Hucknall Torkard church.
Hucknall Torkard church.

This little volume supplies no new information. I have merely taken upon myself the task of putting into a concise form that which the reader might, if he were so disposed, and time allowed, cull from other sources. Perhaps, however, I may claim, in the second part of the book, to have brought into clearer light the intimate association between the Byron Family and Hucknall Torkard Church.

Visitors to the town so frequently ask me for the information which is supplied here, that I venture to hope that the booklet may prove an interesting and instructive souvenir for those who from distant parts come to pay homage to the memory of the great Poet.

It is also my sincere desire that the publication of this small work may stimulate interest in the Lord Byron International Memorial Fund, and financially assist the Committee in providing a worthy Memorial to the Poet to mark the 100th anniversary of his death.

All the profits from the sale of the work will be given to the Byron Memorial Fund.

My indebtedness to the following must be acknowledged:—

To Mr. J. H. Beardsmore for valuable information supplied in his very inter esting book, "The History of Hucknall."

To the Rev. F. R. P. Sumner and Mr. W. North, for the photographs of the Church, which are here reproduced.

To Mr. J. C. Squire, with whom I have been intimately associated on the Committee of the Byron International Memorial Fund, for so kindly contributing a Foreword to this little book.

To Mr. J. N. Magnay Varley for many helpful suggestions.

Vicar of Hucknall Torkard,
October, 1925.