Extracts from the Records of the Borough of Nottingham.

By E. L. Guilford, M.A.

By the courtesy of the Council of the City of Nottingham, there will be printed from time to time in the Transactions of the Thoroton Society, transcriptions of hitherto unpublished documents among the records of the City. These will be chosen from two sources :

1. from those documents which former editors did not include in the published volumes.

2. from documents which have been found since the publication of the last volume.

In explanation of the existence of this last class of documents, I may state briefly that shortly before 1914 I was so fortunate as to find in the old strong room at the Exchange, a large number of miscellaneous papers, covering a period from the 13th to the 18th centuries, which had not been known to any of the Editors of the Borough Records. Though the majority were of very little interest, yet there are some which would most certainly have been included had their existence been known.

The documents printed here are necessarily miscellaneous in character and various in date, but the search and transcription of the newly discovered documents is not yet completed, and it is thought better to deal with them as they come rather than wait a number of years until the search can be completed.

I. 1459-60.

Prestitum factum erga viagium apud Northampton Anno regni Regis Henricis sexti xxxviii Tempore Thome Thurland maioris ibidem.

De Thoma Thurland iiiili.    
" Thoma Alestre   xls.  
" Johanne Clerk   xls.  
" Roberto Smyth   xls.  
" Ricardo Wudd   xls.  
" Johanne Plumptre   xls.  
" Johanne Squyer   xls.  
" Johanne Serjaunt   xls.  
" Roberto Stabull   xls.  
" Johanne Spercer   xxs.  
" Roberto Rempston   xs.  
" Ricardo Turner   xxxiiis. iiiid.
Summa xxiiili. iiis. iiiid.      

II. 1470-1.

Dyvers costs layd owt by Robert Inglysh for ye chamburlayne.

Fyrst ye xxiiii day of Juyle paid to    
John Strete & v men wt hym for    
to awayt upon my lord cham-    
burlayn to Calyo Ward xxxs.  
Itm paid to John Strete plasterar for    
ye hyn of a jat   xxd.
Itm ye ii day of aust for a Reward to    
mayster Perpoynt and his brother ls.  
Itm to Reynwyk for beryng of a    
lettur to my preveseall xxs.  
Itm to Willm Hayton & ii clarks iis. viiid.
Itm to Hoyhton joman of ye gurd iiis. iiiid.
Itm to porpoynt cosin for goying to    
my lord say iiis. iiiid.
Itm a Reward to Richard Jebe iis. vid.
Itm ye xii day of Septembre a Reward    
to mayster dyne at coly weston xls.  
Itm a Reward to ye Kings secretare vis. viiid.
Itm a Reward at coly weston to dyne    
ofecer of my lord of Clarence vis. viiid.
Itm to John Spencer emegemaker for    
goyng to my lady chamburlayne    
ye same tyme when we wher at    
coly weston iiis.  
Itm paid for waynflet servant of arme    
hors mete at ye Swanne vis. vd
Itm for mayster dyne hors costs at    
Stamforth iiis. viid.
Soma viiili. xixs. xd.    

Costs made at London ye 11 day of Juyle anno lxxi by Robert Englysh mayor thomas babyington Recorder John Maperley John Spencer Richard Bedale John Ody & dyvers other.

