Entries taken from parish registers

Terrier, dated 1781.
A true and perfect terrier of the Parsonage house and other buildings, Glebe lands, Tithes belonging to the Rectory of Colwick in the Archdeaconry of Nottingham and the Diocese of York this 19th day of June in the year of our Lord 1781 — The Parsonage house, which is built with brick and covered with tile (this had been altered from reading covered with straw), is between 12 and 13 yards in length, and between 11 and 12 in width — it consists of Hall, Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry and Cellar, and above are 4 Chambers and four Garrets. The Parlour is floored with Deal Boards — the other Rooms below stairs with stone and all the Chambers and Garrets with Plaster. Two of the Chambers are papered and all the Copings and other walls are finished with hair and lime.

An outbuilding 23 yards in length and between 4 and 5 in width, built in brick and covered with tile consists of Back Kitchen, Diary, Stable with 4 standings, Barn and Pig sty with Chambers over the whole length of building.

A Garden and yard on the south side of the House, which consists of a Rood of Ground surrounded and divided by Brick walls. There are about 8 acres of Glebe Lands all lying intermixed with Lands belonging to John Musters Esq., and cannot now be properly ascertained. One acre of Pasture Ground in the Cottages.
Close, One acre of Pasture Ground in the Husbandman’s Close, and three Cow Gates or a fifth part of the Upper Pasture.

There is no wood growing on any part of the Glebe. In the churchyard there is a plantation consisting chiefly of Firs and some other kinds of trees — There is a Modus claimed by John Musters Esq., upon the upper Lordship of Colwick for which he pays three pound and four shillings per annum. The Tithes of Corn, Hay and other tithes in the lower Lordship of Colwick belong to the Rector.

Paid out of the Rectory of Colwick to the Rector of Gedling — For


Tythe of

2 acres in the Husbandman’s Close

3 — 4


Tythe of

5 leys in the Cottagers Close 2½ acres

3 — 4


Tythe of

2½ acres in Hanwell Meadow

3 — 0


Tythe of

2 acres in Wadland Meadow

3 — 0


Tythe of

1½ acres and 4 leys in Beardswell

3 — 0


Tythe of

Part of Hanwell Bank

1 — 6


Tythe of

three lands in Egley Croft

1 — 0


Tythe of

the land in the Great Meadow






There is belonging to the Church, one Silver Cup which contains upwards of a pint and one Bell — The body of the Church is repaired by the Parish, the Chancel, Parsonage House and the other buildings by the Rector. The Churchyard fence is usually repaired by John Musters Esq., The Clerk and Sexton is appointed by the Minister and Parishioners and his wages paid by the Parish, by agreement.

W. Thompson.


John Smith
Wm. Swinscoe

Church Wardens

John Smith
Joseph Strelley
John Horsley
John Clarkson


A later entry referring to the Enclosure Acts reads as follows: By an Act of Parliament passed in the year 1787, for the inclosing the Parish of Radcliffe, an acre of land was allotted to the Rector of Colwick, within the said Parish of Colwick, in lieu of an annual payment for the Tithe of some lands supposed about 15 acres, in the Parish of Colwick a considerable part of which now lies on the contrary side o the River Trent, adjoining to, and intermixing with lands in the Parish of Radcliffe, and the Property of different Landowners in the said Parish of Radcliffe.

And this acre of land, in and of about the year 1792, was given to John Musters Esq., in consideration of his exonerating the Rector of Colwick from the annual payment of £2. 5s. 2d. for tithe of lands in the Lordship of Colwick, due to the Rector of Gedling.

This exchange among several others, Mr. Musters was empowered to make by virtue of the Act for inclosing the Parish of Gedling, and the different exchanges were confirmed by the Commissioners for the Inclosures, by their award dated the 22 Day of March, 1796, from which the following is an extract:
“Allotted to the said John Musters Esq., all those several pieces of Meadow Ground then to fore the Property of the Earl of Chesterfield, lying dispersed in the Great Meadow within the Township of Colwick in the County of Nottingham, containing together 4a 2r l3p and also a money payment of three pounds and eight shillings per annum, then to fore pass to the said Earl of Chesterfield by the said John Musters out and from certain lands within the said Township of Colwick.

Also all that Close or Parcel of land then to fore the Property of Charles Pierrepont Esq., called Swans Nest Close situated and being within the liberties of Holmpierrpont and Colwick, or one of them in the said County of Nottingham containing 3a 2r 26p.

And also those Tithes and Ecclesiastical Dues, arising, issuing and payable to the Rector of Gedling and his successors out of and from certain lands and dwelling houses herein after mentioned belonging to the said John Musters within the Township of Colwick in the County of Nottingham that, is to say





. r.



