Secundo Januarii, 1631, coram Mr. Nixe maiore el omnibus Aldermannis tunc presenlibus.

Henrie James made an accompte for Mr. Gregorie, Ald. for xv. weekes past, viz. : from 9 Septembris laste and thatt hee hath rec. from the ward for this tyme for the use of the pore liis. viiid., and thatt hee hathe pd. comes to liis. vid., and soe remaynes iid. pd here to 4 poore boyes et quietus est.

decembris, 1631, coram Leonard Nixe, Maiore ct omnibus Aldermannis tunc presentibus.

Wm. Drewrie hathe promised to take an apprentice this tyme xii. monthes, soe hee may be spared untill thatt tyme.

Hugh Gellson to have Anne Sellyoke for viii. years, and to have xs. and his howse rent free soe longe as hee keepes her, and to geve his bond to dischardge the towne of her duringe thatt tyme.

Richard Mittchell to have John Morley, sonne of Ellen Morley his sister, to be bound apprentice to him for viii. yeares ymediately after ould Homfrey Askoughe's deathe, his father in lawe, and in the meane tyme to allowe the boyes mother viiid. weekely towards his majmeteynance.

John Cooper, buttcher, to have Jane Turner for viii. years.

Richard Turpin to have Adrian Gamble, sonne of Robert Gamble, for (blank) years. Md. hee hathe tyme untill the nexte metinge, and in the meane tyme to allowe iiiid. a weeke.

Thomas Wynter to have Thomas Howett, sonne of Joseph Howett, for x. yeares, and to keepe him untill the nexte monethes meetinge, and then the boy to be bound with him.

Henri Sherwin hath tyme geven him untill the counsellors cominge from London, and then to geve his answere whatt hee will doe touchinge an apprentice.

Md. that Mr. Maior and his brethren, with the consent of the churchwardens and overseers of the pore in consideration of xxs. paied by John Parsons of this towne, buttcher, for and towards the placinge and puttinge oute of poore children to be bound apprentices, hand promised thatt hee the saide John Parsons shalbe spared from beinge chardged with anie apprentice from them or the Towne for the space of Twelve yeares nowe nexte ensewinge; and parttly in regard of his greate chardge of children yett verie small and nott able to helpe themselves. Quinto die decembris, 1631.

xs. of this was paied to Gellson with Selyoks child and the other xs. remaynes in Mr. Staples hands, wh. afterwards was receaved by Mr. Gregorie whoe pd. vis. viiid. to Ellys his wyefe for placinge a child with (?) and iiis. iiiid. thereof yett remaynes in Mr. Gregories hands.

January nexte metinge appoynted.

Secundo die Januarii, 1631

Mr. Maior, Mr. Parker, Mr. Sherwin, Mr. Parker, Mr. Gregorie, Mr. Staples tunc presentibus. Churchwardens and overseers of everie parishe.

Mr. Samuel Burrowes to have George Whittington his apprentice for 7 yeares or elles to pay 40s. for the placinge of him with some other man.

Mr. Froste to have Issabell Drewrie for 7 yeares and to have xs.

Michael Cooke to pay xs. towards puttinge oute an apprentice, and to be spared from takinge anie. Mr. Alvey to pay xiiis. iiiid. towards puttinge oute an apprentice ; and to be spared from takinge anie.

Thomas Smithe to have Geo. Cleybroke for 12 yeares and to have xs.

Win. Grason to pay iid. weekely for twoe yeares towards the maynetenance of Margerie Gamble from this tyme, and then to be ordered further, as there shalbe cawse.

Wm. Richards, hatter, to pay iid. weekely towards the maynetenance of the saied Margerie Gamble from this tyme everie friday for twoe yeares, or ells untill his eldest apprentice be loose, provided thatt Good-wyfe Gamble doe nott suffer her to goe a-begginge.

Wm. Hardy to pay iid. weekely to wydowe Keeton towards the maynetenance of John Keeton untill suche tyme as his eldest apprentice ys loose and then to take him apprentice yf the companie see there be cawse.

