WITH the incursions of rail and tram ways into Nottingham and the progressive spirit of the citizens, many buildings and streets, having peculiar interest to Nottingham people, have come into the despoilers' hands and are no more. In a very short time what was once a familiar object becomes but a dim recollection; the Publisher has, therefore, great pleasure in reproducing these pictures of bygone Nottingham, feeling sure that they will give pleasure and refresh the memory of old associations.

However one may lament the disappearance of some of these links with the past, it is only fitting in a work of this character to recognise that their removal became necessary owing to the business ability of our leading merchants and traders, and consequent expansion of their businesses.

Nottingham may fairly claim a large amount of pride in the way her sons have piloted their businesses to such large dimensions, that a brief resume of a few repre­sentative firms cannot fail to be of general interest; it is therefore in the "natural order of things" that with "Nottingham Past" representative businesses should be incorporated with "Nottingham Present."

Mr. Walter Briscoe is responsible for the facts of "Nottingham Past."

Walter H. Haubitz,
Lincoln Street. 1902.