Few words are needed to introduce thin little volume either to those who have been kind enough to subscribe to it or to those of the public into whose hands it may chance to fall. The contents comprise a number of articles that have appeared at intervals of more or less duration in the columns of The Nottingham Journal, a paper with which the writer has been intimately connected for a number of years.

It has been suggested at various times by the writer’s friends and by others that the articles were worthy of being rescued from the fate which ordinarily awaits the ephemeral literature of a public journal, and that their re-publication in a more enduring form might be welcome. Yielding to this kindly suggestion the writer has at length decided to place the articles in the hands of the publisher, and to attach his name to what he has written, (often, he is afraid, with too little care, and certainly with, until lately no idea, that his work would appear in book form), to suit the requirements of a Daily Newspaper.

Several of the articles have been necessarily abridged, and the writer regrets that owing to the destruction of the material which he collected on the occasion of his earlier visits, lie is unable to give to the series the added value which perhaps his maturer judgment would suggest.

The writer feels that in many cases scant justice has been done to the places he has endeavoured to describe and to the associations which he has striven to recall, but in the event of an adverse verdict concerning his book lie has the satisfaction of looking back upon a series of visits which owing in a great measure to the kindness lie has experienced at the hands of the Nobility and Gentry of the County, have represented the pleasantest part of his professional duties.

December, 1881.