This small book is an attempt to tell in a concise and simple way the story of this old parish. It must not therefore be judged in comparison with greater works like that of John T. Godfrey, to whose book the reader is referred for further information. The history of the parish is brought up-to-date without any attempt at being scientific. The enjoyable task of compiling this little work has been increased by the warm interest and valuable help of many friends too numerous to name.

Special mention should be made, however, of Mr. Reg. T. Meakin, who has made the drawings for the book and given much valuable help in other ways. Thanks are also due to the Thoroton Society, for permission to use their Library.

Great difficulty has been experienced in deciding what to omit and what to include. So much interesting matter was available, that it was necessary, in order to adhere to the plan of compiling a short account, to keep more or less closely to specifically ecclesiastical matters.

The Books referred to, among others, include: The History of the Parish and Priory of Lenton, by John T. Godfrey; Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 1916; History of Notts., by Dr. Thoroton; Bygone Notts., by Wm. Stevenson; History of the Antiquities of Nottm., by Rev. James Orange; Highways and Byways of Nottinghamshire; the following by Robt. Mellors : In and About Notts.; Old Notts. Suburbs; Notts. Villages; Dugdale's Monasticon; Stretton MSS; Storre MSS.

E. D. G.

Advent, 1930.