Baggaley.Robert Bartle Baggaley, Albion Chambers, King Street, Nottingham; son of the late Robert Joynes Baggaley, of Hyde, near Manchester; born October 25th, 1871; educated at the People's College, and University College, Nottingham. Articled to H. E. Hubbart, Chartered Accountant, Nottingham, in 1889, and became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in 1894; commenced to practise alone in Nottingham in 1897; is a Lecturer in higher advanced book-keeping at the University College, Nottingham, and auditor to several public and private undertakings in city and county. Takes an active interest in rowing, and is on the Committee of the Notts Rowing Club; acts as Hon. Secretary for the Nottingham Rowing Club Regattas; Hon. Sec. of the Beeston branch of the Club; Hon. Sec. of the N.R.C. Houseboat Company, and of the N.R.C. Boat House Company.

Chamberlain.Arthur John Chamberlain, 5, Arboretum Street, Nottingham; son of the late John Chamberlain, of London; born in London, 1858; educated at Lady Owen's School, London. Chartered accountant; gained his first experience with Saffery, Son and Company, London, Mr. Saffery being President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales; after being with this firm nine years was with Edmonds, Davis and Clarke, chartered accountants, of Portsmouth, Southampton and Brighton; subsequently became Accountant to the Lewisham Board of Works, and afterwards to Wells and Hind, of Nottingham; started to practise for himself in Nottingham eleven years ago; passed his examinations in 1886, and was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales in 1889; Auditor to the Notts County Council and several public and limited companies in Nottinghamshire; also for several years Financial Director of the Notts County Football Club, Ltd.

Durose.Arthur Durose, Sunnyholme, Alexandra Park, Nottingham; son of Samuel Uurose; born at Nottingham, 1862; educated at Nottingham High School. Chartered accountant; became an Associate of the Chartered Accountants' Society, February, 1885; Fellow of the Society, February, 1899; associated with Mr. Hubbart from May, 1880; was the first from Nottingham to become a member by examination of the London Chartered Association; Hon. Secretary, Army Reservists' Fund, with Mr. W. A. Appleton, the beneficiary cases numbering upwards of 1050; paying out began at £111s. for the first week, the largest amount paid in one week being £145; over 600 families and nearly 1400 individuals have benefited from the Fund; the amount raised from November, 1899, to date (July, 1901) has exceeded £11,000.

Gath.Walter Gath, 113, Waterloo Crescent, Nottingham; son of the late George Gath, of Sheffield; born at Manchester, 1848; educated privately at Manchester. Entered the office of the General Manager of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, afterwards joining an accountant at Carlisle ; became an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales in 1880, and in the same year came to Nottingham; was for some time with Mr. Thomas Leman and Messrs. Mellors and Basden, and, in 1886, commenced practice on his own account. Elected City Auditor for Nottingham in 1890, and still holds the office; auditor to several important undertakings. Is a member of Addison Street Congregational Church, and its representative on the Free Church Council; also on the Executive of that body; a Freemason, and member of Carnarvon Lodge, 1909; Liberal, and member of the Executive of the Nottingham Liberal Association; a member of the Nottingham Liberal Club, and the National Liberal Club, Whitehall. Married, in 1872, Jennie, second daughter of John Grant, of Carlisle.

Hamilton.William Robert Hamilton, Armitage Chambers, Victoria Street, and East Dene, Alexandra Park, Nottingham; son of the late William Hamilton, of Glasgow; born at Glasgow, February 2nd, 1862; educated privately. Gained his first professional experience with John Wilson, chartered accountant, of Glasgow; five years later with William Edwards and Company, chartered accountants, of London; passed his examinations in 1886, and in the final gained certificate of merit; Associate in 1887, and a Fellow in 1895, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales; in 1887 became the Nottingham partner in the firm of William Edwards and Company, and a few years later took over the Nottingham business, and has since conducted same in his own name; Hon. Secretary to the Nottingham Society of Chartered Accountants; Auditor to the Nottingham Permanent Building Society, and many firms and limited companies; Liberal in politics, and takes active interest in political matters; is a member of the Eighty Club and the New Reform Club, London. Married, in 1896, Harriet Mary, younger daughter of E. T. Bousfield, of Bedford, and the Middle Temple.

