Gedling Church, from the West.
Gedling Church, from the West.

SOME ten years ago, the writer of this book, decided to make Gedling his abode, attracted by the purity of the air, the then peaceful charm of the village, and its proximity to Nottingham. It soon became evident that there must be history attached to a village with such a grand old Church. Investigation proved this to be a fact. For about seven years the collection of materials for this History has been going on, and now the result is put forth with the hope that it may prove of some interest to the student of history, and may be useful to a number of local inhabitants and others. The writer would remind readers that the meaning of the word history is "the study or investigation of the past."

If it had not been for the cordial co-operation of many willing helpers, this book would not have appeared, but such cheerful and willing assistance has been given that it has made the production of the work a pleasure.

Grateful acknowledgments are made to Mr. R. Whitbread, M.S.A., A.S.L, for the main portion of the History of the "Church," for the valuable map, the ground plan of the church, and for his drawing of the block on page 57; to Messrs. J. Potter Briscoe, F.R.S.L., W. Stevenson, A. Stapleton, T. M. Blagg, F.S.A., C. W. Kirk, and H. Collishaw, for numerous references and contributions; to Professor J. W. Carr, M.A., for the "Geological Section"; to the Rev. F. J. Perry, for his account of Carlton Churches, and for the use of a volume of Gedling and Carlton Magazine, 1871-1883; to Mr. John T. Godfrey, for his patient help in revision, the two pedigrees, and careful index; to the Rector of Gedling, without whose assistance this History would not have been written; to Mr. A. Avis, and Mr. H. Stone, for information about Stoke Corporation Farm; and to Mr. W. Walker, for information about Gedling Colliery.

For the illustrations, or photographs for them, cordial thanks are given to Mr. W. H. Kirkland, for those of the Church, as frontispiece, and at pages 32 and 40, also the two views of Gedling House, and for that of Gedling Manor; to Mr. Harry Roberts, for his very generous help in supplying views, see pages: 50, 54, 60, 64, 66, 70, 72, 96, 112, 160, 170, and 175; to Mr. M. Mossop, for views, see pages: 202, 204, 210, 211, and 213; to Mr. S. D. Middleton for views, see pages: 46, 56, 80, 168, 212, and 213; and to Mr. F. Milmine for etchings of two quaint gargoyles.

I make no apology for reprinting the Marriages at Gedling, which I abstracted some time ago for Mr. Phillimore's series of Nottinghamshire Marriages. The great interest which is now being taken in genealogy and family history should make these extracts of peculiar interest to all old-established families in Gedling, Carlton, and Stoke, as well as to those whose families were formerly located here.


Westdale Villas,
Gedling, Notts.

December 1908.