List of Rectors of Colwick

1282/3 (11th Mar.)

Henry de Neutone, Priest — Patron, Sir William de Colewycke

1322/3 (2nd Mar.)

- Roger, son of Richard do Staunton, Priest — Patron, as above

1326 (28th Aug.)

- John de Stanton of Lancaster, Priest — Patron as above
- John de Caton

1348 (3rd Apr.)           

- Phillip, son of John de Colwyk, Clerk, on death of John de Caton — Patron, Sir Thomas de Longvilers, Knight.

1358 (15th Apr.)

- William Mareschall de Stretford, Chaplin, on death of Phillip de Colwyk — Patron, William de Colwyk

1363/4 (8th Mar.)

- William Freman, Chaplin, by exchange of vicarage of Getyndon dio Lincoln (Geddington), with W. Marshall — Patron, Richard de Bevercotes.

1365 (22nd Dec.)

- William Sewale, by exchange of rectory of Little Bondon, dio Lincoln (Little Bowden?), with W. Freman — Patron, as above.

1368 (10th Dec.)

- John Godwyn, Priest, on resignation of W. Sewale — Patron as above. (1380, John Godwyn, parson of the church of Colwick, had pardon of his outlawry for not appearing to render to William de Willesthorpe, John Larke, and Amicia, widow of Robert Barker, the will of the said Robert).


- Robert Poule, Priest, on resignation of J. Godwyn — Patron, Johanna, widow of Sir Richard Biron, Knight.


- John, son of William Maggeson de Estwell, by exchange of rectory of Stilton (Hants) with R. Poule — Patron as above.


- William Henrison, by exchange of vicarage of Wirkesworth (Derbys.), with J. Maggeson — Patron, Master John Southam, Canon of Lincoln, Peter de la Pole, and John Kyghley.


- Thurston Percivall, Chaplain, vacant — Patron, William Bothe, Clerk, Sir Robert Bothe, Knight, and Seth de Worley feoffees of Sir John Byron, Knight.
- Richard Pendilton.

1487/8 (12th Feb.)

- John Holme, on death of R. Pendilton — Patron, Sir John Byron, Knight.


- William (Alrede) (surname not given in register), Priest, on death of J. Holme — Patron, Dame Alicia Byron.

1519/20 (30th Jan.)

- William Martyne, Priest, on death of W. Alrede — Patron, Dame Johanna Clifton, widow, John Biron. Still rector in 1535.

1558/9 (20th Feb.)

- Christopher Sinderby, on death of last incumbent, no patron given. (Probably identical with C. Sinderby, last chantry priest of Tideswell, who was pensioned).


- Oliver Heywode, Priest, on death of last incumbent — Patron, Sir John Byron, Knight, Vicar of St. Mary’s, Nottingham from 1554—69. (Oliver Heywode was ejected as vicar of Colwick for contumacy as to the observance of the Protestant Injunctions)

1569 (17th Jun.)

- John Chetham, on deprivation of O. Heywode — Patron, Sir John Byron.

1569 (Nov.)

- William Aldridge, on death of J. Chetham — Patron as above. Possibly vicar of Ruddington, 1572/3. Buried 11 Dec., 1627. (1616, William Aldridge, was indicted for the wrongful dismissal of a servant)

1627/8 (15th Mar.)

- Robert Theobalds, on death of W. Aldridge — Patron, Sir John Byron, K.B. Cambridge M.A., Scholar from Westminster, Deacon and Priest, Master of Nottingham Free School, 1616 — 27. Buried 23 June 1643.

By 1650

- Isaac Abraham. Probably Cambridge B.A. Priest 1624 Samuel Coates, member Nottingham Presbyter Classic, 1656. Buried 27 Oct. 1659, at St. Mary’s, Nottingham.

1662 (26th Mar.)

- Charles Parry — Patron, John Musters. A “Frenchman” called to preach at Stanton—on—the—Wolds, ordained by Nottingham Presbyter Classic, 15th July 1659. Priest 24 July 1660, by Bishop Chichester. Curate Adbolton, 1663—80. Buried 2 Sept., 1680 in tire Chancel of Old Colwick Church, his son and wife were also buried in the chancel.

1680 (20th Dec.)

- John Stokes, on death of C. Parry — Patron, John Musters. MA. possibly Oxford. Deacon 1679, Priest 1680, Rector of West Bridgford, 1717—23. Buried 25 Feb 1723.

1723 (4th Oct.)           

-Thomas Rose, on death of J. Stokes — Patron, Mundy Musters, Son of Richard Rose, Clerk, of Derby. Cambridge M.A., Deacor. 1714, Priest 1717. Vicar of Colston Basset 1721—64 Rector of West Bridgford 1749—64. Buried there 16 Mar 1764

1749 (8th Nov.)

