IN compiling this booklet an attempt has been made to avoid as far as possible technical terms and uninteresting matter, and to present the whole in a form interesting and readable to the  average  person. In a booklet of such small size it has only been possible to incorporate a relatively small amount of all the available material and illustrations; especially is this so in the case of the Extracts from the Parish Registers.

The Compilers wish most gratefully to acknowledge their thanks to that well-known authority, Mr. T. M. Blagg, F.S.A., for the loan of many valuable MSS notes and for his help with suggestions and constructive criticism; to Mr. W. A. James for many important data from the Southwell Records, etc., on the Ecclesiastical History of the Church; to the Thoroton Society for permission to make use of the description from their Records of the architecture of the Church by the late Rev. A. F. M. Baylay; to Mr. G. A. Matterson, of Derby, for the loan for reproduction of the original water-colour sketch by J. Digby Curtis, and to the many others who, by giving facilities and encouragement, have made the compiling of the booklet a pleasure.

April,  1931.

E.H.S.L., Rolleston Vicarage.
E.B.F., Fiskerton House.