Extracts from the Records of the Borough of Nottingham.

Continued from Transactions, 1922, pp. 18-35.

By E. L. Guilford, M.A.

XV. c.1480.

Thomas Alestre1 askyth to be alowyd    
for the dekey of hys liflode within    
Notyngham as aperyth wyche is    
untakyn the sum xliiis. vid.
Item he axith to be alowyd for the    
seefe rent of hys placs in matehall    
gate in the holdyng of diverse    
rents paid to the kyng iis. vid.
Item he axith to be alowyd for the    
seefe rent of a place in the    
holdyng of Ric Shemeld paid to    
the Abbey of lenton   xxd.
Summa xlviis. viiid.    
Item for another howse lyying in    
dekey in Spanyell strete vs.  
Summa totalis liis. viiid.  

XVI. 1496.

Account of the Sergeant at Mace for the Commons.

De officio Ricardi Brown servientis pro communibus ad clavam tempore Ricardi Ody Maioris ville Notyngham Anno xi H. vii. viiili. vs. iid.

De quibus petit allocari pro feodo suo hoc anno xls. Et de xiid. pro custode clavis domus Carnificum hoc anno.

Et de xiid. pro custode clavis Draperiae hoc anno. Et de xiid. pro pulsatione campane mercati. Et de xiid. pro. pulsatione prime hoc anno. Et de xxs. pro Wappenteg de Bassetlawe hoc anno. Et de iid. pro uxore Chapman in hundgate. Et de iid. pro Agnete Rowson. Et de iid. pro uxore Thome Ware. Et de viiid. pro Willelmo Norwell de Gedling. Et de vid. pro Ricardo Mabson de er [rest illegible]. Et de iid. pro Thoma Cawod capellano. Et de iid. pro Roberto Cavvod glover. Et de vs. xid. solutis pro mundatione viarum infra tempus huius compoti.

Summa istius allocations iiili. xis. xid.

Et sic debet iiiili. xiiis. iiid.

Inde petit allocari pro fine Thome legh de Castro Notyngham iiis. iiiid.

Et adhuc debet iiiili. ixs. xid.

Summa iiiili. ixs. xid.

De quibus petit allocari pro Johanne Rose viiid. Et de vid. pro Johanne Sers [ ]. Et de iid. pro Rogero Torlaton. Et de xiid. pro Willelmo Gigge. Et de iiiid. pro Johanne Colfox. Et de iid. pro Edwardo Milnes. Et de iid. pro Willelmo Wase. Et de iiiid. pro Elizabeth Hethe. Et de iis. pro Nichoio Bird. Et de iiiid. pro Johanne Parkynson. Et de iiiid. pro Ricardo Broton laborer. Et de iid. pro Petro Ekyngton.

Summa istius allocationis vis. iid.

Et sic debet iiiili. iiis. ixd.

Et adhuc petit allocari de viiid. per ii solutos pro mundatione viarum tempore Thome Warner maioris. Et sic debet iiiili. iiis. id.

Inde petit allocari de vid. pardonatis Ricardo Fissher litster. Et de iiiid. pardonatis Roberto Northwod girdiller.

Summa istius allocationis xd.

Et sic debet iiiili. iis. iiid.

Inde deducit pro Thome Clifton iis. Et adhuc debet iiiili. iiid.

Inde solvit O[mnia] Ar[reragia] ville Notyngham xls. Et adhuc debet xls. iiid. Et ultimo hoc petit respectuari pro Waltero Hylton iiiid. Et de iiiid. pro Johanne Seliok. Et de iid. pro [ ] Shawe Et de iid. pro Edwardo Hylton. Et pro Johanne Walton xid. Et pro Johanne Wase iiiid. Et pro Thoma Thurland et Th. Samon iiiid. Et de xiid. pro Johanne Sye. Et de vid. pro Willelmo Wyclesworth capellano. Et de vid. pro Johanne Gosehaw. Et pro Johanne Seliok iiiid. Et pro Margareta Gardyner iid.

Summa respectata clare. vs. iid.

Et sic debet clare omnibus allocationibus allocandis respectuatis respectuandis ultimo omnibus allocationibus supradictis xxxvs. id.

