The burial place of an historian

By John Potter Briscoe

EARLY four pages were devoted in the first series of ''Old Nottinghamshire (1881, pp. 127-130)," to "The burial place of Dr. Thoroton," the writers being the late Mr. Joseph Tollinton and the late Major A. E. Lawson Lowe, F.S.A. From this volume are extracted such material as relates to the stone-coffin of the first historian of this county.

Dr. Robert Thoroton, the author of "Antiquities of Nottinghamshire," published in 1677, was buried in CarColston churchyard in 1678. His coffin, which was of stone, was made six years previous to this event. On the floor of this coffin was an inscription in Latin, date 1672, will be found in the first series of "Old Nottinghamshire, (1881, pp. 127-130)." We now present an illustration of this interesting relic, from a drawing taken many years ago bv the late Mr. Joseph Tollinton of Nottingham.

There is now (June, 1908), in process of engraving a large Culm Brass, 34 in. x 22 in. which will be placed in Car-Colston Church. The following is a copy of the proposed inscription:—and on the lid was an incised inscription with the year 1678. The coffin was discovered near the base of the buttress of the South Aisle; and in 1863 it was removed into the Church "after the re-burial of its contents." An account of its discovery, and descriptions of the coffin

[Thoroton's Emblazoned Arms, and Motto.]
This Tablet was erected in the year 1908
by a few Members of the Throton Society
in memory of
Robert Thoroton,
of Car Colston:
Doctor of Physick, & a Justice of the Peace
for this County,
who died here in the year 1698, and whose
body was buried in the stone sarcophagus
now preserved in this Church.
In the year 1677 he published
"The Antiquities of  Nottinghamshire,"
a work of great favour