Allen.—James Roger Allen, Athol House, Magdala Road, Nottingham; son of the late James Roger Allen; born at Nottingham in 1859; educated at Clifton College. Mr. Allen's great-grandfather, John Allen, founded the business of hosiery manufacture in Nottingham (now continued as Allen, Solly and Company), in the last half of the 18th century, and three generations of the family have continued their interest in it; was for ten years a churchwarden of St. Andrew's Church, Nottingham.

Alliott.James B. Alliott, 6, Western Terrace, The Park, Nottingham; son of the late Alexander Alliott, of Nottingham; born at Lenton in 1844; educated privately at Nottingham, and at the Rev. A. Creak's School, and Montauban, in France. Director of Manlove, Alliott and Company, Ltd., engineers, Nottingham, makers of centrifugal machinery, hydro extractors, sugar and laundry machinery, refuse destructors and other apparatus for dealing with town's refuse, etc.; Deacon of Castle Gate Chapel since 1871; Superintendent of the Bloomsgrove Congregational Sunday School for over thirty years; Vice-President of the Congregational Institute; Director of the Nottingham Permanent Building Society; member of the Society of Arts; Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, and of the Engineers and Ship Builders in Scotland; also of the Society of Chemical Industries; has visited Egypt, China, North and South America, and the West Indies for business purposes.

Atter.George Atter, Fairfield House, Newark; son of Thomas Atter, Balderton, Notts; born at Balderton, November 20th, 1846; educated at a private school at Long Bennington, Lincolnshire. Senior partner of the firm of Bainbridge and Company, drapers, of Newark; entered the house as an apprentice in 1860; was afterwards at Ipswich, and with Messrs. Richardson, Tee, Pycroft and Company, of Manchester, as traveller, returning to Newark in 1883 to join his old principal as partner; later on Mr. W. F. Atter joined the firm, and since Mr. Bainbridge's decease the brothers have carried on the business under the old name; President of the Newark Tradesmen's Association in 1896; an Overseer of the Poor in 1885; churchwarden of St. Leonards for four years; member of the Board of Guardians for three years; a prominent Freemason and member of the Newton Lodge, No. 1661; has filled all the offices in the Lodge and passed the chair in 1891; P.P. Grand Treasurer of the Province of Notts; present officially at the laying of the foundation stone of the new wing of Nottingham General Hospital during his year of office. Married, in 1876, Susanne, daughter of the late S. R. Desforges, of Langley, Norfolk, and has issue one daughter.

Atter.William Frederick Atter, Lindum House, Newark; son of Thomas Atter; born at Balderton, August 7th, 1855; educated at a private school, Newark. Apprenticed, February, 1868, to the late John Gotham Bainbridge; July, 1880, became partner with his brother George, the business being now carried on by them under the style of Bainbridge and Company; entered Newark Town Council, November, 1895; elected Chairman of the Lighting and Fire Brigade Committees in November, 1898, and a Trustee of St. Leonard's Hospital Charity in 1897; unanimously elected Mayor, November, 1900; took a prominent part in the Jubilee celebrations (1897), at Newark.

Birkhead.Thomas Collinson Birkhead, The Sycamores, Hucknall Huthwaite, Notts; son of J. R. Birkhead; born at Stanningley, Heckmondwike, Yorks, November 2nd, 1832; educated at Hall Green Academy, Dukinfield. Wholesale and retail draper and outfitter; has been chiefly engaged in travelling north and south England, and commenced business for himself thirty years since; four years Chairman of the Hucknall Local Board, and four consecutive years Chairman of the Urban District Council, with a seat on the Bench of Magistrates; is a lay preacher United Methodist Free Church, and has a large young men's bible class; devotes spare time to visitation and other charitable work, and has done so for upwards of forty years.