Et adhuc petit allocari de vid. pro Ricardo Esott. Et de vid. pro Ricardo Andrew. Et adhuc debet xxxiiiis. id. Et petit allocari de iis. ixd. per ipsum solutis Willelmo Hegyn quos solvit ei ultimi pede compoti.

Et adhuc debet clare xxxis. iiiid.

Memorandum super hunc compotum Johannis Wedurley petit solvi pro existencia sua ad Parliamentum2 equitando a Notyngham die sabbato x die Octobris usque die Jovis proxime ante festum sancti Martinis [ ] extunc proximum sequens videlicet per spatium xxvii dierum pro quolibet die xvid. ultimo regardosummo xxxvis. Et cum Regardo pro die viiid. pro totide diebus xviiis.

Et sic summa totalis partis sue est clare eodem illo compoto liiiis. Item super eundem compotum Thomas Babyngton Recordator petit solvi pro existencia sua ad idem Parliamentum equitando versus illud die Martis videlicet xiii die Octobris et existendo ibi usque die lune proxime post festum conceptionis beate marie virginis tunc proximum sequens videlicet per spatium lxiii dieruin pro quolibet die summa regardi xvid. Summa iiiili. iiiis. Et cum regardo vili. vis. Summa amborum illorum parcellorum sine regardo vili.

Et summa totalis earum cum Regardo ixli.


Account of the Sergeant at Mace for the Commons.

Of the office of Richard Brown sergeant at Mace for the Commons in the time of Richard Ody Mayor of the town of Nottingham in the 11th year of Henry VII. £8 5s. 2d.

Thereof he prays to be allowed for his fee for this year 40s.
And for 12d. for keeping the key of the Butchers' House this year
and for 12d. for keeping the key of the Drapery this year.
and for 12d. for ringing the Market bell.
and for 12d. for ringing Prime this year.
and for 20s. for the Wapentake of Bassetlaw this year.
and for 2d. for Chapman's wife in Hundgate.
and for 2d. for Agnes Rowson.
and for 2d. for the wife of Thomas Ware.
and for 8d. for William Norwell of Gedling.
and for 6d. for Richard Mabson of Er[rest illegible],
and for 2d. for Thomas Cawod Chaplain.
and for 2d. for Robert Cawod glover.
and for 6s. 1½d. paid for the cleaning of roads during the period of this account.
Sum total of the allowances £3 11s. 11d.
And so he owes £4 13s. 3d. Thereof he prays to be allowed for the fine of Thomas Legh of Nottingham Castle 3s. 4d.
And so far he owes £4 11s. 11d.
Sum £4 9s. 11d.

Thereof he prays to be allowed for John Rose 8d., and 6d. for John Sers [ ] ; and 2d. for Roger Torlaton; and 12d. for William Gigge ; and 4d. for John Colfox ; and 2d. for Edward Milnes ; and 2d. for Williiara Wase ; and 4d. for Elizabeth Hethe ; and 2s. for Nicholas Bird ; and 4d. for John Parkynson ; and 4d. for Richard Broton laborer; and 2d. for Petor Ekyngton.

The sum of his allowance 6s. 2d.

And so far he owes £4 3s. 9d.

And so far he prays to be allowed for 8d. for two payments for the cleaning of the roads in the time of Thomas Warner mayor. And so he owes £4 3s. 1d.

Thereof he seeks to be allowed for 6d. pardoned to Richard Fissher litster. And for 4d. pardoned to Robert Northwod girdiller.

The sum of this allowance 10d.

And so he owes £4 2s. 3d.

Thereof he deducts for Thomas Clifton 2s. and so owes £4 3d.

Thereof he pays [all the arrears ?] of the Town of Notyngham 40s. and so owes 40s. 3d. And finally he prays to be allowed 4d. for Walter Hylton; and 4d. for John Seliok and 2d. for [ ] Shawe; and 2d. for Edward Hylton ; and 12d. for John Walton ; and 4d. for John Wase ; and 4d. for Thomas Thurland and Thomas Samon ; and 12d. for John Sye ; and 6d. for William Wyclesworth chaplain; and 6d. for John Gosehaw; and 4d. for John Seliok; and 2d. for Margaret Gardyner ; the sum allowed being 5s. 2d. And so finally he owes when all allowances are deducted 35s.1d.