Fyrst in goyng to london ward at my    
lady chamburlayn place in    
Rewards iis.  
Itm to a man for beryng of a lettur    
from my lady chamburlayn to    
my lord chamburlayn iiis. iiiid.
Itm a Reward to Willm Stevins xxs.  
Itm a Reward to mayster Helkenhede xxs.  
Itm a Reward to ye Kyngs Attorney xxs.  
Itm a Reward to mayster Fayrfax ... xiiis. iiid.
Itm for v preve sealls xls.  
Itm for dyvers brekfasts to owr    
consell xiiis. iid.
Itm for boots at dyvers tyme iiis. vd.
Itm for Wyne at dyvers tyme to our    
consell vis. xd.
Itm a Reward to mayster Fayrfax    
clarke   viiid.
Itm a Reward to Fearberd clarke   viiid.
Soma viili. iiis. ivd.
Itm Robert Inglysh for xiii days for    
iiii hors at viiid. a man & hors xxxiiiis. viiid.
Itm John Maperley for ii hors xviis. iiiid.
Itm John Spencer i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm John Hardy i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm Rychard Bedale i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm John Ody i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm Xpofer pursclove i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm Thomas Bryn i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm Watkyn Watnow i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm John Spencer emegemaker i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm John Thomlynson i hors viiis. viiid.
Itm John Strete ii hors xviis. iiiid.
Soma xiiiili. xs. ixd.    

III. c.1500.

Kellom Bridge.

Forst of William Hanson for a tenement    
att the est end of the Shamells in    
the Saterday markett iii. iiii.
It of (blank) for a stabill ground    
beside the comen well late in the    
holding of C. wyle vi.  
It of master michaell Inglyssh for ii    
tenements oon in the holding of    
Thomas Wylkenson the oder of    
Elizabeth wyle by the yere iiiis.  
It of the same Michell for a noder tenement therto next adioynyng   xvid
It the stone chamber ther   xviii.
It of mastres cost for a tenement byneth the hen crosse late in the holding of Olyver Jepson viii.  
It It of ii comen lanes on the tymberhill    
one part in the holding of    
Elizabeth Cost & payeth viiid. and    
of Robertt Fissher for a noder    
partt iiiid. and of Richard Selyok    
for a noder partt iiiid. and of John    
Pyerson for a noder partt iid. and    
of the heires of Thomas Was for    
the residue vid. Sma iis.  
It of Thomas Wasse for a purpresture    
att the north corner of Whele-    
wright gate som tyme in the    
holding of Richard Selyok   xiid
Sma xxviis. iid.    

IV. c. 1500.

.....Worshipfull and welbeloved I grete you well and whereas ther is a grete matter of variaunce hanging in the law bitwixt you and ye maior and his brethern of Notyngham as I am informed I desire and move you to put the said matter in treyty in iiii or 6 indifferent persons of your cuntre that ye may serve god the more quietly and eschew suche chargs and inconvenients that myght hynder your place and bringe it in poverte which ofttymys howses of Religion fall in by reason of long sewts and pleyes ye thus doing the rathur at this my desire shall have me your more speciall good lord at your nede. God kepeye. At london the xxxt. day of January.

V. 1515.

By this Sedulle indented Appereth as welle the names as the sumes of money as the Inhabytannts within the Towne of Nottynham hath lovyngly advaunced unto the kyngs grace by way of loon All thes same sumes.

Thomas Mellors Mayre     £12
John Wylliamson     £30
John Roose     £12
Thomas Wylloughby     £12
Willyam Kirkby     £ 12
John Holles     40s.
Thomas Stabulles     50s.
Wyllyam Parmetor      
Robert Fyssher     10s.
Edward Chamberleyn     40s.
John Grantt     10s.
John Sye     50s.
Wyllyam Johnson     50s.
Costyn Pykers     £3
Robert Rosell      
Wyllyam Stanbank     £3
Hugh Oldam     £3
Thomas Baynbrygge     50s.
John Aleynson £6 13 4
Thomas Cokker     50s.
John Doubleday     £3
Olyver Jepson     40s.
Richard Halom     50s.
Thomas Hobbes     40s.
Wyllyam Mabson     40s.
Thomas Dawson     40s.
Robert Mellers     £12
Sum tot. of this cedula indented: one hundre fourty
seven pounds xiiis. iiiid.      
Henry wrotslly.      