Richard Turpins weekely paymt. of iiiid. to be contynewed untill the nexte metinge.

the first monday in februarie for the nexte meetinge...

Sexto die Februarii, 1631.

Mr. Maior, Mr. Parker, Mr. Sherwin, Mr. Parker, Mr. James, Mr. Staples, Tho. Widoson, Mr. Coke, Mr. Hardmett, Mr. Egginton, et aliis Mr. Bampton, Henrie James, Mr. Harris, Tho. Jacksbie, John Kellak.

Nicholas Sherwin to have Elizabethe Musson, daughter of Thomas Musson deceased, for 7 yeares, and to have with her vis. viiid. (bound).

Henrie Sherwin to have Eliz Bomy, daughter of Francis Bomey, glasier, for 7 yeares and to have with her vis. viiid. (bound).

Issatio Reason to have Marie Slater, daughter of Edw Slater deceased, for 7 yeares. (bound).

Md. thatt Thomas Widoson is allowed xs. thatt hee pd for hempe thatt hee delivered to Anthonie Woolley of St. Maries parishe to kepe them on work and for theere releife, and this beinge done by Thomas his owne acte hee promisethe to this Companie thatt yf Wolley or anie of his children doe goe a-Begginge then hee will pay the xs. backe againe.

Issabell Drewrie bound to Wm. Froste for 7 yeares, xs. (bound).

Eliz Eyre bound to Bevell Very for 7 yeares xs. (bound).

Elizabeth Bond to Henrie Sherwin for 7 yeares 6s. 8d. (bound).

Lawrence Scoles to Wm. Bayly 9 yeares 6s. 8d. (bound).

Rich. Wyre to Robt. Burton 7 yeares. (bound).

Geo. Eleybrooke to Tho Mabason viii. yeares xs. (bound).

Wm. Ward to take Grace Greene, daughter of George Greene deceased, for 7 yeares and to have xs. with her.

Tho Wolley, roper, hathe tyme geven him untill the nexte metinge and then to take an apprentice.

John Greaves to pay to Wydowe Wildsmithe iid. weekely untill this tyme xii. monethes, and then to be further dellte with as shalbe thoughte fittinge.

Mr. Alvey to pay vid. weekely to the Churchwardens of St. Peters untill xs. bee paied in regard of his weake estate, and to begynn the nexte Saturdey, and in regard hereof to be freed from an apprentice as yett.

Elyssaffatt Gregorie, sonne of Henric Gregorie, putt apprentice to George Wolley for viii. yeares and hathe vis. viiid.

Robt. Gamble, sonne of Robt. Gamble, putt apprentice to Thomas Smithe, clothworker, for viii. yeares, and hathe from Mr. Hardmett oute of the monies remayninge in his hands vis. viiid.

Quinto die Martii, 1631.

Coram Leonardo Nixe Maiore, Richardo Parker, Roberto Sherwin, Johanne James et Willelmo Gregorie, Ald. Churchwardens et Overseers for the pore in everie parishe.

James Dringe ys content to take Joane Ouldershawe, daughter of Robert Oldershawe, weaver, for seaven yeares and to have vis. viiid.

Thomas Jorden is spared as yett from takinge an apprentice in regard hee useth noe trade.

Anthonie Millington refusinge to take an apprentice ys bound over to the Sessions there to abyed the order of the Coortt.

Charles Morleye to have vis. viiid. with Bladons sonne and to kepe him untill Martynmas, and in the meanetyme to stay somethinge weekely oute of his wages, and then att Martynmas to deliver the boy and the vis. viiid. againe.

Mr. Mastyn ) —have tyme to be dellte with untill
Mr. Darbishire ) —the nexte meetinge.

George Balderston to have Henrie Bishopp, sonne of Tho : Bishopp, for 10 yeares and to have vis. viiid.

Mr. Egginton to have Joane Ellis, daughter of Peter Ellis, for 7 yeares 6s. 8d.

