List of Rectors of Linby (Torre MSS and other sources)

1105 John, King's Chaplain.  
Patron: Prior of Lenton. 1569 Joh. Chambers.
pre 1213 Radulphus. (resigned).
1252 Magister  de  Steinford. Patron. Robt. Strelley
Lenton. armisger.
pre-1267 Sir John, King's Chap- 1575 Edw. Holt (Holse).
lain. Patron: John Byron
1267 Will Wythan (Wiham). armisger.
Lenton. (V. Hucknall. 1572).
1268 Ric. de London. 1593 Thomas Thornley.
1286 Michael,    dictus     Nor- (C Papplewick).
mannus.               Lenton. Edw.    Helton.  Probably
1336 William Veysair of Holte.
Leeds exch. with Zacharias, Hophanie or
1339 Ric. de Grymeston Zephonius Saunders.
exch. with 1604 Lach.  (Zeph.)  Sanders.
Patron: 1336-1378 Patron: John Byron,
Edward III. mil.
1353 John de Hemyrgburgh. 1624 Zacharias Eastwood,
Lemon. probably Saunders who
exch. with John de was still B. Linby, 1628
Sekyndon. (d).
1376 Rad. de Tutbury. (prob. 1632 Ric. Meires.  (d).
Richard) .  Lenton. 1650 Richard Walker.
exch. with John Leighton
1378 John de Sileby. Lenton (silenced).    Presbyter
(by exchange pre 1671 Will. Seddon. d. 1684
Will. Vale. (C. Hucknall. 1665-1678)
(resigned for 1692 John Wheely
Belchesford) (Wheedy).
Thos. Incham (Ingham) Patron   1689:   Lord
(resigned for Saxby). Rochdale.
1418 Will. Parrington. 1698 Thomas Martyn.
Patron  1404  Archbp.  of 1723 Andrew Matthews.
York by lapse. Patron: Wm. Stanhope.
Patron: Prior of Lenton. (V.   Hucknall,    Nuttall.
1424 Tho. Blythe Annesley) .
1443 Robert Smytfie. 1729 John Abson.
(dismissed). 1760 Robert Stanley.
1447 John Stubber. Patron 1762 Lord
(resigned). Montagu.
1460 Will Temple 1796 Thomas Hurt.
(resigned). 1798 Thomas Hurt, jun.
1462 Robert Breban V. Scrooby   and   Sucton
(Braban) (d) cum Lound in plurality.
1466 Ric. Bonay 1853 John  Lawrence Prior.
(resigned). (1855 Union of
1467 Joh. Verdon Benefices).
(resigned) 1876 William Charles
1477 Gilbert Cowper Weddall.
(resigned). 1913 Arthur Berkeley Reid.
1481 Joh. Tildesley (died.) 1941 Leslie Illingworth
1505 Tho. Morland (d). Butler.
1518 Johannis Verdun. Patron C. W. Chadburn.
1533 Tho. Canwell (Dunwell).  

The Church chest

The most important documents in the Church Chest are the Registers, which in the case of Papplewick begin in 1661; and in the case of Linby, 1692.

There are several other documents of interest, including the Will of Richard Shaw of Papplewick (1653), and old Terriers showing the value of both parishes before the union. The earliest is a copy of the 1714 Terrier of Linby and an original of 1743. The Papplewick Terriers begin in 1770, and the others are dated 1777, 1781, 1786 and 1817.

A copy of an old map, plan by Tobias Wildboar, 1692, and copied by H.H. in 1801, shewing A plott of the Lordship of Lynby belonging to the Rt. Worshipful Sir William Stanhope, has been spoilt bv careless "restoration."

There are copies of the Rates Assessment for Linby in 1802, where a levy of one shilling in the pound raised £84/3/9, and the figure for 1830 shews the levy raised £72/19/7½d. For Papplewick the levy in 1812 raised £46/14/5½d., and the rate there in 1844 was 2½d. in the pound.

A return of population etc. for 1902 gives the number of inhabited houses in the united parishes as 128, with a population of 684.

There is also the usual collection of old marriage licences, mortgages, a deed of gift of land, and sundry maps relating to tithe.

The Assessment Books are interesting as recording old families, and also as a mine of information regarding the fascinating study of local Field Names, a list of which will be found elsewhere.

The Churchwardens' Books contain much of interest and extracts will be found in later pages.

Extracts from Linby parish registers

1698. Mr. Jn. Wheetly of Birne preached.
1698. Memorandum that William Lord Byron died November 13th about halfe an hour after nine of ye clock at night and was laid in ye vault at Hucknall Torkard ye 16th day about eight of ye clocke at night.


1751. August 30th. Henrietta Diana, daughter of the Rt. Honourable William and Elizabeth Byron. Baptised at Newstead.


1739. November 6th. Sir Robert Burdet, Bart, of Foremark in the Parish of Repton and County of Derby, and Mrs. Sedley of the Parish of Nutthall in the County of Nottingham: by licence.


1699. May 22. — Benjamin Jackson, a poor blind man.
  June 2. — John Green, a clothworker or sherman.
1701. November 12. — Catherine, wife of Sir William Stanhope.
1728. August 13. — Thoman Wain, an apprentice boy.
1730. June 6. — Richard Page, aged above 100.
1739. January 17. — Robert Cottingham, aged 103.
1743. October 14. — A travelling girl.
1799. April 9. — William Buttery, one of the London boys at Mr. Robinson's Cotton Mills. (Similar entries recur until 1811).
1827. January 24. — William Linney of  Nottingham.
  Perished in the snow in Newstead Limits.

Extracts from Papplewick church registers


1661. October 18. — William Byron, Esq., and Elizabeth Chaworth.
1677. July 3. — Mr. William Stannap (Stanhope) and Catteren Byron.


1669. September 26. — William Newstead.
1681. April 16. — Part of ye corps of Anne ye wife of Robert Hind, found in ye ruines of ye fire was buried.
1763. August 31. — A poor man found dead in Newstead Liberties.
1799. February 6. — John Columbine, found upon the forest starved to death in a drift of snow.
1800. August 6. — Rt. Honourable Frederick Montague.
1807. September 9.— John Mannifield, a London boy.
1817. July 10. — Elizabeth Sheppard. (Murdered on Mansfield Road by Charles Rotherham of Sheffield. A stone has been erected at the spot, near Thieves' Wood, and is shown on the Ordnance map as Sheppard's Stone).
1832. August 13. — William Blackwell, supposed name, found dead on the Moor.

There is a note in the Register which reads:—in the year 1733 there were in the Parish of Paplewic (including the Forge people) about 296 persons.