Nottingham Castle in the XV century.
Nottingham Castle in the XV century.

Of the History of Nottingham Castle, much has been written in days gone by. Leland, the antiquary to the King (Henry VIII) who visited the town in 1540,—Camden in Elizabeth's reign,—Thoroton and Mrs. Hutchinson in the time of the Commonwealth,—Deering in 1751,—Blackner in 1815,— the late T. C. Hine in 1876,—and a number of other writers have each told the story in their own way.

It is not likely that any further archaeological discoveries of importance can now be made, and it may be assumed that we know all that can be known concerning this interesting place*. No attempt has been made in the following pages to throw any new light upon the subject, but simply to compare what has already been written, in order to give to the visitor a very brief and simple account of the Castle and its chief historical associations.


February, 1904.