Thomas Wolley, roper, to have Marie Ellis for 9 yeares.

Nono die Maii Anno octavo domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c.

Coram leo Nixe Maiore, Mr. Parker, Mr. Sherwyn, and Mr. Staples Aldermannis.

Ould Ellen Smith, nowe in the Beadhowse, is to receave vis. quarterly from the collectors of St. Maries and St. Peters parishe, viz. : from eche of them iiis. for the mayntenance of Wm Swifte alias Smithe, a bastard begotten of her daughter and the child to be noe more chardgeable to the towne, and thes payments to have contynewance for twoe yeares nexte ensewinge.

Secundo die Julii, 1632. Anno octavo domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli, etc.

Coram leonardo Nixe Maiore, Roberto Parker, Alexandro Staples, Mr. James, Aldermannis; Thome Widoson, Edwardo Richards Churchwardens of St. Maries; Mr. Derbishere one of the overseers for the pore of St. Maries parishe.

Richard Bower to be spared untill the nexte metinge in regard hee keepes a bastard child of his sonnes, and then to be further dellte withall.

Mr. Harker beinge cald in answereth thatt hee hath twoe apprentices putt upon him by the Justices of the Countrie, and bound by Indenture, viz. : one daughter of Claus Kleyes and one boy of Greene of Eastwood, and therefore to be further considered on.

John Ludlam called in to take an apprentice dothe alleadge thatt hee hath receaved a dumbe boy, one of Twells his children, from the towne allreddy, and therefore ys as yett to be spared.

Sexto die Augusti, 1632. Anno octavo domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c.

Coram leonardo Nixe Maiore Magistro Roberto Parker, Magistro James, Magistro Gregorie, Mr. Richards Tho Widoson Churchwardens, Mr. derbishire.

Thomas Smith a vagrant souldier sent to Stapleton in the County of Yorke where hee was borne and hathe a passe to the Constable of Basford beinge in the nexte towne from hence, and his wyefe is sent to Brainford in Suffolke where shee saith shee was borne.

Francis Allte to be bound apprentice with John Phillipps for viii. yeares and to have xxs. to buy him cloathes which must be boughte by the overseers for the pore.

John Rawson to have Anne Clay, the daughter of Francis Clay, for 9 yeares, and to be dischardged of his former apprentice Thomas Rollston, and to pay backe againe iiis. iiiid. of the 6s. 8d. hee het with the saied Rollston. Indentures sealed.

William Hall bound to Thomas Malen for 7 yeares. Indentures sealed.

Tertio die Septembris, Anno regni domini nostri Caroli nunc Regis Angli &c. octavo.

Coram leonardo Nixe Maiore, Roberti Parker et Alexandro Staples, Aldermannis ; Mr. Richards et Thome Widoson gardianis ecclesie sancte Marie.

Hanna Poynton, daughter of John Poynton, bound apprnetice to Mr. Morrice for viii. yeares. Indentures sealed.

Francis Allte, sonne of Francis Allte, bound apprentice to John Phillipps for viii. yeares. Indentures sealed.

Jane Turner bound apprentice to John Cooper for 7 yeares from Christmas last bound by Mr. Aldermen of St. Peters parishe and the overseer of St. Nicholas.

Bridgett Healowe bound to William Huntt, the yonger for seaven yeares and hee to geve xxs. to her att the end of the tearme. Indentures sealed.

Septimo die Novembris, 1632. A nno regni domini nostri Caroli nunc Regis Angli &c. octavo.

Coram Willelmo Gregorie Maiore, Willelmo Fletcher Armigero Recordatore, Roberto Parker et Alexandro Staples, Aldermannis; Edwardo Richards et Thome Widoson, Gardianis Ecclesie beate Marie Virginis in villa Nottingham presentibus.

