Prehistoric Colwick

Bronze axe head found at Colwick.
Bronze axe head found at Colwick.

Fossilised footprint of a rare amphibian, of the salamander or mastodonsaurus type was found when the railway cutting was made through for the Midland Railway.

Palaeontological remains of shoals of ganoid, or enamel-scaled fishes have been found in the Upper Keuper at Colwick Woods.

Bronze Age implements, spears and socketed axes have been found at Colwick. In 1923, two Bronze Age Spearheads and two Axeheads (One Celt-early type and the other Socketed Celt type) were dredged from the river

When Trent Gravels Limited extended their gravel ponds at the Holme Pierrepont end of Colwick in 1966, they recovered the following Bronze Age objects:

All the above items are housed in the local collection at Nottingham Castle.

Other traces of Bronze Age life in the district have been turned up by gravel workings, but not enough to suggest a village was here in those far away times.  Further gravel working at Holme Pierrepont in 1967, which uncovered first a wooden fence or palisade, and towards the end of the year the discovery of three bronze age canoes, suggest that the settlement must have been there.