IN all the windows the lights are numbered from left to right.

THE CHANCEL. The East Window.

Chief lights. 1. The Nativity.
  2. The Agony in the Garden.
  3. The Crucifixion.
  4. The Resurrection.
  5. The Day of Pentecost.
Lower lights. 1. The Meeting of Mary and Elizabeth.
  2. Judas bargaining with the Chief Priests.
  3. The Entombment.
  4. The appearance to St. Mary Magdalene.
  5. Our Lord charging St. Peter to feed His sheep.

Above the four side lights are the Evangelists. In the tracery is Our Lord in Glory, the angel Gabriel, the Blessed Virgin, and the Company of Angels.

On a stone in the north side of the Chancel is the inscription:—
"To the Glory of God, the Centre Light of the East Window is a tribute of many friends, In Memory of Ellen Marion, wife of Hawksley Hall, who departed to her rest the nth day of March, a.d. 1855. The whole was completed a.d. 1874 by Thomas Cottam, John Holmes, John Smith, Francis White, Justices of the Peace of this Borough 1874."
The middle light is by O'Connor, the others by Clayton & Bell.
The South Sanctuary Window is by Wailes, of Newcastle, and represents the Last Supper.

"Given for the Glory of God, in memory of Rev. Thomas Francis Beckwith, B.D., Vicar of this parish from a.d. 1821 to a.d. 1853. Died March 16th, 1853; also Anne Sutton his wife, died May 12th, 1836—by Ellen Mary Beckwith, their daughter, a.d. 1858."

The North Sanctuary Window, by Wailes.
1. Return of the Prodigal.
2. Christ in the Temple disputing
with the doctors.
3. Christ blessing a little child.

"Given for the Glory of God, in memory of Thomas Francis Beckwith, born a.d. 1823, died a.d. 1845; also of Vavasour George Beckwith, born a.d. 1829, died a.d. 1839; and Edward Beckwith, born a.d. 1825, died a.d. 1826—by their sister Ellen Mary Beckwith, a.d,  1858."

The Window facing Chantry, by Evans, of Shrewsbury, representing the Epiphany.

"To the Glory of God, and to commemorate the ministrations as a curate of this Parish, of the Rev. W. A. Plumtree, M.A., who left us to go out to India as a Missionary to the heathen, A.D. MDCCCLVIII."

The South Window, by Kempe, in memory of the Sherwood Rangers who fell in the South African War.

Lower lights. 1. St. Alban.
  2. St. Oswald.
  3. St. Michael.
  4. St. Hugh of Lincoln.
  5. Emperor Charlemagne.
Upper lights. 1. St. Edward the Confessor.
  2. St. Cuthbert.
  3. St. George and the Dragon.
  4. St. Martin.
  5. St. Edmund.

The arms of the Borough (two falcons) and of the Sherwood Rangers (a hunting horn) are in the tracery.
The South-East Window, by Wailes.

Two lights. 1. The Israelites carrying Joseph's
  bones out of Egypt.
  2. The ascent of Lazarus into
  Abraham's bosom.

"In memory of Francis Thornhagh Foljambe." Mr. Foljambe died May 25th, 847, at Pau, France, aged 42.

The North-East Window, by Hardman, represents the Te Deum, with the various companies of Saints and Angels worshipping the Central Christ. There are 79 figures.
Inscription:— "In affectionate remembrance of John Mee, for 57 years an inhabitant of this Parish, born May 31st, 1783; died May 24th,  1866."
The West Window contains fragments of old glass collected from plumber's waste by Mr. Wilmshurst in 1862. There are pieces from St. Martin's at Canterbury, from a Monastery in Normandy, from Tickhill, and from other places.

The West Window also contains fragments of old glass put together by Mr. Wilmshurst.

There is a single light window in the north wall, by Burlisson & Grills, representing St. Swithun. In the lower panel is the Cathedral at Winchester with St. Swithun attended by acolytes.

Inscription:— "In memory of T. H. Bachelder, MDCCCLXXII."

