THIS booklet ought rightly to he dedicated to the memory of Mr. Nevil Truman. He was at work upon it at the time of his death. Had he lived to complete it, it would have been a more authoritative and worthy contribution to the Quincentenary Celebrations of the granting of the Borough Charter to Nottingham. Steeped as he was in Nottingham life, and with a natural sense for the historical and for the aesthetic in buildings and worship, he was ideally suited to write about Nottingham churches and the part they have played during 500 years. He had written notes on about two-thirds of the churches, and I have kept to his original type-script wherever possible.

I have to claim authorship of the Introduction. For my own knowledge of Nottingham's streets and buildings, I am wholly indebted to Mr. J. Holland Walker's two books: Nottingham Past and Present and Links with Old Nottingham (written at the time of the granting of the Charter of the first Lord Mayor of Nottingham in 1928).

St. John's Vicarage, Worksop.
May, 1949.