And so far he prays to be allowed 6d. for Richard Esott ; and 6d. for Richard Andrew ; and so he owes 34s. 1d.

And he prays to be allowed 2s. 9d. paid by him to William Hegyn which he paid to him at the foot of the last account.

And so he owes 31s. 4d. clearly.

Memorandum on this account of John Wedurley he seeks to be paid for his presence at Parliament by riding from Notyngham on Saturday 10th October until Thursday next before the feast of St. Martin next following, to wit for 27 days, for each day 16d. as a last reward the sum of 36s. and with a reward of 8d. a day for the same number of days 18s.

And so the sum total of his share is clearly on that account 54s.

Item in this account Thomas Babyngton Recorder seeks to be paid for his presence at the same Parliament from riding thither on Tuesday 13th October and staying there until Monday next after the feast of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary next following, that is for the space of 63 days ; payment for each day 16d. making a total of iiiili. iiiis. And with the reward vili. vis.

The total of both these items without the reward vili. And their total sum with the reward ixli.

XVII. c.1500. Sanctuary at St. Peter's Church.

Be it known to all men that here or se this wryting that on Roland Gessurn oderwysse called Roland Dare of the Counte of Northampton att Notyngham was attachid and prisoned for diverse feloneis don by the sayd Roland the sayd felony knolachid be for the Crowners of the town of Notyngham And apon the sayd attachment the sayd Roland skaped and brak owt of prison and so entird into the Sentware of the kirk of Sent Petur in Notyngham and kepid it of the whitche be his own agrement and frewill be for the sayd Crowners has med his othe apon the holy evangelist to obiure.

XVIII. c.1500.

Memorandum that thes ar the parcels takyn of franchyst men of lincoln be tham that has beyn lat scheryfs of Notyngam the first be on Curtes sadler and hys broder2 tuyk of Wyllm Key and hugh Welobee a cayd of red heryng the price viis. iiiid.

Also in the same zeyr at Morwell bryg a hors of Robert Clerk the price xvs. Also takyn be John Cost merser and thomas hall3 barbar layt scheryfs of notyngam has takyn viii maysse of red heryng of diverse men of lincoln for toyll yt is to say Wyllm Irchenyt ii maysse hugh Welobee ii maysse John Hall merchand ii maysse John Pekerd and Wyllm hunt ii maysse ye price of every maysse viis. vid. Also takyn at Skaftworth be the tollers of thomas burtton draper vs. Also takyn be thomas thomworth fychmonger and hys broder4 hays takyn of Wyllm hunt and John Pekerd for toyll vis. viiid. Also a cayd of sprot the price xxd. Also of Wyllm Irchenyt a maysse red heryng price viis. iiiid. Also takyn at Skaftworth of thomas burton for toyll xxd. Thes ar the gret parcels bot ther is many small parcels whych wer takyn at dyverse tyms be xiid. and be viii(i. and vid. and iiiid. the whych draws mych mony whych sail be schewyd and ze pleys.

Yis was vii yere past ye first parcell.

Memorandum yt Curtes sadiller and his fellowe1 toke of William Cay of lincoln i cade of hering price viis. vid. Md. yt John Cost and Thomas Hall5 toke of William Irchenett and of hugh Willughby iiii cades of hering price xxxs. Also ye same shireffs toke of John Halles merchant ii cades of hering price xvs.

Item ye same shireffs toke of John Pekerd and of William hunt ii cades herying xvs.

Item Tamworth and cown6 toke of William Irchenett a cade of heryng viis. vid.

XIX. 1502.

Liber compoti Stephani Townysend Camerarii Ville Notinghamie pro dimedio anno suo Anno domini Regni Regis Henrici Septimi decimo septimo.

[Weekly payments for stallage varying from xxii½d. to iiid.].

[A list of holders of stalls in the Spice Chambers]

Recevyd of Johannis Olyver ser-    
geante on Phelype Day and    
Jacob4 xls.  
It. recevyd of Masturye for the holmys    
at the bryge ende for arers rente xis.  
It. recevyd of Horsley of brigeforthe    
and his fellow for 2 strey fillys vis. viiid

1493-4 Robert Curtes and John Pyerson.