VI. 1547.

Wilbe lowyd John borffeld I Recommend me un to you this shalbe most hartely to dyssyer yow to A Rest thomas Skott of Nottyngham for me thomas Langton for xxvs. yd. he oweth me for the Rest of a ton of yerne that he hade of me at London the xxi day of augost in Anno 1545 which monye he dyd faythfully promys me. He hade gon owt of ye cyte to a payd me and dyveis tymes senes I have wryttyn to hyme for hyt but I cane here nothying from hyme. Wherffor by this my Letter wryttyn with my own hand I doo awytt you my full attornaye to A Rest hym and to Recover yd by the Lawe and to show hyme no favour and in this dooyng yow shalbe will assuryd I shall dyserve your panes as knowyth the levyng god who grantt yow all thyngs nassacary for yow wrytyn in hast in the 12 daye of September 1547.

Your lowyng frend
Thomas Langton
of London.

VII. 1551. (cp. Vol. iv. p. 99).

Addressed on back To my loving frendes
The Mayor and his Brethern of the
Towne of Nottingham.

After my right hartie commendations. Being infourmed that at the request of my lord Talbot heretofore made unto you, ye have graunted unto this bearer Richard Parsons his servant the reversion of your farme of the tolle of Everton. And understanding now there hath lately byn sute made unto you in derogation of your said graunt and intended good purpose to the said Parsons desireous of his preferment for my lord my brothers sake I thought mete to requyre and ernestly pray you by theis my letters with convenient spede to procede in honest and resonable sort to the accomplishement of your promisse. And respecting no lucre or envy of any man to shewe your selfs constant in the premisses. So as the rather for my sake he may fynde friendship and favour at your handes. Which I will remember to your Commodite as occasion may serve me to do your towne and hoole state good. Besides, my lord Talbot will accept the same as he doth thankfully at your and shewe you semblable plesure I doubt not. Thus much I writ lest ye shuld departe from your promise unto him which is my veery frende. And to shewe ye intende the perfourmance of ye graunt I wishe ye shuld undelayedly assure the same to this bearer by sufficient writing, So shall ye shewe yourselfs dooers and not sayers. And thus I byd you fare wel. At London the seconde of February 1551 Your loving frende Rutland.

VIII. 1599.

The true and perfecte Accompte of Marye Hemmeslye of Snenton in the Countye of Nottingham and Dioces of Yorke widdowe and administratrix of the goodes and cattals of Hughe Hemmeslye her late husbande late of Snenton aforesaid yeoman deceased as well of for and so muche of the said goodes and cattals as came to her handes as of suche summes of monie and disbursements as she hathe paid and is to paye out of the same.

The Charge.

The said Accomptant chargeth her selfe with all the goodes and cattals whereof the said deceased died possessed specified in an Inventarie thereof made and exhibited unto the Exchequer of tharchbushop of Yorke and heare remayninge of recorde amountinge to

the summe of ccxliiili. xvs. iiiid.
Surame oneris patet ccxliiili. xvs. iiiid.

Peticons of allowances

Inprimis she demaundeth allowance of the funerall charges of the said deceased together with the charges of her adminstracon, mortuarie, writinge and ingrossinge of the Inventaries, with the charges of her and her suerties traveylinge for the dispatche of the same adminstracon amountinge one waye and other with the fees due for the passinge of this Accompte to the summe of xiiili. vis. viiid.
Item she craveth allowance for certeyne debtes alreadie by her discharged videlicet Ankar Jackson of Notting      
ham Alderman xvis.  
Item to Giles Balderstone X3    
Item to Laurence Hynde iis.    
Item to William Holliman iiis. iiiid.  
Summa expositorum ut supra xiiiiili. x viii8.  
Et remanet de claro ccxxviiili. x vii8. iiiid.
Wheareof accordinge to the generall custome of the Province of Yorke one thirde parte belongeth to the
widowe vid lxxvili. vs. xd. qr.