Thomas Chamberlayne Cordweyner to have William Clarke, sonne of William Clarke, laborer for 10 yeares. He is bound and the Indentures sealed and Chamberlayne to have with him from the boyes father vis. in monie to be paied by xiid. weekely, the first payment to begin the weeke after Whittsontyde nexte. And Chamberlayne to have vis. viiid. att Christmas from the Collectors to buy the boy cloathes.

Mr. Boteman to have William Walker, sonne of Millicent Walker, wydowe, for 10 yeares and to have vis. viiid. from Robert White in regard Robert White is to hold an apprentice hee hathe receaved oute of the Countrie. Indentures sealed. And Mr. Bateman to receave the monies from Robert White when his apprentice is bound, which is appoynted to be the nexte monethly meetinge for apprentices.

Robert White to have Robert Watts nowe with him as apprentice for viii. yeares, and hee to be bound the nexte metinge. he is bound for 7 yeares.

William Jalland is ordered to pay xxs. att the nexte monethly metinge towards putting oute of other apprentices, and in thatt regard hee is spared from beinge compelled to have an apprentice for fyve yeares nowe nexte ensewinge.

Timothie Heareson to have one of John Wattsons children.

This metnge was for 2 moneths, viz. : october and november, for thatt the day appoynted for october was bothe Sessions and trayninge.

Tertio die Decembris, 1632, Anno regini domini nostri Caroli nunc Regis Angli &c. octavo.

Coram Willelmo Gregorie Maiore ville Nottingham, Roberto Parker et Alexandra Staples, Aldermannis; Thome Widoson et Edwardo Richards, gardianis Ecclesie beate Marie virginis in ville Nottingham.

Robert Watts is bound to Robert White, baker, for 7 yeares and hath paied vs. of the 6s. 8d. formerly ordered, the rest Mr. Maior hath abated him, the Indentures sealed.

Joane Beamont, late wyefe of John Nellson, sent with a passe to Horburie in the county of Yorke where shee was borne.

Septimo die Januarij, 1632, Anno octavo domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c.

Coram Willelmo Gregorie Maiore, Mr. Robert Parker Aldermanno, Mr. James Aldermanno, Churchwardens Magistro Derbishire.

Ellen Allte, daughter of Francis Allte deceased, bound to Joane Wycome, wydowe, for vii. yeares. Indentures sealed.

William Jalland paid Mr. Maior xxs., whereof iiis. iiiid. is paid to the saied Joane Wycome with her apprentice and the rest beinge xvis. viiid. was paied, xxs. to Nicholas Cam for Homers wench, nowe dead, and the rest beinge xvs. is in Mr. Maiors hand, whereof vs. ys paid to James Willson and vs. to William Ridgway with apprentices. Alice Greene, daughter of William Greene, glover, bound to Homfrey Greaves, tanner, for seaven yeares. Indentures sealed.

Edward Greene, sadler, to pay iid. weekely to Richard Newtons wyefe untill Mayday nexte towards the maynetenance of William Smalleys child.

William Jallands monie thus disposed :

To Wydowe Wycome with Alts child iiis. iiiid.
To Nicholas Cam xxd.
To James Willson with an apprentice vs.
To William Ridgway with an apprentice vs.
To three souldiers iiiid.
To Thomas Chamberlayne with Clarke iiiis. viiid.

Quarto die February, 1632. Anno octavo domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c.

Coram Willelmo Gregorie Maiore, Magistro Staples Aldermanno, Mr. Richards, Mr. Derbishire, Mr. Littlefare, overseers.

Bartholomewe Jarvys to be bound apprentice to Randle Millner, buttcher, for 9 yeares.

Robert Ridgway to be bound apprentice to William Ridgway, tyler, for xii. yeares.

Quarto die Martij, 1632. Anno octavo Regni Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c.

Coram William Gregorie Maior, Magistro Parker, Mr. Nixe, Mr. Sherwin. Mr. Parker, Aldermannis; Thomas Widoson, Edmond Richards, Mr. Derbishire.