Harlow.Edward Harlow, Ivy Bank, 7, Alexandra Street, Sherwood Rise; son of the late Thomas Harlow, accountant, Burton-on-Trent; born May 14th, 1857; educated at several schools and by a private tutor. Entered the Burton, Uttoxeter and Ashbourne Union Bank, and remained with them seven years; became cashier in the banking house of Messrs. I. and I. C. Wright and Co., Nottingham, and after remaining with them many years started to practise in Nottingham as an incorporated accountant, and stock and share broker; is an Associate of the Institute of Bankers, having passed his final examination in 1885; occupied the post of Lecturer on Book-keeping and Commercial Law at the Nottingham University College, 1887-1897; author of several works on book-keeping; Hon. Treasurer of the Nottingham Samaritan Hospital for Women; director of several public companies and auditor to many important undertakings in the city and county. Married Mary, third daughter of the late James Smith, brewers' engineer, Burton-on-Trent.

Hirst.James Rhodes Hirst, Harcourt Street, and Castle Gate, Newark; son of William Hirst, accountant; born at Newark, May 4th, 1858; educated at Magnus Grammar School under the late Rev. Herbert Plater, and in Belgium. Passed the final examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, July-, 1884, and was admitted an Associate of the Institute on August 6th, 1884; a member of the Nottingham Society of Chartered Accountants; Auditor to the Newark Hospital; Hon. Treasurer to the Newark Stock Library. A member of the Newton Lodge of Freemasons; served the office of churchwarden of the Parish Church, Newark, for the years 1893-94-95.

Mellors.Thomas Galland Mellors, Pelham Road, Nottingham: son of Robert Mellors, chartered accountant, Nottingham and London; born at Arnold, December, 1865; educated privately, and afterwards entered the office of Mellors and Basden. Was taken into partnership in 1887, the firm becoming Mellors, Basden and Mellors; became an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales in 1887, and a Fellow in 1892; Secretary of the Nottingham Suburban Railway Company; director of several companies, and auditor to numerous undertakings; is a sidesman of St. Andrew's Church; has devoted his leisure time to golf, being one of the leading players in the county; was Captain of the Nottinghamshire Golf Club in 1900, and previously its Hon. Secretary for five years; holds the amateur record (77) for the Bulwell Links. Married, in 1889, Katherine, daughter of James Bell, of Edwalton.

Mellors.Robert Mellors, Locksley House, Pelham Road, Nottingham; son of Paul Mellors, of Hucknall Torkard, farmer, and Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Gervase Franke, of Oxton; born April 26th, 1835. Chartered accountant and estate agent; articled to Messrs. Taylor and Mosley, 1850; commenced business, 1854; made a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, 1883; appointed Secretary to the Merchants' and Traders' Association in 1861; Secretary and Parliamentary Agent to the Association of the Trade Protection Societies of the United Kingdom, 1865; Chairman of the Nottingham Patent Brick Company, Ltd, 1867; Director of and Financial Agent to the Nottingham Suburban Railway Company, 1886; local agent for the purchase of property and adjustment of compensations during construction of the Great Central Railway and for the Nottingham Joint Station Committee; agent for the Dowager Countess of Carnarvon's estates; Director ot several industrial companies; style of firm, Mellors, Basden and Mellors, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, and 33, St. Swithin's Lane, London, E.C. Has found his recreation for many years in acting as lay preacher, temperance and band of hope speaker, combined with the pursuit of agriculture; Chairman of Arnold School Board, 1877-86 and 1898-1901; President of the Sunday School Union, 1880 and 1884; President of the United Gospel Mission, 1886; President, Nottingham P.S.A., 1887; County Councillor for Arnold and Bestwood, 1889; County Alderman, 1892. Married, in 1857, Mary, daughter of the Rev. T. J. Galland, Vicar of Laneham, Notts; has five sons and four daughters, besides two sons who died.