The second third parte befalleth to John Hemmeslye and Alice Hemmeslye the children of the said deceased to be devided amongest them vid

To John Hemmeslye ... xxxviiili. iis. xd. ob qr. lxxvili.vs. ixd.
To Alice Hemmeslye ... xxxviiili. iis. xd. ob qr. ob.
The laste is the deads parte which she desireth to
be assigned unto her & the said children equallie amonge
them viz.  
To her the said Accomptant xxvli. viiis. viid. lxxvili. vs.
To John Hemmeslie ... xxvli. viiis. viid. ixd. qr.
To Alice Hemmeslie ...xxvli. viiis. viid. qr.  

IX. The Subsidy 1610 September.

Mr. Rihard Hurt Mayor in Terris iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Alve in terrys XXs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Huthwett in bonys iiili. vis.  
Mr. Stott in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Cowper in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Ryle in bonys iiili. Vs.  
Mr. Dawlton in bonys iiili. Vs.  
Henry Oldffield in bonys iiili. Vs.  
Mr. Rowlston in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Bowne in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Wyddowson in bonys iiili. vd.  
Mr. nycolys Sherwyn in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Georg : Lester in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Lenard Nyx in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Oxlaye in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Wallys in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Pynder in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Alderman Boner in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Lady Stanop in terys viiili. xxis. 4d.
Mr. Kyme in terys xls. vs. iiiid.
Mr. Robert Powle in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Plumtre in terys xls. vs. iiiid.
Gervys Bynd for his pole     iiiid.
Mr. Alton      
John Allin (later insertion)      
Mr. Alderman Mowots in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr, Wyllyam Powle in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Hawlssworth in bonys iiili vs.  
Mr. Spryntal in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Pyrkyngs in bonys iiili. vs.  
Syr Jhon As a nam ? in terys vili. xvis.  
Mr. Gryse in bonys iiili vis.  
Mr. Shawe in bonys iiili. Vs.  
Wyllyam Bell in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Walker in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Edmondes (later insertion)      
Mr. Alderman Jackson in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Sumersall in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Mason in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Gregory in terys xls. vs. iiiid.
Mr. Blythe in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Thomas Nyx in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Jhon Colynson in terys xls. vs. iiiid.
Mr. Tafte in bonys iiili. vs.  
Richard Joyett in terys xxs.    
Mr. Alderman Freman in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Atkynson in terys xls. vs. iiiid.
Mr. Jhon Freman in bonys iiili. vs.  
Robert Burton in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Hyll in bonys iiili. vs.  
Wyllyam Ludlam in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Marmaduke Gregory in bonys iiili. vs.  
Thomas Morys in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Bartelmew Filyngam in bonys iiili. vs.  
Wyllyam Hunt in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Langford in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Rychard James Roper in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Wyllyam Lupton in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Gelstrape in terris xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Sherwyng in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Robart Colynson in bonys iiili. Vs.  
Wyddow Grene in terys xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. James in bonys iiili. vs.  
Antony Eginton Robert Whyt (later      
Mr. Alderman Stables in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Alton in terys xls. vs. iiiid.
Mr. Robart Parker in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Pownton in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Recolys in bonys iiili. vs.  
Jhon Cawlton in bones iiili. vs.  
Mr. Boxsme in bones iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Harp in terrys iiiili. Xs. viiid.
Michall Cooke (later insertion)      
Mr. Alderman Welche in bonys iiiili. vis. viiid.
Mr. Selb in bonys iiili. vs.  
Wyllyam Sherwyng in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Rychard Parker in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Hare in bonys iiili. vs.  
Mr. Harry Bagelay in terys XXs. iis. viiid.
Mr. Wolff in bones iiili. vs.  
Wylyam Clark in bones iiili. vs.  
Jhon Pery in bones iiili. vs.  
(In a different handwriting).      
The names of the Cessors.      
Charles Newbold in Bonis iiili. vs.  
Richard Johnsone in Bonis iiili. vs.  
Robert Sherwin in Bonis iiiili. vis. viiid.
Thomas Morley in Terris XXs. iis. viiid.
Robert Healde in Bonis iiili. vs.  
Robert Freeman in Terris XXs. iis. viiid.
William Litellfair in Bonis iii1i. v.  
Hugh Vardyn in Bonis iiili. vs.  
John Parker in Bonis iiili. vVs  
Anthony Gamble in Terris xxs. iis viiid.
Thomas Drewry senior in Terris xxs. iis. viiid.
Mr. William Lytlefare highe Collector for the Towne of Nott.
John Alvey & }
Pettie Collectors.
Richard Greysley


The Assessors of the first payment of the Subsidie granted Anno Octobro 1610.