Birkin.Thomas Isaac Birkin, D.L., J.P., Ruddington Grange, Notts; son of Richard Birkin, J.P., of Aspley Hall, Notts; born at New Basford, Notts, February 15th, 1831; educated at Nottingham and Bath. Manufacturer of lace and lace curtains at New Basford, Nottingham, Glasgow, United States, Germany and Russia; met Mr. Cobden in Paris in 1860 in conference on the proposals for the New French Treaty; was Juror of Textiles at the Paris Exhibition of 1878; many years Chairman of Nottingham School of Art, until taken over by City Council; Captain of the 3rd Company of Robin Hood Rifles on the formation of regiment; Director of the Great Northern Railway Company; Deputy-Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace for Notts; High Sheriff for Notts, 1892. Married Harriett, daughter of Matthew Tebbutt, of Bluntesham, Hunts, and has issue six sons and three daughters.

Blagg.Henry Blagg, The Hall, Burton Joyce, Notts; son of the late Thomas Blagg, Car Colston, and Langford; born at Car Colston, September 1st, 1839; educated at Newark Grammar School. Manager to Copestake, Crampton and Company, Nottingham, lace and hosiery manufacturers, etc.; apprenticed to Copestake, Crampton and Company, 1857;appointed Manager, 1871. Married Agnes Ada, third daughter of the late Thomas Hawson, of Wombwell, Yorkshire, and has issue two sons and three daughters.

Boot.—Jesse Boot, Gardenhurst, South Road, The Park, Nottingham; son of John Boot, of Nottingham; born at Nottingham in 1850; educated at Nottingham Grammar School. At the age of twenty-four commenced the development of what is now one of the largest store enterprises in England; turned it into a private company in 1883, and in 1892 into a limited public company; it has now assumed such proportions that it has over 260 branches in various parts of the country, extending from the extreme north to the Channel Islands in the south, employing 3500 employes; recent acquirements have been sixty important establishments in London and the south: the head establishment, of which Mr. Boot is Managing Director, is at Nottingham, and here is established, in addition to the large chemical works, a Research Laboratory, in which much useful work is done for the advancement of pharmaceutical chemistry. Married Florence, second daughter of W. H. Rowe, Jersey, Channel Islands, and has issue one son and two daughters.

Bourne.Samuel Bourne, J.P., The Brightlands, Clumber Road, The Park, Nottingham; born at The Arbor, near Market Drayton, Shropshire, in 1854; educated as a private pupil at Fairburn, near Pontefract. Entered Messrs. Moore and Robinson's Bank at Nottingham in 1855, but resigned the appointment seven years later, and went to India; while in that country he travelled a great deal, visiting the Himalayas, Cashmere, etc., and took a large number of photographs of the scenery and inhabitants; this unique collection was of such excellence that it was purchased for the Art Gallery of the Kensington Museum, and Mr. Bourne was awarded several gold medals for his work; is a skilful water-colour painter; President of the Nottingham Society of Artists ; member of the Committee of the School of Art: established the business of Messrs. S. Bourne and Company, cotton doublers and yarn merchants in 1870, and removed it to the Britannia Mills, Netherfield, in 1880; was made a Justice of the Peace for the Borough in 1893, and for the county of Notts in 1894.

Bowden.Frank Bowden, Elmswood, Mapperley Road, Nottingham; son of the late William Bowden, of Exeter and Bristol; born at Exeter, January 30th, 1848. First came to Nottingham in 1888 to found The Raleigh Cycle Company, Ltd., which now owns the largest works in the city; was then, and is still, Managing Director of the company; President of the Cycle Manufacturers' Association and Chairman of the National Cycle Show, Ltd., 1901-02. Commenced life in a law office, and after securing a good appointment in Hong Kong, dealt largely and successfully there in real estate; has also resided in California and in France, and travelled a great deal, having made the tour of the world six times.

Bradley.Frederick James Bradley, J.P., Cavendish Crescent, The Park, Nottingham; son of John Bradley, of Nottingham; born at Nottingham, December 15th, 1845; educated at Amersham Hall School, Caversham, under E. West, headmaster. Justice of the Peace for Nottingham; Director of Thomas Bayley and Company, Ltd., Lenton, Nottingham; member of City Council; Chairman of Board School Local Managers; a Nonconformist.

Briggs.John Briggs, Holmside, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts; son of George Briggs; born at Sutton-in-Ashfield, January 12th, 1832; educated locally. Hosiery manufacturer; founder of the firm of John Briggs and Sons; member of Urban District Council and Local Board thirty-three years; member of Board of Guardians fifteen years; Parish Warden twenty-seven years; has had a life-long connection with Sutton-in-Ashfield, his native place, and since 1868 has formed one of the governing body of the town; was Chairman of the Urban District Council during 1900.

