[1625-6] XXVIII. Presentments at the Sessions.

Sir The Lorde Stannopp sent for mee yesterday & hathe so far wrought with mee that I have promisd not to prosecute agenst William West so take your ferste & I pray let him go & for all they us ouste let them bee all calde now at first Sessyons.

Your John Pepper.

18th January, 1625.

We intreat you Mr. Maior and you the rest of the Justices, that you will be pleast to take, and settell some order, and Course Consceringe the oppristion of our marketts by strangers, for there regrose and Liberttye is a great wronge to our markett and a great opprestion to the poore we heeve it and finde it, therfoor we praye you to take some due Conscederation for the present



To the Right Worshipfull Mr. Maior Mr. Recorder and the Worshipfull of the Bench the humble petition of Richard Iveson of the Towne of Nottingham greetinge.

I humblye Shewinge unto your good worships that whereas your sayd petitioner beinge bounde for his appearance at the Sessions helden at the towne aforesayd aboute 3 quarters of a yeare past your petitioner beinge prest from Noridge for a Soldier aboute the Kings Majesties affayers could not Come as if your worshipps please shall heare more at large

Yet your sayd petitioner Cravinge of your good worships some favor for his owne which is some Certayne good which were taken from your petitioners Father which was taken from him without Cause or desert or anye fait at all by Mr. Cooke and Mr. Littlefayer then Sheriefes of the sayd Towne so I hope your good worships will consider of it that I maye have my owne your worships knowes of the Imprisonment which your petitioner did endure without Cause as I hope needs not to be related unto you all if so your petitioner shall have his owne hee shall be ever bound to pray for you and all yours happie dayes in this world and heavenly felicitie in the world to come.

1626. July 11th.      
Wee prsent Mr. Revell for Bruing without a lisence (xxs).    
We present Robert Brodhed for selling unlawfull meet (vs.)    
We present Richard Norwood wife and Cutber Littlefaire his wife, both for scoules (ducked).    
These made defaulte in nott fyndinge wattchmen on Midsomer even last 1626
[a list of 40 names follows]      
All these we do present vid. a piece.    
Alehouse Keepers and victuallers nott lycenced this yeare 1626.
[a list of 52 names follows] xxs. a piece.    
Alehouse keepers for nott sellinge a quarte for a penny [a list of 11 names follows]
These followinge made defaulte in nott cominge to be bound for the observacon off Lent accordinge to his Majesties proclamacon 1626
[a list of 60 names follows]      
We present all thes names in this bill vis. viiid.  
24th Aprill, 1626.      
Item we present Mistress Walker Wyddow for Keepinge of hir Soune Thomas Walker in her howse beinge a Recusant
55 We present the Common well at the north side of Saint Petars Church for being out of repayre (amended)    
October 11 th, 1638.      
Wee present John Parsons for haveing more sheep in the field then his stint allowed per order.      
Wee present John Heawood for not skowring the becke dich in the Ladies Close   (xiid.)  
12th October, 1640.      
2 We present Mr. Richard Cowlishaw for not scow [ring] his ditch betweene Eastcroft and Cheanie poole close.      
3 We present Mr. Morris for not scowring his ditch in Noemans Park (iis vid.)  
5 We present Thomas Abbat for keeping up his bankes in the trent lane.      
21 We present Stephen Robardes for building a swine coate uppon the townes wast (iis iii.)  
22 We present Stephen Robards for incroaching his shoppe uppon the townes wast (iiis. iiiid.)  
25 We present Mr. William Greaves for annoying the marsh with earth.      
32 We present James Kinsay for increasing his hedge into the lane neare Saint Nicolas Church (iis.)    
33 We present James Kinsay for the like in the next garden      
43 We present Jhon Arna : for building a swincoate uppon the common of the Backeside.      
51 We present Ritchard Bower for not scowring the Panyer Close ditch neare the hye way, which is to the preiudice of passingers.      
52 We present Ritchard Bower for annoying the Cow lane with his muckill.      
We present Ritchard Feelles for annoying the broade land with mucke (iis)    
We present Adam Jackesonn for annoying the Swine greene with his mucke (iis)    
We present Thomas Bingham for annoying the swine greene with his timber being a Fariner1 (vs.)    
We present John Heyward for not scowring the becke in Dorman meaddow platt and unlesse it be scowed within this fortnight then this persentment to stand otherwaies to be voyed.      
May 13th, 1641.      
2 We presente Mr. Marris for not scouringe the issue betwixte the Cheney bridge Close and the noman part (fined)    
9 We presente John Mitton for incrochinge upon the sand hills by the castle (iis.)    
17 We presente Mr. John Cooper sherrife for plowinge up the pindars fee at the bekside traversed.    
23 We presente Richard Shearwine for anoying the street at the uper end of hungate   xiid.  
24 We presente Mr. Andrues for stoppinge the rowell at his howse in Castle gate   xiid.  
25 We presente Will Wright butcher for layinge manure againste his house in Castle gate   xiid.  
27 We presente John Ripon baker for annoyinge the way in St. James lane with a swine sty fyned.    
40 We presente barnabey Wartnabey for Incroaching in Wollpake lane and for laing manure in the same lane   (xiid.)  
42 We presente Christofer Kirke for laying manure in the high way by penny foote lane   (xiid.)  
44 We present Mr. Seriante boune for incroaching upon the street in the high pavement   (rented xiid.)  
46 We present Griffin lockar for lainge manure in the byards lane   (xiid.)  
47 We present Mr. John Parsons for annoying the lane with wood one the baksid the bares   (xiid.)  
50 We present Thomas Champion for not scouringe the ditch in the lane going to St. ans well   (xiid.)  
52 We present Mr. Will Cleark for cuttinge downe wood in the Coppies (iis.)    
58 We present Bartholmew Walsbey for breakinge up the ground in the high paument & makinge stayres in the same place (iis. rented.)  
October 11th, 1653.      
8 Wee present Antony Beecroft for stopinge the Midleturne pasage under ye Castle Bridge.      
35 Will Jackson for not scouringe ye pasage in boy Croft from Hungerhill Springe.      
37 Will Jackson for not scouringe the becke against his berne nie ye becke Houses.      
38 Wee present William Jackson for plowinge away ye pinder fee upon ye becke Hill.      
71 Wee presente Mr. Spencer for Anoyinge with manure in Benets lane.      
90 Bander Phetiplace for anoyinge ye Jue Lane with Mulacke.      
172 Item wee present Mr. Persons for anoyinge Soper Lane with a Midinge & not Dresinge ye Lane.      

Michaelmas 1656.

Wee pressent the Lady Huchinsonn for not dressing the street beefore her dore.

Wee Request theer may bee som Carefull pinder to pin Swine out of strets & Church yards.

April 16 th, 1657.

Item. William Wrighte for constantley Anoyinge the coman near bostarn bridge withe a great quantety of Timber whiche wee desiar may be speedely reformed.

Item we present Allexander Berdesay for dichinge upe the Coman carte way in his close yt wear taken oute of the hermotage or dunes Coppey goinge into ye playnes.

Item Robert Milner for not scouringe the diche Leadinge in Lane to Santange2 weell bellonginge to his close called boy crofte.

April 21 st, 1657.

Item Mr. Pettey for Layinge timber one ye beaste hille.

Item Callile Phipes for Anoynge ye Shambles Lane withe mucke.

(1) Non burgess.
(2) St. Ann's.