X. (Wm. Gregory, Mayor 1632-3, and 1639-40). (This is taken from the second sheet of a document and is all that remains).

. . . saith that William Gregorie nowe maior of the said towne of Nott. did about the eight of this instant may call the Alehousekeepers of the said towne before him and tould them that unles they would promise to grinde there malt att such mills as hee would appointe they should have noe lycenses to brewe or sell ale wthin the said towne And this deponent further saith that the said maior about the Eighteenth daie of this instant moneth of may did take to farme three malt mills wthin the said towne And presently thereuppon hee the said Maior did sende the Bell man to . . .

XI. Sessions Roll 84 1649.

The examination of Edith Alsop taken before Ald Toplady this 15th day of August 1649.

This informant beinge examined from whence shee came saith from Stapleford neare Newarke uppon Trent in the County of Nottingham and saith shee is goeinge to Titbury Castle in the County of Stafford to the Bullruneinge there, and unto her husband there and her profession is to gather Raggs up and downe the Cuntry and beinge further examined where shee had 2 lynnen sheetes and a longe towell which shee had sould within this Towne saith shee had them of one Mr. Paul Pond of Mayfield.

  Edith Alsop
Capt 15 Aug 1649 coram her marke.
Francis Toplady.  

XII. 1659.

Towne of Nottingham.

A particular of Goods attached by Alice Jebson Widdow plaintiff against Katherine Jermie widdowe the 14th of February 1659.

In the brewhouse.

Item one lead, one mashfatt, 2 gilefatts 2 Colers 1 Soe.

In the kitchinge.

Item 24 peeces of puter, 12 chamberpotts, 2 brasse potts, 3 panns, 1 warming pan, 20 flaggons, 4 spitts, 1 brass knive one Jacke to turne ye spitt, one land iron & froggs 1 gallowbalke & hooks, 2 fire shovells 1 iron furgin one paire of tongues, 2 chafing dishes 2 dripping panes, one paire of iron racks 3 washing truncks, 3 kitts, 4 puter candlesticks.

In the hall.

Item one land iron with brasses, one long table & frame, 1 litle table & frame, 6 stooles, 4 chaires, 5 sett quishions.

In the litle parlor next ye street.

Item 1 standbed 2 blancketts 1 greene rugg, Curtaine & valence, one boulster, one litle table, a longe box & all in itt, 2 great bibles 3 stooles 2 chaires.

In the great chamber next street.

Item one longe table & frame 1 Carpett 12 Chaires, one couch Chaire, one great Chest of lynnens, one liverie cubbert & Cloth, one bedstead one fether bed & boulster 2 pillows one sett of blew curtaines, & valence 2 blankets 1 blew rugg with matt & cord, one trundle bedstead & fether bed, boulster 1 blanckett matt & cord, 6 quishions 1 great lookeing glasse, 1 fire iron 2 chimney brasses, 1 brasse fireshovell & tongues.

In ye litle chamber next ye street.

Item 1 downe bed with greene furniture I liverie cubbert & cloth 1 litle table & cloth, 6 lether chaires 1 fire iron.

In the kitchinge chamber.

Item 1 truncke of Lynnens, 1 bedstead with matt & cord, 1 fetherbed & boulster 1 litle table & carpett 1 stoole.

In the maidens chamber.