Rhodes.Robert Burns Rhodes, 7, Newstead Grove, Nottingham; son of the late William Rhodes, of Winslow, Buckinghamshire; born at Winslow, March 8th, 1861; educated at the Middle Class Schools, London. Came to Nottingham as a boy, and gained his first professional experience with Messrs. Mellors, Basden and Mellors; passed his final examinations and became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in 1887; commenced practice in 1887 as a chartered accountant, in partnership with Mr. E. G. Hallam, which partnership was dissolved in 1897; has since continued to practise alone; auditor to the Nottingham General Dispensary, and several public and private undertakings; one of the members of the Council of Nottingham Society of Chartered Accountants.

Sackett.Edward Gaskell Sackett, 11, Berridge Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham; son of the late Rev. Edward Sackett, of Sleaford, Lincolnshire; born at Barking, Essex, in 1849; educated at a public school in Yorkshire. Was for eight years with the Yorkshire Banking Company, at Bradford, and from 1872 to 1883 with H. W. and J. Blackburn, chartered accountants, of Leeds, Bradford, and London, and from 1884 to present time has practised as a Chartered Accountant in Nottingham; made an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales; has been a member of the Nottingham Sacred Harmonic Society since 1884, and a member of St. Augustine's Choir, New Basford, since 1886; Freemason, Annesley Lodge, 1435. Married, 1877, Alice, daughter of James Horsburgh, of Dundee; member of the Notts County Constitutional Club.

Saywell.Edmund I. Saywell 6a, Wheeler Gate, Nottingham; son of the late Edmund Saywell, lace manufacturer; born at Nottingham, 1860; educated at All Saints', People's College, Notts, and privately. Entered an accountant's office in 1874; commenced to practise on own account in 1885; is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and a member of the Nottingham Society of Chartered Accountants; holds the appointment of Auditor to several important undertakings in the city and district, and is also Secretary of the Nottingham Finance Company (1885); has had, for many years past, a wide and varied experience as an Income Tax Repayment Agent, and his services in that capacity are generally retained in connection with most of the local important appeals; is the originator of a simple and effective system of book-keeping for the medical profession; was for some years a member of the Nottingham Board of Guardians; from 1887 to 1894, acted as Hon. Secretary of the old Notts Commercial Cricket Club, which was established in 1843, and in recognition of his services was (during the club's jubilee year, 1893) presented with a handsome testimonial; also holds several of the club prizes for bowling averages, etc.; founder of, and (for some years) Hon. Secretary to the Notts Cricket Association, and the Notts Cricket League; originator of the annual meeting of the local cricket club secretaries, and a number of other minor matters in connection with local cricket; now devotes his leisure time to angling and the interests of the Wellington Angling Society, a member of which he has been for a very many years; is Hon. Auditor to the Wellington Club, and, a few years ago, was elected a life member in recognition of services rendered in that capacity; holds the gold medal and other valuable prizes from the club for specimen fish caught. Residence: Holly Bank, Park Road, Nottingham.

Winnicott.William Barrett Winnicott, 16, Douglas Road, Lenton Sands, Nottingham; son of John Winnicott, of Plymouth; born at Plymouth, 1862; educated privately, and at the age of twenty-one went to London under an accountant, subsequently being appointed Accountant to Nottingham School Board, which position he held for five years; afterwards Accountant to Wells and Hind for nine years, and then started to practise as an accountant, auditor, stock broker and estate agent in partnership with Mr. J. J. Morris; an Incorporated Accountant, having been admitted after passing the Society's examinations in 1888; a Freemason, member of Annesley Lodge, No. 1435. Married Sara, second daughter of Henry Crossley, cotton manufacturer, late of Burnley, Lancashire.