It. of Robard Cristofar Milner for his    
thurde quarter xiiis. iiiid.
It. Recevyd of Thomas Grigge for his    
iiide quarter xvis. viiid
It. Recevyd of Renchawe and Richarde  
Calderberye for xlii shevis thake   viid.
It. Recevyd of the pryowr of Bevall for    
that he gave to the mending of    
the pavmente   xxd.
It. Recevyd afterwarde of John Ol-    
yvere for his parte of his bokys xiiis. iiiid.
Itm. paid to Henry Chetyll paver for    
paving of 3 Rodes of newe wark    
besyde his old wark by bargeyn    
made wt hym in grete at Timber    
hyll viiis.  
Summa totalis huius libri viili. vs. iiiid  

XX. 1519-22. Bridgemasters' Accounts.

Robert Norwod and Richard Halom brigmasters. Tempore [Willelmi] Inglysse maioris.

In primis onerantur de xili. iiiid. de redditu terrarum et tenementorum pertinentium ponti ibidem    
prout patet per rentle xili. iiiid
Et de lis. ixd. de arreragiis ultimi    
compoti lis. ixd.
Et de iiiid. receptis de uxore Germyn pro uno tenemento vocato a bothe   iiiid
Et de [blank] receptis de [blank] pro monetis collectis de benefactori-bus.    
Et de [blank] receptis de novis burgensibus ibidem hoc anno.    
Summa oneris xiiili. xiis. vd.  
Inde petunt allocari de xlviis. iiid. solu-    
tis pro redditu resoluto tarn Ro-    
berti lyth capellani quam vice-    
comitis ville Notynghamie et red    
ditu decasus hoc anno prout per    
billam ostensam et examinatam xlviis. iiid
Et de xiiiili. vis. ob. solutis tarn pro    
reparationibus domorum et pon-    
tis predicti quam pro aliis neces-    
sariis hoc anno prout patet per    
librum dicti compoti xiiiili. vis. ob.
Summa allocationum xvili. xiiis. iiid. ob.
Et sic habent in surplusagio iiili. xd. ob.
Tempore Johannis Roose maioris.    
Idem onerantur de xili. iiid. de redditu    
terrarum pertinentium ponti pre-    
dicte xili. iiid.
Et de iiis. iiiid. receptis de executori-    
bus testamenti Ricardi Cauntt ex    
legatione dicti Ricardi iiis. iiiid.
Et de iid. pro passagio unius pare de    
milstones hoc anno   iid.
Et de [blank] receptis de [blank] pro    
monetis collectis de benefactori-    
Et de [blank] receptis de novis bur-    
gensibus factis hoc anno.    
Summa oneris xili. iiis. ixd.    
Inde petunt allocari de iiiili. vs. xid. ob.    
solutis hoc anno pro redditu reso-    
luto quam pro redditu decasus    
et aliis hoc [anno]. ... iiiili. vs. xid. ob
Et de xlvs. ixd. ob. solutis hoc anno    
tarn pro reparationibus quam    
aliis necessariis expenditis hoc    
anno xlvs. ixd. ob
Et de iiili. xd. ob. allocatis eisdem    
computantibus pro surplusagio    
compoti sui ... ... ... iiili. xd. ob.
Summa allocationum ixli. xiis. viid. ob.  
Et sic debent xxxis. id. ot    
Summa oneris xiiili. xiis. vd.  
Tempore Roberti Mellours maioris    
Idem onerantur de xili. iiid. de redditu    
diversorum tenementium ibidem    
hoc anno xili. iiid.
Et de xxxis. id. ob. de arreragiis com    
poti sui anni precedentis xxxis. id. ob.
Et de xviid. receptis de novis burgen-    
sibus hoc anno   xviid.
Et de iid. receptis pro passagio ii mil-    
stones iid.  
Et de vs. receptis de benefactoribus    
pontium predictarum per manus    
W. Richardson vs.  
Summa oneris xiili. xviis. xid. ob.  
Inde petunt allocari de vli. ixs. viid.    
solutis hoc anno tam pro redditu    
resoluto quam pro redditu de    
casus hoc anno ... vli. ixs. viid.
Et de xxxixs. iiid. ob. solutis hoc anno    
tam pro reparatiombus quam aliis      
necessariis hoc anno xxxixs. iiid. ob.
Et de vs. remanenti in manus Thome      
Mellours unius Aldermannorum vs.    
Summa allocationum viili. xiiis. xd. ob.
Et sic debent vli. iiiis. id. Unde supra      
Thome Mellours vs. Et sic debent      
de claro iiiili. xixs. id.