The windows  are  numbered  from  east  to west.
1.—The Good Shepherd.
"To the Glory of God, in memory of Ann Rawlinson, formerly of this town, who died at The Cedars, Hammersmith, Feb. 11th, 1867. This window is inserted by several former pupils and friends as a tribute of esteem and affection to departed worth."
Miss Rawlinson was Principal of a girls'
school which occupied the site of the present
Town Hall.
2.—By O'Connor, and others.
Middle light. The Baptism of Our Lord.
Right light. Miracle at Cana—Agnus Dei—Letting down the sick man through the roof.
Left light. The Birth, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Our Lord.
"To the Glory of God. Richard Oliver Barber, died May 29th, 1866, aged 41 years."
3.—The Transfiguration, by Clayton & Bell.
Inscription:— "In memory of Elizabeth, wife of William Newton, born 29th May, 1808, died 27th January, 1880—Erected by her devoted husband, who was many years Town Clerk of East Retford, and their loving daughters."
4.—By Wailes.
Middle light. The Ascension; under it, the raising to life of the little maid.
Inscription:— "Erected by Henry and Mary Gyles in loving memory of their children, William Henry born 4th Feb., 1843, died 9th Apr., 1843; Elizabeth born 20th Oct., 1850, died 21st May, 1854; Sarah born 28th Dec, 1857, died 21st March, 1858; Elizabeth Ann born 10th June, 1855, died 25th Jan., 1859; Mary born 11th Feb., 1853, died 19th Oct., 1868."
Left light. The Angels appearing to the Shepherds; underneath, Christ healing the sick.
Inscription:— "In memory of Henry Gyles, senior, b. Oct. 31st, 1821, d. Dec. 26th,  1886; also of Mary Gyles, wife of the above, b. Dec. 11, 1818, d. Aug. 11th, 1888."
Right light. The entry of Christ into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; underneath, Christ preaching.
"In memory of Henry Gyles, junior, b. Aug. 5th,
1844, died March 15th, 1873."
5.—The Holy Family at Nazareth, by
"To the Glory of God, and in pious memory of Francis White, b. Dec. 12th, 1776, d. Dec. 11th, 1859; and of Mary Ann, his wife, b. June 25th, 1792, d. Oct. 14th, 1855. This window is erected by their seven surviving children."

The Baptistry Window, by Kempe. Middle light. The Baptism of Our Lord.
Two left lights. The Presentation in the Temple. Two right lights. Jesus  with   the   Doctors  in   the
Temple. Above. David, Zechariah, Isaiah, Malachi.
"To the Glory of God, and in memory of Worthington Thomas Gylby, formerly a solicitor of this town, who departed this life 7th April, 1877, aged 61; and of Jane Elizabeth, his only child, who fell asleep 6th Oct., 1862, in the 15th year of her age. R.I.P."

The Great West Window, by Clayton and Bell.

Upper lights. 1. David.
  2. Isaiah.
  3. Our Lord.
  4. Daniel.
  5. Malachi.
Lower lights. 1. Abel.
  2. Noah.
  3. Melchizedec.
  4. Abraham.
  5. Moses.

THE WEST WINDOW OF THE NORTH AISLE, said to be by O'Connor, represents Our Lord healing the blind, the lame, the dumb, the leper, and the raising of Lazarus.

THE NORTH AISLE. The windows are numbered from west to east.
1.—The Last Supper, by O'Connor.
Inscription :
"To the Glory of God, and in memory of John Uttley, who died July 8th, 1838, aged 54; Sarah, his wife, who died June 13th, 1851, aged 62;Susannah, their daughter, died September 19th, 1818, aged 7; and of three sons. Erected by George, son of John and Sarah Uttley."
2.—Tracery light over blank entrance, by Drury, of Sheffield, presented by Mr. Wilmshurst.
3.—By Clayton & Bell.
Middle light. Simeon with Jesus.
Right light. Anna.
Left light. The Virgin and St. Joseph with the doves.
"To the Glory of God, and in loving memory of William Newton, 44 years Town Clerk of East Retford, who died in London 16th June, 1885, aged 85 years. This window is dedicated by his three surviving daughters."
4.—The Sermon on the Mount, by Clayton
and Bell.
"In memory of John Holmes, born Jan. 15th, 1809, died June 10th,  1873."