Veterinary Surgeons

Cockburn.Robert Cockburn, M.R.C.V.S., The Hollies, Nottingham Road, Eastwood; son of the late Robert Cockburn, of Galashiels, Scotland; born, 1852, and educated in Scotland; entered the Veterinary College, 1879, and passed his examination for M.R.C.V.S., 1882. For a while was with Mr. Hutton, of Kelso, Scotland, and subsequently for a year and a half at Chichester; seventeen years ago he purchased the practice of Mr. Rossell, at Eastwood, and has continued the same up to the present time, his connection extending largely over the county. Married, in 1889, Annie Elizabeth, daughter of the late Robert Bowes, of Langley Mills.

Gibbings.Frank Henson Gibbings, F.R.C.V.S.. Black Boy Hotel, Nottingham; son of Henry Gibbings; born at North Tawton, Devon, March 20th, 1855; educated at North Tawton and Dawlish, and at the Royal Veterinary College, London; F.R.C.V.S., F.V.M.A. Veterinary Inspector to the Royal Agricultural Society; Veterinary Inspector, Hackney Show, London, 1892; Lecturer, Notts County Council, 1892. Club: Borough, Nottingham.

Gresham.Robert Brayley Gresham, 13, Castle Gate, Newark-on-Trent; son of the late Richard Gresham, of Newark; born at Nottingham, 1832; educated at Magnus Grammar School under Dr. Cook, headmaster. Veterinary surgeon; articled to the late James Reynolds, M..R.C.V.S., his step-father, at Newark; registered V.S. in 1853, and afterwards succeeded to Mr. Reynolds' practice. Married, June 27th, 1864, Sara, daughter of George Boulton Hipgrave, of Dover, Kent.

Littler.Samuel Littler, M..R.C.V.S., Appleton Gate, Newark; son of Robert Littler, M..R.C.V.S., of Long Clawson, Leicestershire; born at Long Clawson, 1850; educated at Grantham Grammar School and Dicks Royal Veterinary College, Edinburgh, 1869-71. Established a practice in Newark in 1875; Veterinary Inspector to the Notts County Council for the Newark division; Veterinary Surgeon to the Newark Horsekeeper's Company, Ltd., which was formed under his auspices in 1880 as a club, and formed into a limited liability company in 1897. Married, in 1877, Sarah, daughter of Isaac Barratt, of Victoria, Australia.

Littler.Robert Barratt Littler, M.R.C.V.S., Appleton Gate, Newark; son of Samuel Littler, M.R.C.V.S.; born at Newark, December, 1878; educated under the Rev. T. C. Ewbank, Hatton House, Newark; won the Notts County Council Scholarship for 1894, and entered Nottingham University, from thence to Dick's College, Edinburgh, 1896-1900; medallist for anatomy, zoology and practical chemistry; gold medallist for chemistry and silver medallist for botany, 1896-97; gold medal for senior anatomy, bronze medal for histology, gold medal for physiology, 1897-98; gold medal for pathology, silver medal for hygiene and for materia medica, 1898-99; silver medal clinic, gold medal veterinary medicine, and bronze medal, obstetrics, 1900; winner of the McFarlaine silver medal for best aggregate of marks in whole examination, and silver medallist for best essay on "Prophylaxis," and for a communication read before the Students' Association; winner of the £20 Bursary. Mr. R. B. Littler represents the fourth generation of his family as veterinary surgeons.

Procter.Harrison Procter, M.R.C.V.S., 9, King's Road, Newark; son of Harrison Procter, druggist, of Scarborough; born at Scarborough, June 5th, 1831; educated at Barnard Castle. Articled to Drs. Benning and Slader, of Barnard Castle, it being customary in those days with students intending to become veterinary surgeons to be articled to medical practitioners; became assistant to Dr. Cooper, of Soho, London; entered the Royal Veterinary College in 1853; admitted M.R.C.V.S. in May, 1855, among his examiners being Professor Brand, and Richard Quain, the great anatomist; practised at Barnard Castle, 1855-57, being the first M.R.C.V.S. to practise in the town; later, from 1857 to 1875, was head Veterinary Inspector for the county of Herts under the Cattle Diseases Acts; had a great deal of work in connection with the cattle plague of 1866. Purchased the practice of the late Mr. W. Cope, M.R.C.V.S., at Newark, in 1875; Veterinary Inspector for Newark Borough under the Contagious Diseases' Act, since 1875; Inspector to the Urban District Council under the Diseases Prevention Act since 1894; Veterinary Surgeon to the Newark Agricultural Society since 1875; wrote and defended an essay on the "Functions of the Lungs and Pneumonia in the Horse" for the 1854-55 session of the Veterinary Medical Association, for which he was presented with a specially engraved medallion and the thanks of the association. Married, in 1859, Margaret, daughter of Mr. Richard Nicholson, of Archway Road, London, and has issue one son and four daughters.