The Dale Field,






Mokes’s Field, 






Upper Field,





Middle Field,





Nether Field,




which five fields are now or then were in the possession of John Jerrom. Also, a Dwelling House, Garden and Homestead containing 1a 0r 26p then in the possession of the said John Jerrom. Also a Dwelling House there in the possession of Widow Strelley, and her son William Strelley. Also a Dwelling house, Garden and Homestead containing 0a 1r 38p, then in the possession of Samuel Parr. Also a Dwelling house, Garden and Homestead containing 36 Perches then in the possession of John Lowater. Also a Dwelling Rouse then in the possession of James Horseley.

Also two acres of lane in Husbandman’s Close. Also five leys of land in Cottages Close, both then in the possession of Elizabeth Swinscoe. Also two acres and two roods of land in Stanwell Meadow then in the possession of Richard Leeson. Also two acres of land in Wadland then in the possession of Widow Strelley and William Strelley. Also one acre and two roods together with four leys of land in Beardswell then in the possession of John Horseley. Also part of Stanwell Bank then in possession of John Jerrom. Also three lands in Egling Croft then in the possession of William Porter and also Part of the Great Meadow then in the possession of Christopher Jowett.

John Musters


W. Thompson


John Jerrom
Wm. Strelley


Christopher Jowett
Samuel Parr
John Clarkson
Samuel Mark Blackney


The Parish Register from which the preceding records have been taken, and which is now kept in the County Records Office, is in quite good condition and nearly all the entries are legible. The first entry is dated 1569 and all baptisms, marriages and burials up to the middle of the 19th Century are contained in this volume. The number of entries in these early years were very few, but they increased in the next lot of registers’ (3 volumes, one for each event) as the village expanded.

From the marriage entries in the early part of the 19th Century, it appears that Colwick Church was popular as a place to get married with special licence, as the majority of the couples came from Nottingham and the surrounding districts and had no connection with the village. The burial records bring back the grim reminder of the terrors of the river Trent, with four entries of unknown persons found drowned, two of them in one year, 1897. These were buried on the north side of the church, away from all the graves of people who had died a normal death.

With the advance of modern times, all the old village family names have now disappeared. Names such as Clarkson, Horseley, Brierly, Ward, Swinscoe, Gray, Strelley, Neale, Machin, Parr and Elnor, which appear regularly in the registers up to the late 1800’s have now gone and the one left is Leeson, which first appears in the terrier of 1796.

As most of the fields have now disappeared with development and so have the
names of them listed in the awards, which were as follows:

Jenkin Platt

Nether Middle Field

Milking Bit

Long Higgins

Round Hill

Far Wadlands

West Field & Pool Meadow

St. Nicholas’s Close

Near Wadlands

Great Parsons Close

Steiners & Holts

Townend Close


Dodson Close


Cow Close

Standhull Bank

Short Hill Close

Near St. Nicholas Close

Nether Field


Great Sour Nobles

Middle Field

Standhill Meadow


Upper Field

Spring Close

Little Parsons Close

Dale Field

Spring Moor

Candle Meadow


Peel’s Moor

Ox Close

Stokes’s Field

Egling Croft

Osier Holt

Green Hill

Atkinsons Hill

Snenton Brick

Hall HilI

Savage’s Birdsall

Harbour Hill

Holding Lea

Hammonds Birdsall

Tea Table Hill

West Moor

Little Colwick Meadow

Mrs. Musters’s Hill

Pasture Close

Great Colwick Meadow

Rabbit Hill

Upper Pasture

Near Shipman Close

Three Hills

Nether Pasture

Far Shipman Close

Little Park Close

Far Parson’s Close


Great Park Close

Pasture Holt

Middle Eastholme

Great Ox Close

Parsons Back Water

South Eastholme

Ladies Field

Cottage Close

Swans Nest & Melon Close

Far Stocking Hill

Shipman Close


Near Stocking Hill

Great Moor

Far Eastholme

Foal Paddock 

Home Close

Eastholme Holt

Nether Crabtree Field

Roger’s Moor

Far Holt

Crabtree Field

Far Moor

Pound Close

Short Hill

Davis’s Moor  

Green Yard

Fox Cover

James’s Moor

Bridge Close

Far Crossland’s Meadow

Near Crossland’s Meadow

Near Pasture Close

Extract taken from YORK RECORDS in 1743 — Visitation returns of the Rector to Archbishop Herring:
“There are ten families in my Parish. There are no Dissenters of any sort.
There is no Licensed or other Meeting house in my Parish. There is not any Public or Charity School, endowed or otherwise maintained in my Parish. There is not in my Parish any Alms-House, Hospital, or other Charitable Endowement.

