WE believe that the present volume, constructed on a totally new plan, will commend itself, not only to visitors, but also to residents in the district, placing before the reader, as it does, the different subjects in separate and complete sections.

It has been very carefully prepared by a well-known Nottingham resident—who is much interested in the development of his own city—and edited by Lemmon Lingwood, whose Handbooks to "Colchester," "Felixstowe, "Yarmouth," and "Cromer," enjoy a large and ready sale.

The Street Map is the work of Mr. T. W. Javan, and is thoroughly up-to-date.

By the kind permission of Mr. Jesse Boot, Managing Director of Boots Cash Chemists, we are able to reproduce several of his copyright views of the district.

The Publishers also beg to acknowledge their indebtedness to the many gentlemen who have assisted them in various ways in bringing the publication of this Handbook to a successful issue.