Robert Simons first prentice beinge dead hee is nowe ordered and content to pay xxs. vid. for puttinge out annother prentice And the monie is putt into Mr. Maiors hands for puttinge oute of William Smalley, late sonne of William Smalley, and they havinge receaved vs. vid. in partt of a former agreament betweene Robert Symons and Newtons wyefe ; and vid. nowe beinge paid unto her there is xvs. remayninge

Mr. Robert Parker, ys content to take Thomas Wise his apprentice for 7 or 8 yeares yf his frends can putt in securitie for his truthe.

Primo die Aprilis Anno nono domitii Regis Caroli nunc Angli dei gratia, 1633.

Coram William Gregorie Maiore ville Nottingham, Roberto Parker et Alexandra Staples, Aldermannis: Thome Widoson et Edmundo Richards Churchwardens ; Rogero Derbyshire overseer for the pore of St. Maries parishe.

Md thatt Thomas Chamberlayne hathe receaved from Mr. Maior iiiis. viiid. oute of William Jallands xxs. and iis. from William Price one of the Collectors of St. Maries parishe thatt was promised him with William Clarke, the sonne of William Clarke, and since thatt tyme Mr. Maior and Thomas Chamberlayne hathe putt him apprentice with one Nicholas Corker, a cooper, for 10 yeares, yett so as Thomas Chamberlayne ys nott to be freed from him in case Corker doe nott kepe him accordinge to his covenant: as well duringe the tearme of 10 yeares as allsoe in such sortt as by the Indenture is mentioned.

William Price is to pay Mr. Dringg vis. viiid. promised him with an apprentice.

Ellen Morley, the daughter of Ellen Morley, wydowe, bound apprentice with Richard Becke, baker, for 10 yeares, and to have xs. with her att the nexte Sessions.
Indentures sealed.

Tertio die Decembris, Anno regni domini nostri Caroli nunc Angli &c., nono 1633.

Coram Roberto Parker Maiore, Alexandro Staples Aldermanno, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Dryngg, Churchwardens.

Anne Throggmorton, daughter of Thomas Throggmorton formerly bound to homfrey Froggett, is nowe bound apprentice to Michael Clarke and his wyefe from henneforthe for 8 yeares, and froggett to pay iis. viiid. backe againe of the xxs. hee receaved in Mr. Sherwyns tyme. And the Churchwardens to pay xiiis. iiiid. to make ytt onto xvis. Indentures sealed and monie paid.

Nono die Maij, Anno XII0. domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli, 1636.

Coram Magistro Parker, Magistro James, Aldermannis.

Tertio die junij, Anno XII domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c., 1636.

Coram Roberto Parker et Johanne James Aldermannis.

The poore was vewed and some of them were abated of theire monethly payment and sett to work att St. Johnes, and others allowed more payment and allowance monethly in regard of theire povertie.

Primo die Julij, Anno XII0. domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c., 1636.

Coram Magistro James, Aldermanno. Solus.

in Guildhall.
Decimo nono die Februarij, Anno XIII0. domini Regis nunc Angli &c., 1637. Coram Magistro Parker, Magistro James et Magistro Gregorie Aldermannis et Mr. Derbishire et Richardo James, Thome Widoson, Willelmo Parker.

Henrie Armeson hath taken a dumbe boy called Richard Teston borne att Newarke of unknowne parents, and sent hither by John Cleyton of Tithby, vvhoe hathe agreed with Henrie Armeson for iiili. yearely. Armeson to avoyed him oute of the towne and to putt in suerties either to avoyed him away presently or ells himselfe to appeare att the nexte Sessions, theire to answere and to be ordered touchinge this dumbe boy.

Godfrey Haies of London, showemaker, borne att Leeds in Comite Ebor and lyes att Henrie Armsons howse to leave the towne, and yf hee marie henrie Armesons daughter then hee to take her away with him and nott to dwell in this towne. Hee formerly dwellte with Mr. William Smithe, a coachbuilder in Cowelane; and to leave the towne on Wednesday nexte.

