Chronological dips

1213. Feodary. 14 John. The monks of Lenton hold one mill and one meadow for fifty shillings which were accustomed to belong to Lindihi in exchange for Papelwick. The Barons of the Exchequer say that by the Inquisition respecting the Mill and the Meadow it ought to be computed in the farm of Lindibi .... In Papelwick, one carucate of the King's demesne in Mansfield, which the Canons ofNewstead held in free alms of King Henry. It is worth five shillings. (Test, de Nevil).
1218. The town of Lindeby is an escheat of the Honour of Peverel of Nottingham and William de St. Michael holds half of that vill of the gift of King John, paying yearly to the King one grey pelisse, and that half is worth £7 6s. ; and Peter de Lectris and his father hold the other half by consent of the King, and at the King's will. (Test, de Nevil) .
1288. Prior de Novo Loco (Newstead). The said Priory has at Papelwyk in demesne one messuage and one carucate of land and they are worth yearly 40 shillings and holds the same of the King in chief, with the meadow adjoining by Beskwood bv sift of the King, and is worth yearly nearly 20 shillings. And has there in villeinage five and a half oxgangs of arable land each worth 2 shillings, and five cottages each worth yearly 12d. and a certain wood in Shirewod adjoining the aforesaid manor worth yearly one mark. (Inq. Post Mort.).
1304. In a grant to Thomas de la Haye of "thirty-eight acres by the perch of twenty-four feet in the Haye of Lyndeby" the following district names occur. Bardeleker, Gerarstoff, le Halleghes, Goldewode, Witecliffe, Fronawe, and Bardele Thik. (Archives of Newstead) .
1307. Order to permit the Prior of Newstead to depasture their sheep in the 180 acres of waste specified below, and to erect a cowshed, a shepherd's house and a barn for storing their corn, without hindrance provided they shall not have more common by reason of the waste aforesaid, as the King hath granted to them 180 acres by the perch of 24 feet in his forest of Shirewode in the Hay of Lindeby, to wit 60 acres in a plot called Swvneha.erh, and 120 acres in divers plots to wit le Herdwyk, Hollewelleclif, and Shepelaw in the same Hay so that they might enclose them with a hedge and ditch. (Close Rolls).
1329. Manor of Lyndeby . . . "there are in the same place 21 free tenants who hold twenty messuages and forty one bovates of land . . . there is the moiety of one water mill, which the said tenants hold, rendering therefor 18s. a year by equal portions. There are also in the same place five tenants who hold five cottages, four of whom render 13d. a year each, and the fifth renders 9d." (Inq. Post Mort.)
1451. Commission setting forth the complaint of the inhabitants of Hucknall Torkard and Papulwyk and the adjacent parts, that John Strelley has obstructed a highway extending from Hucknall Torkard to Papulwyk whereby common transit of men horses, and carriages has been had time out of mind. (Patent Rolls).
1540. King Henry VIII granted Newstead with the Manor of Papilwick, and the Rectory of the same, and all their Closes by their several names about the Priory, and the commons in Ravenshede and Kygell in the Forest, and all in Newstede, Paplewyk, and Lindby to Sir John Byron Knight, and his heirs for £810. (Patent Rolls). "Also our two water mills in Paplewyke in the said County . . . also the stream, water, and watercourse in Paplewyke aforesaid, and all our fishery of the mylne damme in the said place . . .  also the Rectory of the Parish Church of Paplewyke with all its rights and appurtenances formerly belonging to and appertaining to the late said monastery or Priory, together with all tithes, oblations, profits and emoluments whatsoever appertaining and belonging in any way to the said Rectory, and the advowson gift and free disposal and right of patronage of the vicarage and Parish Church of Paplewyke: also all our manor of Paplewyke we discharge acquit and save harmless the aforesaid John Byron, his heirs and assigns, against any persons whomsoever with regard to all and all manner of corrodies, fees, rents, etc. . . . except for fifty-three shillings and fourpence a year for the wage and stipend of one chaplain in the parish church of Paplewyke to celebrate Divine Service . . also for three shilling's to be paid annually to the Archbishop of York for the synodals of the said rectory, and for four shillings and twopence to be paid to the Archdeacon of York for the procurations of the said Rectory."
1627. Presented for brewing without a licence, "a collyer of Lindbv and Zepharias Saunders of Lindby, Clerk." (Co. Records).
1630. John Carrington of Papplewick presented "for that he hath and hath usually refused to make collections upon divers briefs upon the King's Majesties letters patent upon the Sabbath daye having been reasonably thereunto required." (Boro. Rec.).
1676. Rector of Lynby — Will Sedden; number of age to receive Communion 133 Recusants 0 : Absentees 2. Curate of Papplewick — Mich. Buxton (Same questions) 140. 1. 0.
1743. Andrew Matthews instituted 4th October. Answers for Lynby, Annesley, Hucknall, and Nuttall. Lynby had forty families, no dissenters. Matthews resided at Lynby. The Sacrament was administered four times a year, the number of communicants was about 112, twenty usually receive, and at Easter 30. Papplewick. Robert Stanley, instituted 6th July, 1742. Also Blidworth. Had thirty five families, no dissenters. There was no Parsonage, so he lived at Blidworth. The Sacrament was administered at least four times a year. He had no figures for Easter, but 14 received on the last Sacrament Sunday. (Archbp. Herring's Visitation).


1798. Lowe's Agricultural Survey. LYNBY. Births 81, Deaths 45, Inhabitants 422.
1802. Lynby
1812. Papplewick

Description Lynby Assessments. Papplewick  
Closes 69 53  
Hse. or Cott. 38 104 Owners of Sheepgates
Homestead 2 3 Nine had sheepgates
Farm 2 1 only. Fifteen had
Croft 13 7 Sheep &  Beast-gates.
Meadow head 1 These twenty-four had
Farthings 8 10 810 sheepgates be-
Furlongs 1 1 tween them. Two had
Occupiers 55 100 300 and 200 sheepgates
Empty Hses. 7 respectively.
Windmill 1  
Other Mills 5  

1832. White's Directory.
  LYNBY. Inhabitants 352. Acres 1479, of which Col. Wildman has 125, Mr. Dolby 40, and Whighay Common is 18. The remainder belongs to Andrew Montagu. Andrew Montagu has discharged all stocking frames from the parish, so that the population has decreased from 512 to 352.
  PAPPLEWICK. The extensive mills have been unoccupied since Andrew Montagu came into possession.

1841. Linby Tithe Award.

Wheat 7/01, Barley 3/11/2, Oats 2/9 per Bushel.

Landowners ac. r. p. Gates  
Andrew Montagu 1119 3 5 117  
Thomas Wildman 125 3 1 6  
Mary Slater Dolby 42 1 29 4  
Thomas Hurt (Glebe) 21 2 10 8  
Stinted Common 152 3 32    
Roads 17 2 0    
Plots or Holdings 311     Crofts 16  
Closes 100     Meadow Head d 6  
Homesteads 2     Farthings 10  
Farms & Buildings 11     Furlongs 1  
Occupiers 44          
1841. LYNBY. 71 houses.271 inhabitants, Poor Rate Exp. £139, Land Tax £14 8s.   Depopulation since 1801, 163 following the closure of four mills.
1885. White's Directory. LYNBY FEAST used to be held on the Sunday nearest to Old Michaelmas Day (12th Oct.). PAPPLEWICK FEAST was held on the Sunday preceding the Sheep Fair which took place on the last Tuesday in August.