I do not reside upon my Cure of Colwick, I personally reside on my Cure of Colston Basset and in the Vicarage House there, the Revd Mr. Hutchinson is my Curate. He does not reside at Colwick. He is duly qualified according to the Canons in that behalf. He lives at Nottingham with the Revd. Mr. Chappell, Rector of St. Peter’s. He is not only my Curate but also Mr. Chappell’s assistant. I allow him £25 per annum; Revd Mr. Chappell allows him £15 per annum. Nottingham is not distant from Colwick, about two miles, so that my Curate can conveniently perform all his dates, both in the Church and in the Parish of Colwick. The public service is performed in my Church twice every Lord’s Day. My Curate does catechise in my Church every Sunday during the Solemn Season of Lent. My Parishioners duly send their Children and servants to be Catechised. The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is administered in my Church four times a Year. There are 18 Communicants in my Parish. About nine or ten usually receive. Ten communicated at Easter Last”. — Thomas Rose, Rector.

Chas. Hutchinson is assistant curate, and John Horsley and Wm. Strelley churchwardens.

Extract taken from the Church Council Minute Book of 1885:
"Colwick , April 7th, 1885. At a vestry meeting legally convened and held at the Rectory, present, Mr. Martin, Mr. Clarkson, Mr. G. Neale, Mr. T. Neale, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Slaney, Mr. Johnson Slaney, Mr. Mason.
"Mr. Ely Coates’ resignation (He having been 'requested' on 19th March, 1885, to resign the office of Assistant Overseer of the parish) having been accepted. It is proposed by Mr. Mason and seconded by Mr. Taylor that Mr. Thomas Neale be nominated Assistant Overseer for the ensuring year at a stipend of £15 per an. Carried nem. con.

Proposed by Mr. G. Neale and seconded by Mr. Martin that Mr. H. Mason be re-appointed Parish Churchwarden for the ensuring year.  Car. nem. con.

It is proposed by Mr. Mason and seconded by Mr. Thomas Neale ‘that the Churchwardens shall have the power of spending on the fabric and in the Church any balance remaining of the sum of the fund raised for the formation and enclosure of the additional churchyard. Car. nem. con.”

Henry Alexander
Chairman and Rector.

Extract taken from the Parish Magazine, March 1935, quotes:— “In February, 1935, Mr. Frederick Leeson, the last remaining male link with ‘Old Colwick’, passed away. An entry in the old minute book recalls this fine old gentleman “At a vestry meeting legally convened and held at the Rectory on the 28th day of February, 1884 it was proposed that Fred Leeson was a fit person to be nominated as Constable” and it is believed that be also held the office of “Way Warden”, whatever that was, as well as other offices in the village.

The following extract is taken from Deering’s History:— Copy of a Licence under the Broad—Seal of England bearing date the 8th August the 15th of the reign of King Edward III of England and of France. the 2d to give and assign 30s. Rent, etc., to a Chaplain of Colwyck as an augmentation of his sustenance.

"Edwardus Dei gratia Rex Anglie et Francie et dominus Hibernie nibus ad quos presentes litere pervenerint salutem. Licet de communi consilio regni nostri Anglie stutum sit quod non liceat vires religiosis sen allis ingredi faedum alicujus, ita quod ad manum mortuam deveniat, fine licentia nostra et capitalis domini faedi illius de quo res illa immediate tenetur. Per finem tamen quem dictus nobis Galfridus de Walseleys clericus fecit nobiscum, Concessimus et licentiam dedimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris quantum in nobis est eidem Galfrido quod ipse triginta folidatas redditus cima pertinentibus in Lichfeld dare posit et assignare cuidam cappellano divina singulis diebus in ecclesia de Colewych celebranti ad aumentationem sustentationis sue, habendum et tenendum eidem capellano et successoribus suis capellanis divina ibidem sicut predictum est fingulis diebus celebraturis ad aumentationem sustentationis sue imperpetuum sicut predictum est tenore presentium fimilitier licentiam dedimus specialem Nolentes quod predict. Galfridus vel heredes sui aut prefatus capellanus sen successores sui ratione statuti predicti p. nos vel heredes nostros inde occasionentur in aliquo seu graventur. Salvis tamen testimonium has literas nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste me ipso apud turrim London octavo die Augusti anno regni nostri Anglie. quinto decimo regni vero nostri Francie secundo p. sine sexaginto solid.

Anno 1341