Item one halfe headed bedstead with all that belongs to itt, 1 fether bed one boulster 1 blanckett & coverlid 1 flocke bed with ye furniture, 2 chests with wearing lynnens.

In the middle chamber.

Item 1 bedstead 1 fether bed 1 boulster 1 greene rugg & blanckett 2 pillows with curtaines & valence

1 trundle bedstead 1 liverie cubbert & cloth 2 chaires & 2 stooles.

In the highe chamber.

Item 3 halfe heded bedsteads 3 fether beds 3 boulsters 3 ruggs 4 blanketts one litle table & frame 2 stooles.

In the next chamber.

Item one emptie bedstead 1 litle table.

In the far chamber.

Item 1 bedstead 1 fetherbed 1 boulster ii blanckets 2 pillows, 1 greene rugg 1 sett of curtains & valence 1 trundle bedstead 1 fether bed 1 boulster 1 coverlid 1 liverie cubbert & cloth 2 quishions 1 table & frame one Carpett 4 stooles 1 land iron twoe endirons with brasses.

In the Parlour.

Item one bedstead 1 fether bed 1 boulster 1 pillow 1 rugg a sett of curtaine & valence 1 liverie cubbert & cloth 1 table & frame 4 stooles 1 paire of greate brasses & endirons with 4 brasses.

In the nar parlour.

Item one bedstead with curtaine & valence one table & frame i cubbert 4 stooles.

In the Estree.

Item one halfe headed bedstead 1 flocke bed 1 boulster 1 blanckett 1 coverled ten hodgheads.

XIII. 1677.

Nott. The xxiid day of September Ano Dni 1677. I Mathew Jenison Esquier the Kings Majesties Receiver Generall for the County of Nottingham and Towne of Nottingham doe acknowledge to have received

the summe of sixtie five pounds tenne shillings of the collectors of the severall wards within the said Towne of Nottingham, being the full summe charged on the said Towne, and in their severall collections, for the second Quarterly Payment of the Seventeene Monthly Assessments granted to his Maty, by an Act of Parliament, made in the xxixth yeare of his Reigne, for the speedy building Thirty Ships of War : witnesse my hand and Seale the day and yeare abovesaid.

Math Jenison Rec. Genell. Endorsed: 2 Acquittances for 2 qrters Assessments charged upon this Corporation for buildinge of 30ty shipps of Warr as by Act of Parliament Ao. 1677 :

XIV. 1688.

Sessions Roll 90 A.

The examination of Matthew Booker of the Towne and County of the Towne of Nottingham Cordwinder taken this ninth day of October 1688 before Joseph Turpin and John Hydes Two of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the said Towne.

This Examinant saith being in Company at his owne house on the Twenty fifth of August 1688 in the Towne of Nottingham with one John Derry of the same Towne and one Richard Hubboard of the said Towne, and drinking together the said Hubboard being in Drinke the said Derry and Hubboard disputed about their Learning, and the said Hubboard said he would lay a wager with the said Derry that he could not take a greeke verse and turne it into Lattin, and after that into English, and upon that laid downe five shillings and the other laid downe five shillings to it and put it into this Examinants hand, but afterwards the said Hubboard and Derry calling for more drinke the said Hubboard

quarrelled with the said Derry and another man about their wager, whereupon this Examinant about Eleven a clocke at night of the same day did perswade the said Derry to leave and he would go along with him home, and so they did up the pecke Lane, and then Hubboard followed and had a mind to quarrell with the said Derry againe, and so Hubboard falling downe over a rammell heap left them, and the said Derry and this Examinant went to the Cage together and then this Examinant was desired by the said Derry to drinke a can of ale, but this Examinant said no, his wife would wonder what became of him, and so parted with the said Derry and came home to his owne house, and went up to his wifes parlour and lay down by her, the nurse being by, and discoursed with them, both which was before Twelve of the clocke of the same night.

  Matthew Hooker (sic)
  his 0 marke.
Joseph Turpin Ald.  
John Hydes Ald.