In Guildhall.
St. Maries parishe: Quinto die Martij, Anno XIII0. domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c., Coram Roberto Parker et Johanne James, Aldermannis, Mr. Derbishire, Mr. Gregorie, Aldermanno.

Mr. Dringg called in to knowe where Sara Dawson his apprentice ys, havinge nott yett served oute her tyme: Saithe thatt hee putt her forthe to Mr. Hynde, and is nowe att womans estate and in service with Richard Wood, and hathe xxxs. wages yearly, as Mr. Dringg affirmethe.

Mr. Summers apprentice Susan Fyn hathe served oute above 6 yeares of her tearme of 7 yeares and is nowe in service with (blank).

Mr. Millner the Sheriffe to be spared from an apprentice in regard hee keepes ould Robert Blatherwicke a man sometymes non compos mentis.

Christopher Storer to bringe in xxs. att the nexte meetinge thatt hee receaved from the parishe with Issabell Bladen to be ordered and disposed by the Aldermen and overseers, and yf hee can alledge aniethinge in abatement thereof the Aldermen and overseers upon approbation thereof to allowe to to him as there shalbe cawse.

Edward Mabbott to take Marie Hutchinson, daughter of Anthonie Hutchinson, to be his apprentice for fyve yeares from this day, and Mr. Wattson and Edward Mabbott havinge iiiili. of the monie receaved for the goods thatt was her late fathers, they beinge Administrators to her father, Mr. Wattson is putt thatt hee hathe in his hands to Edward Mabbott, and hee to be accomptable to the girl and her brother for ytt att the end of her tearme, savinge thatt xs. ys to be deducted and retayned by Edward Mabbott towards the present apparellinge of the saied Marie Huttchinson.

Vicesimo primo die Maij, 1638.

Coram Magistro Parker, Magistro James, Magistro Burton, Aldermannis; Magistro Malen, Churchwarden of St. Maries, Mr. Dringg overseer for the pore of St. Maries parishe, Anno XIIII0. Regis Caroli nunc Angli &c.

William Clarke, a pore boy, putt apprentice to Joseph Cawdrill for viii. yeares, vis. viiid. with him.

William Ashers, buttcher, hathe paied the Churchwardens and overseers of St. Maries, viz. : Mr. Malen, Mr. Dringg and Anthonie Wrighte, the some of xiiis. iiiid. to be freed from an apprentice for 7 yeares nowe nexte ensewinge in regard hee hathe and allreddy newely bound unto him.

William Stocks, sonne of homfrey Stocks, bound apprentice to John Heneare, taylor, from this day for nyne yeares, and is to have liiis. iiiid. with him, viz. : xiiis. iiiid. in hand, xxs. att Midsomer nexte, and xxs. att lammas nexte, the xiiis. iiiid. was paied oute of William Ashers his monie and the [the rest is erased].

To Richard Willson, Serieant att the Mace, and to Lawrence Robinson, Constable, or either of them.

These shalbe to command you and either of you upon the receipte hereof to Somon the persons whose names are hereunder written to be and personally to appeare before us att the Guildhall of the towne of Nottingham on Monday nexte, beinge the fifth day of this instant November by Eight of the clock in the forenoone of the same day, then and there to take apprentices or further to be ordered as by His Majesties proclamation and directions thereupon is appoynted and comaunded. And yf they or anie of them doe nott appeare att the tyme and place aforesaied or shall refuse to take apprentices accordinge to the lawes and directions aforesaied. Thatt then you beinge then before us or some of us to fynde sufficient suertie or mayneprice for theire appearence att the nexte general Sessions of the peace Here to be holden then and there to be further ordered att theire contempte shall deserve hereof fayle nott. Geven under our hands and seales att the towne of Nottingham aforesaied the first day of November, 1632.


To Robert Parker, Alderman
John James, Alderman
Mr. John Gregorie
Mr. Randle Millner
Henrie Millner 
Robert White
Thomas Chamberlayne, Cordwayner
Mr. Batemann
Timothee Heareson
William Jalland