XXI. 1523. Loan to Henry VIII.

We henry by the grace of god King of England and of Fraunce defensour of the faith and Lorde of Irland promise by these presentes truly to content and repay to all and singler suche personnes of the Towne of Notyngham within our Countie of Nottingham whose names be conteyned in a scedule indented hereunto and to all and singler suche particuler summes of money as have bein by thaym lovingly advaunced unto us by the way of loan for the maintaining of my warres against Fraunce and Scotland amounting in the hole to the summe of one hundred fourty seven poundes thirteyn shillings iiiid. In witnesse whereof to these presentes we have caused our privey seale to be sette the xiiiith day of the monethe of Februar The xiiii yere of our Regne1.

XXII. 1539. Bond of a Chantry Chaplain.

Noverint universi per presentes me Thomam Palmer Capellanum Cantarie beate Marie virginis in ecclesia beate marie ville Notinghamie teneri et firmiter obligari maiori et Burgensibus ville Notinghamie in viginti libris bone et legalis monete Angli solvendum eisdem maiori et Burgensibus aut eorum certis attornatis vel successoribus suis in festo Pasche proximo futuri post data presentium. Ad quam quidam solutionem bene et fideliter faciendam obligatione heredes et executores meos firmiter pro pre-senti sigillo meo sigillatam datam decimo die mensis Januarii Anno regni Regis Henrici octavi dei gratia Anglie et Francie Regis fidei defensoris domini hyberni et in terra supremi capitis Anglicane ecclesie tricesimo.

The condycon of this obligacon is such that if the above Bownden Sir Thomas Palmer Chapleyn upon his parte well and trulie Fullfyll observe performe and kepe all and singular the grantes duties and services wiche he is Bownden to do by one graunte therof made to hym by the maire and Burgesses of the Town of Notyngham bairyng date with this obligacon in and upon the forseid Chauntre and oder the premisses therein contygned declared and specifyed and also if that he do not hereafter depart from the seid Chauntre except he gyff one yers warnyng to the maire and Burgesses or their successors That then this obligacon to be voyde or ells hitt to stand in effect.

per me Thomas Palmer.
[Sealed with seal marked T. P. and interlacing cords.]
Cp. Nott. Bor. Rec., Vol. 111 p. 151

XXIII. Bridgewardens' Accounts 1558-9.

Villa Notynghamie.

Computus Johannis Brownley et Francisci Colman gardianorum et receptorum redditum omnium terrarum et tenementorum pertinentium Hethebethe bridgs communiter vocatis Trent bridgs factus a festo sancti Michaelis archangeli in annis regnorum Philippi et Marie nuper Regis et regine vto. et vito. usque idem festum sancti Michaelis extunc proximum sequens viz. primo anno regni regine Elizabethe dei gratia Anglie Francie et Hibernie fidei defensor & tempore Thome Cockeyn maioris dicte ville Notynghamie.


Onerantur de xili. vs. iid. de redditu terrarum et tenementorum nuper cantarie beate marie pertinentium.

Et de vili. xs. viiid. de redditu terrarum pertinentium

nuper hospitali sancti Johannis ville Notynghamie per-
Et de xiili. xvs. vid. de aliis terris pontibus predictis
de antiquo pertinentibus.  
Et de occupatione de les taillers pro 111 upsetts vs.
Et de theloneo pro millestones tran-  
seuntibus pontem de Trent xiid.
Et de Burgensibus de novo creatis  
tempore dicti maioris xiid.
Et de donis ultime voluntatis Edwardi  
Crewe et Johannis Grene bocher xxs.  
Et de arreragiis supra pedem ultimi  
compoti prout patet ex pede eius-  
dem ... ... ... vili. xvs. iiiid.
Et de quercubus venditis citra seynt  
Johannis clossynge ad ... ... xxxiis.  
Et de quadam clausura terre iuxta  
dicta domo predicta in tenura  
Brownley .........vis. viiid.
Summa oneris xlli. xiis. viiid.  

Reparationes :

Et unde iidem computantes petunt eiis allocari pro reparationibus in et supra domos et pontes predictas factis anno elapso prout plenius supra eorum librum tempore computatus ostensum et particulariter per maiorem aldermannos et alios burgenses ibidem assem-blatos examinandum et approbandum ad summam

xiiiili. viis. iid.

Decasus :

Et de terris et tenementis existentibus in decasu anno elapso vili. xvis.

Chieff rent:

Et de capitalibus redditibits solutis vicecomiti ville
Notynghamie exeunti de terris predictis iis. iiid.
feoda :    
Et de feodo illorum computantium pro labore suo
exercendo circa premissa xxvis. viii(1.
Et de aliis solutionibus viis. ixd.
Et de ii8. solutis Willelmo Birch auditori huius
compoti   iis.
Et de iiii8. allocatis Johanni Alcoke   iiiis.
Summa allocationum xxiiili. V8. xd.
Sic summa oneris maius est allocationum xviili.
vis. xd.    
Henricus Newton electus est in loco predicti Fran-cisci Colman unacum predicto Johanne Broneley pro anno sequente.


Town of Nottingham.

The Account of John Brownley and Francis Coleman wardens and receivers of the rents of all the lands and tenements belonging to Hethebethe Bridges commonly called Trent Bridges drawn up from the feast of St. Michael the Archangel in the 5th & 6th years of the reigns of Philip & Mary lately king & queen until the same feast of St. Michael next following to wit in the first year of the reign of queen Elizabeth by God's grace queen of England, France & Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc. in the time of Thomas Cockeyn2 mayor of the said town of Nottingham.


They are charged with £11 5s. 2d. for rent of lands & tenements belonging to the late chantry of the Blessed Mary.
And with £6 10s. 8d. for the rent from lands      
belonging to the late Hospital of St.      
John in the town of Nottingham.      
And with £12 15s. 6d. from other lands be      
longing from of old to the aforesaid      
  £ s. d.
And from the occupation of the Tailors for 3      
upsetts3 0 5 0
And with toll for mill stones crossing Trent      
Bridge 0 1 0
And for new burgesses made in the time of      
the said mayor 0 1 0
And with the gifts of the last will of Edward      
Crewe & John Grene butcher 1 0 0
And with arrears at the foot of the last      
account as shewn there 6 15 4
And with oaks sold beyond St. John's Close      
to the value of 1 12 0
And from a certain close of land next to the      
aforesaid house in Brownley's tenure 0 6 8
Sum of the charge £40 12s. 8d.      
Whence the same accountants pray to have      
allowed them for repairs done in the      
aforesaid houses & bridges during the      
past year as is more fully shewn in their      
book for the time of the account & par      
ticularly examined & approved by the      
mayor, alderman & other burgesses      
assembled there to the sum of 14 7 2
And for lands & tenements in decay during      
the past year 6 16 0
Chief Rent.      
And for chief rents paid to the retiring Sheriff      
of Nottingham for the aforesaid lands 0 2 3
And for the fee of those accountants for their      
work in these matters 1 6 8
And for other payments 0 7 9
And for 2s. paid to William Birch examiner      
of this account 0 2 0
And for 4s. allowed to John Alcoke 0 4 0
Sum of the allowances £23 5s. 10d.      
So the sum of the charges is greater than the allowances
by £17 6s. 10d.      
Henry Newton is chosen in the place of the aforesaid
Francis Colman together with John Broneley for the
next year4.      


(1) This was the war that resulted in the victories of "The battle of the Spurs" in France and the battle of Flodden in Scotland.
(2) 1558-9.
(3) Upsetts are fines due to the borough upon commencing a craft.
(4) The signatures of several aldermen and burgesses are appended.