Acton.Frederick Acton, J.P., The Elms, Nottingham and Seacroft, Lincolnshire; son of the late James Acton, formerly of Elm Avenue, Nottingham; born September 20th, 1845, at Nottingham; educated at Willoughby House School. Solicitor; admitted 1871; senior partner in the firm of Acton and Marriott, King Street; an active member of the Board of the Nottingham General Hospital, and took a leading part in the organisation of the people's fund raised for that institution in the Jubilee year; was sixteen years a member of the City Council, and eleven of them an Alderman, but not re-elected on account of his energetic action as a Liberal Unionist in opposition to the Liberal majority of the Corporation; Sheriff of the city, 1879-80; a Justice of the Peace for the city; Chairman of the Nottingham Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Nottingham Law Society; member of the Reform Club, London, and of the Notts Club: a keen shot, and fond of golfing. Married Frances, daughter of Simeon Woodhouse, of Mapperley, Notts.

Alcock.John Edward Alcock, The Park, Mansfield; son of Robert Alcock, J.P.; born at Mansfield, June 15th, 1861; educated at Grove House School, Mansfield, and Grove Park School, Wrexham. Solicitor; Town Councillor; Member of Hospital Monthly Board; Liberal Election and Registration Agent; Clerk to Brunt's Charity, Mansfield Woodhouse Urban District Council, and School Board. Married Margaret, daughter of Rev. Thomas Hodson, Bangalore, India.

Barlow.Arthur Barlow, Colville House, Colville Street, Nottingham; son of the late Edward Barlow, of Walford Villa, Clarendon Street; born October 6th, 1858; educated at the Nottingham High School; silver medallist, 1874. Articled to Frederick Acton in 1875, and admitted solicitor, October, 1880; has been Secretary of the Nottingham Incorporated Law Society since 1888. Married, October 4th, 1882, Margaret, daughter of the late John Farmer; an active Freemason; P.M. of the Nottinghamshire Lodge (1434), Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer (Nottingham). Club: Nottingham Borough.

Beevor.Henry Beevor, Newark, eldest son of John Grosvenor Beevor, J.P., of Barnby Moor, Retford; born at Sutton-on-Trent, 1873; educated at Cheltenham College, 1886-90. Articled to Messrs. Lucas, Hutchinson and Meek, solicitors, Darlington; admitted a solicitor, 1897; gazetted to the Sherwood Rangers Imperial Yeomanry, May, 1901. Club: Grosvenor, London.

Bescoby.—Alderman Thomas Bescoby, J.P., Ordsall Lodge, East Retford; son of Stephen Bescoby, of Retford; born at East Retford, October 31st, 1841; educated in Retford at a private school, his tutor being James Lloyd who was formerly tutor in the family of the Rev. Charles Hodge, a clergyman drowned in the wreck of the "Royal Charter." Was Mayor of the borough of Retford, 1890-91; is now an Alderman and Justice of the Peace of that borough; senior partner in the firm of Bescoby and Williamson, solicitors, Retford; is a well known advocate in the local courts of the midland counties; has at all times taken an active part in the local institutions of his native borough. Married Sarah Anne, the only daughter of Mr. Councillor George Padley.

Bottrill.William Evans Bottrill, M.A., LL.D., 40, Addison Street, Nottingham; son of William Bottrill, of Adelaide, South Australia; born at Welford, Northamptonshire; M.A. and LL.D., of Trinity College, Dublin. Solicitor; commissioner for oaths, and Advocate in local courts; called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in 1883, but ceased to be a barrister in 1889 in order to become a solicitor; has travelled in Europe, the United States, and Australia; had a narrow escape from a burning ship in mid-ocean; is an enthusiastic cyclist, and has made tours through France, Switzerland, and Italy across the Alps; Secretary of the Nottingham and Notts Liberal Unionist Association; contested Meadows Ward in 1895, and Bridge Ward in 1897, for a seat on Nottingham City Council.

Carter.Hanwell Holmes Carter, 437, Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham; son of William Brown Carter, lace merchant; born at Nottingham, September 24th, 1832; educated at Wesley College, Sheffield. Solicitor; articled to Mr. Charles Harrison Clarke, and admitted, Trinity term, 1854; commenced to practise the same year; Clerk to the Nottingham General Cemetery Company; elected President of the Nottingham Incorporated Law Society, 1899; and a member of the Council of the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom for 1899-1900.

Charles.William Augustus Charles, Holly Road, Retford; youngest son of William Augustus Charles, late of Steel Bank, Sheffield; born at Steel Bank, Sheffield, February 6th, 1863; educated at Leighton House, Hornsey, London, and Broombank House, Sheffield. Solicitor and commissioner for oaths; articled to Henry Tudor Fernell, of Sheffield, in 1879; admitted January, 1885; late member of the Retford Town Council; Prosecuting Solicitor to various public bodies in the county; established practice in Retford fourteen years ago, and twelve months ago took into partnership Mr. Percival Terry, M.A. Oxon. (the son of John Nettleton Terry, of Mirfield); Past Master of the Vernon Lodge, Retford, 1802; Past Grand Sword Bearer, Provincial Grand Lodge, Nottinghamshire, and member of other lodges in Notts and West Yorkshire; one of the leading advocates of the district. Married Augusta Mary Birks, of Hanover Villa, Sheffield, December 10th, 1885. Member of the Worksop Club.

Colton.Michael Herbert Colton, Brooklands, North Collingham, Newark, Nottinghamshire: son of the late Michael Colton, of South Scarle Hall, Nottinghamshire: born at North Collingham, 1865; member of an old Nottinghamshire family and landowners in the county; educated at King Edward's School, Bromsgrove. Senior partner in the firm of Colton and Franks, solicitors, of Newark and Collingham; articled to Messrs. Wells and Hind (Jesse Hind, Esq.), solicitors, Nottingham, and spent his last year with their agents, Messrs. Torr and Co., Bedford Row, London; admitted 1891; on the death of Lieut.-Col. Newton, of Newark, was appointed to the following public appointments: Clerk to the Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, School Attendance Committee, Newark and Claypole Rural District Councils; is Superintendent Registrar. Married Minnie Jane, daughter of John Hutchinson, of Newark, 1893, and has issue Michael Herbert Edmonds, Dorothy Edmonds, and Stanley Edmonds; it is remarkable that for 200 years there has never, till the birth of Mr. Colton's daughter Dorothy, been a girl in the family.

Crewdson.Henry Crewdson, Holme Dale, The Park, Nottingham; youngest son of the late George Braithwaite Crewdson, of Windermere, banker and partner in the old family bank of Wakefield, Crewdson and Company, Kendal, established 1788; born at Kendal. Member of the firm of Watson, Wadsworth and Ward, of Nottingham; previously member of the firm of Henry Brittan, Press, Inskip and Crewdson, of Bristol; joined his present firm in 1890, shortly after the death of the late Mr. John Watson. Fond of music, to which he devotes much of his leisure time; a vocalist himself of considerable attainments. Married, in 1882, Margaret Croom, second daughter of Alexander Andrew Ferguson, J.P., of Argyllshire and Glasgow, and has issue one son and two daughters.