge out of repaire (amended)    
11 We present Mr. Randall Millner for plowinge up the midle turne holes at the Broade Oke poolle promisinge the last yeare to Reforme it and had not (iiis. iiiid.)    
16th January, 1625.      
Item we present John Walker Cordwainer for strikinge the sonne of George Cranwell in the Church (vs.).    
Item we present Roger Ryley for suffringe his dogge beingela mastive to goe unmoselled (iiis. iiiid.).    
Wee humblely desire Mr. Maior and his brethren to take some course theis breake hedges which are aronginge to the towne and towne men the names are theis Hancoke wife Fearebrother wife Healey wife and
Jarvis wife
[Billa vera to be made]
[on the back]
to be caged and warrants
Whe desire yt. the Feller ma be dicked up at everi man Land-end which is wey to the Linges hie way & yt. the bellman ma be sent & time set to be doune in.


(1) Jakes = Latrine.
(2) Wayfaring.
(3) Meaning uncertain, perhaps "parapet," or projecting porch.
(4) Verdict.
(5) William Smith was a dyer who lived in Broad Marsh.
(6) Dye.
(7) Vat.
(8) Fence.
(9) Decay.