Brownsword.Alderman Anderson Brownsword, J.P., Chestnut House, Nottingham, and Dilham House, Norfolk; son of John and Rebecca Brownsword; born at Nottingham, June 23rd, 1839; educated at the Park Academy, Nottingham. Has been a member of the City Council since 1886; Mayor, 1892-93; Sheriff of the City, 1890-91; Alderman and Justice of the Peace for the City; Chairman of the City Corporation Tramways Committee; Overseer of the parish of Nottingham; Governor of the Nottingham High School; Hon. Secretary for many years of the House of Refuge, Chaucer Street; for thirty-five years Hon. Organist and Choirmaster of the Broad Street Baptist Church, and Treasurer of same; President of the Nottingham Nonconformist Choir Union, and of the Nottingham Philharmonic Society; President of the Eastern Division Liberal Association; Chairman of Thomas Bayley and Company, Ltd., and of B. Walker and Company, Ltd.; Director of the Ilkeston Colliery Company, Ltd. Married Jane, second daughter of the late Benjamin Walker, of Lenton Priory, Nottingham, and Stretton, Derbyshire, and has issue one son and one daughter; member of the Borough and Liberal Clubs. Mrs. Brownsword is a member of the Nottingham Board of Guardians, representing the Manvers Ward.

Burrows.William Burrows, Magdala House, Lucknow Road, Nottingham; son of the late William Burrows, Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable of Notts County Constabulary; born at Ruddington, Notts, March 20th, 1848; educated at Mr. Biddulph's, Willoughby House, and Grammar School, Nottingham, under the Revs. William Butler, M.A., and Fred T. Cusins, M.A. Photo-lithographic printer and publisher, Short Hill Printing Works; has taken great interest in Freemasonry; is a P.P.G. Warden of Notts, P.Z. and P.G. Registrar of the Province of Nottingham; in politics a staunch Conservative. Married Annie, third daughter of John Bramley, of Bestwood Park, Nottingham, and has issue three sons and four daughters. Clubs: Borough and Nottingham and County Constitutional.

Burton.Frank Ernest Burton, Malvern House, Mapperley Road, Nottingham; son of Joseph Burton; born at Nottingham, March 3rd, 1865; educated at Nottingham High School. Managing Director of Joseph Burton and Sons, Ltd., Nottingham; member of the Borough Club, and Notts Forest Football Club; an old International footballer, playing for England in 1890.

Butler.Arthur Joynes Butler, Mapperley House, Sherwood, Nottingham; son of the late Alfred Butler, of Sneinton; born at Sneinton, January 11th, 1845; educated with the Rev. J. C.Jones, M.A., at Welland House, Spalding, and the Grammar School, Nottingham. Commenced his commercial career with Messrs. M. Jacoby and Company, of Nottingham, in 1860, and became partner in 1883; in 1890, when the firm was converted into a limited company, he was appointed Managing Director, which position he still holds; is also Managing Director of S. Burton and Company, Limited; a Freeman of the City of London; Consul for the Republic of Costa Rica, and for many years Consul for Venezuela; had the decoration of the 4th class of the order of "Busto del Libertador" conferred upon him January 8th, 1901, by Capriano Castro, President of Venezuela; member of the Committee of the Nottingham Dispensary for the past fifteen years; Director of the Merchant Traders' Association; elected a member of the Nottingham City Council in 1900; was Master of the Annesley Lodge, 1435, Freemasons, and is Past Provincial Registrar of Notts Province. Clubs: Nottingham Borough, and Liberal.

Calladine.William James Calladine, Laburnum House, Hucknall Torkard, Notts; son of the late William Calladine; born at Hucknall Torkard, April 26th, 1870; educated locally. Shawl manufacturer; sole proprietor of the Hucknall Manufacturing Company, established 1860; member of Hucknall Urban District Council seven years; Vice-Chairman two years; Chairman of the Finance Committee; member of Basford Board of Guardians.