Robert Norwod and Richard Halom Bridgemasters [1519-1522].

In the time of [William] Inglysse mayor3.

  £ s. d.
First they are charged with £9 4d. from the      
rent of lands and tenements belonging      
to the bridge as shewn by the rental 11 0 4
And with 51s. 9d. for arrears of the last account 2 11 9
And with 4d. received from the wife of Ger-      
myn for one tenement called a booth 0 0 4
And with [blank] received from [blank] for      
money collected from benefactors4      
And with [blank] received from new burgesses      
there this year 3      
Sum of the charge 13 12 5
They pray to be allowed for 47s. 3d. paid for      
rent resolute both of Robert Lyth5      
chaplain and of the sheriff of Notyngham      
and for the falling off of rent this year      
as shewn by bill produced and ex      
amined 2 7 3
And for £14 6s. 0½d. paid both for repairs of      
houses and of the bridge and for other      
necessities this year as shewn by the      
said account book 14 6
Sum of the allowances £16 13s. 3½d    
And so they have as surplus £3 0s. 10½d.    
In the time of John Roose mayor6      
The same are charged with £11 0s. 3d. for rent      
of lands belonging to the aforesaid bridge 11 0 3
And with 3s. 4d. received from the executors      
of the will of Richard Cauntt from the      
legacy of the said Richard 0 3 3
And with 2d. for the passage of one pair of      
millstones this year 0 0 2
And with [blank] received from [blank] for      
money collected from benefactors.      
And with [blank] received from the new bur      
gesses made this year.      
Sum of the charge £11 3s. 9d.      
They pray to be allowed for £4 5s. 11½d paid      
this year both for rent resolute7 and for      
the falling off of the rents and for other      
things this year 4 5 11½
And for 45s. 9½d. paid this year both for      
repairs and for other necessaries spent      
this year 2 5
And for £3 0s. 10½d. allotted to the same      
accountants for the surplus of their      
account 3 0 10½
The sum of the allowance £9 12s. 7½d.      
And so they owe £1 11s. 1½d.      
Sum of the charge £13 12s. 5d. 8      
In the time of Robert Mellours mayor9.      
The same are charged with £11 0s. 3d. for the      
rent of divers tenements there this year 11 0 3
And with £1 11s. l½d. for arrears of last year's      
accounts 1 11
And with 1s. 5d. received from new burgesses      
this year 0 1 5
And with 2d. received for the passage of 2      
millstones 0 0 2
And with 5s. received from benefactors of the      
aforesaid bridges by the hands of W.      
Richardson 0 5 0
Sum of the charge £12 17s. 11½d      
Then they pray to be allowed for £5 9s. 7d.      
paid this year both for rent resolute and      
for the falling off of rents this year 5 9 7
And for £1 19s. 3½d. paid this year for repairs      
and for other necessaries this year 1 19
And for 5s. remaining in the hands of Thomas      
Mellours one of the Aldermen 0 5 0
Sum of the allowance £7 13s. 10½d      
And so they owe £5 4s. ½d. whence should be      
deducted the above 5s. from Thomas      
And so they owe clearly £4 19s. ½d.      


(1) Thomas Alestre was Mayor in 1461-2, 14G9-70. He is last mentioned in 1482.
(2) Henry VII's 5th Parliament met October 14th, 1495.
(3) William Inglysee was mayor 1519-20. (4) Apparently nothing was received from these sources this year. (5) Chaplain of the Amyas Chantry in St. Mary's Church.
(6) John Roose was mayor 1520-1.
(7) Rent resolute is rent paid back, a quit rent due to the Crown.
(8) This occurs as an item apart from any other accounts and is difficult to fit into its proper place.
(9) Robert Mellors was mayor 1521-2.