- John Gage, on cession of T. Rose — Patron as above. Son of John Gage, of Bentley, Sussex. Born 1711, Cambridge M.A. Deacon and Priest 1738, Vicar of Rowston 1760, Rector of West Bridgford 1764—70. Drowned in River Trent 14 Jan 1770. Buried at S. Nicholas, Nottingham.

1770 (12th Mar.)

- William Thompson, on death of J. Gage — Patron, John Musters Deacon 1764, Priest 1766, Curate of Colwick 1768—70. Rector of West Bridgford 1770—1803. J.P. Notts. 1793—1803. Died 4th May 1803, aged 61. Memorial on wall of ruined Old Church.

1803 (27th Oct.)

- Peter Thoroton, on death of W. Thompson — Patron as above. Born 1763. Cambridge L.L.B. Deacon 1768, Priest 1787, Rector of Screveton 1788—1801. Ashby with Oby and Thirne 1800—3, West Bridgford 1803—17, Prebend of Wolverhampton. Died 15 Nov 1817, at Ramsgate, Buried there.

1818 (30th Jan)

- Levett Edward Thoroton, on death of P. Thoroton — Patron as above. Son of Thomas Tboroton of Screveton. Born 8 Sept 1789. Cambridge B.A., Rector of Ingoldmells 1815—17, West Bridgford 1818—31, Rowley 1831—52. Died at Brighton 1852.

1834 (1st Mar.)

- William (Musters Chaworth) Musters, on cession of L. E. Thoroton Patron, as above. Son of John Musters, of Annesley. Oxford B.A. Deacon 1833, Played cricket for Notts. Died 16 Oct 1870 in Scotland. Buried in Old Church Yard.

1860 (21st May)

- William James Mellor, on resignation of W.M.C. Musters — Patron, John Chaworth Musters, of Annesley, Son of Major James Mellor of Madras, India, Cambridge B.A., Deacon 1857, Priest 1858, Vicar Rodmersham 1874—96. Died 4 Dec 1899, in London.

1874 (4th Dec.)

- Henry Alexander, on cession of W. J. Mellor — Patron, as above. Cambridge, no degree, Deacon 1852, Priest 1853, Chaplain R.N. 1854—9, Vicar Shelford 1859—74, Died 24 July 1896, aged 70.

1896 (1st Dec.)

- Henry Thicket, on death of H. Alexander — Patron, Horatio David Davies of Wateringbury Place, Kent. Son of Edward Thicket of 4uadring. Born 13 Aug 1846. Cambridge M.A., Deacon 1871, Priest 1872, Died 15 Mar 1902.

1902 (29th Jul)

- William Bannington Curran, on death of H. Ducket — Patron, Sir H. D. Davies, K.C.M.G., M.P. Born 11 June 1838, Kingston, Ontario. IL.A., Deacon 1861, Priest 1862, Incumbent Montreal 1864—99,    Canon Niagara 1878—99, Chaplain Algiers 1899—1902. Died Sept. 15 1908.

1860 (21st May)

- Walter Sidney Hildesley, on death of W. B. Curran — Patron as above. Deacon 1885, Priest 1888, Curate and Incumbent, Scotland 1886-99, Prominent Freemason. Died 5 May 1943, aged 81. Buried in Old Church Yard. His wife also buried there.

1943 –1946

- No Rector.

1946 (2nd April)

- William T. P. Wheeler, on death of W. S. Hildesley — Patron, Trustees of above, Perpetual Curate, New Basford 1950-2.


- Albert Edward Lewis, on cession of W. T. P. Wheeler — Patron, Trustees of above, Rector Bestwood Park, 1952.


- George Henry Firth, on cession of A. E. Lewis — Patron, Trustees of above, Deacon and Priest 1942, Vicar Ault Hucknall 1945-6, Perpetual Curate, Feamille 1946-9, Resigned 15 Feb 1955.


- Jack Hodgett Gibson, Priest-in-charge. Vicar of St. George’s, Netherfield. Previously Rector at Sneinton, and Annesley Woodhouse. Resigned from Netherfield for Keyworth in 1961. Retired from there in 1968 or 1969.


- Eric W. Veal, Priest-in-charge, Vicar of St. George’s, Netherfield, Vicar of Westminster, Colorado, U.S.A. for 13 years until 1961, Resigned for Englewood, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. in September 1968.


- No Rector, the Parish under the charge of Canon C.H.B. Watson, Gedling. Services taken by visiting Priests.

1969 (12th Oct)

- Charles E. Jones, B.Sc., of St. John’s, Oakdale Road, appointed Priest-in-charge. Rev. Peter J. Harrison, appointed as resident curate in Dec. 1969.